Makin' Changes! - Recap

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The scene opens with Penny arriving at the bar in skiing clothes, trying to barge in the skis and herself. She is exhausted, red-nosed and every muscle in her body feels blasted. She reveals she has been out to impress a new guy she met. He loves cross-country skiing. When Jane wants to know why she changes for every guy she likes, she admits she changes for the girls to get introduced to the guys as well. Jane recommends she should turn to changing the guys instead – just like Jane changed Brad. Brad is taken aback! Jane points out to a guy in teenage clothes having a good time with his friends at the bar. Although he is dressed like a 20-year old, Jane tells Penny he looks like a sweet charming guy, whom Penny should change.
When Brad and Jane leave the bar, he wants to make sure that the stuff she said about changing him was just BS. However, Jane was serious.

She wants Brad to understand he was a college kid and wore baggy pants – but she modified (not change) him to become better. Just like she did with the old chairs his mother gave them – after upholstering them she likes them better. Brad is livid, and quietly makes a plan to get back to his old self. Meanwhile, Alex and Max are enjoying an addiction show on TV. A fat woman goes ‘I love my babies, and by babies, I mean my magazines…’ when Dave walks in wearing a V-neck tee. Max whispers to Alex this is the third time Dave is wearing a different V-neck today. He is addicted. Dave walks into his room, and comes out wearing another V-neck. Now Alex is convinced too. The next day, Penny reveals she had a fun with Jeff, but he is 30 going on 20. His whole apartment is filled with traffic signs, he says ‘sick’ and ‘dog’ never using them for a sick dog, and his clothes are just not right for his age.

Jane tells her to woman him. He will change just like Penny wants. It is easy. Later, when Dave is sleeping, Alex and Max creep up to his bedside. Alex stifles him to wake him up, and before long, they are forcing him to confess he is addicted to V-necks, or else he is not getting to sleep. Meanwhile, Brad is back to old Brad. With a group of friends, he is playing widly bizarre games, jumping and thumping the house out. When Jane returns, she freaks out, but she already knows what’s made Brad go back to his old self. Penny pretends to be clumsy and spills coffee on Jeff’s hockey jersey. Apologetic, she takes out tees from her bag, which she would rather have him wearing. Jeff is unable to catch her intentions, and takes her sportingly.

Meanwhile, Max and Alex are testing how badly Dave is addicted to V-necks. They are putting away all his favorite clothes. However, Dave is cool with that. Although he wants to cling on to his favorite V-neck, they put it away as well. The one he is wearing too. Then they are even more alarmed when they find his V-neck tan lines. Meanwhile, Penny and Jeff are at a furniture store. Jeff doesn’t know why he is there, but Penny soon plays him into buying a plush bed. And then, she tells him there are so many other furniture items worth buying. When Brad gets home with his old-Brad outfit and a roller board, Jane is cooking his favorite dish. When he is about to fork up the food, Jane reminds him that old Brad never had these.

He could survive on cereals. However, Brad pretends to not mind that, until Jane starts loving the steak melt in her mouth. When Penny and Jeff have set up his place with new furniture, she lures him into making love, but he will have to shave, and burn his cap too. That is when Jeff realizes she is trying to change him. He explains his previous girlfriend broke off with him because she could not change him. And Penny can’t either. However, after a little cajoling, he does agree. Dave is yet again in V-necks, and this time he is hiding it. Max and Alex decide they are not taking any chances. Later, when Penny and Alex sit at the bar waiting for changed Jeff to arrive, Penny boasts of her success.

However, when he arrives, he announces he is engaged with his old girlfriend, who now likes him for having changed! Penny reports what just happened to Jane. Alex and Max have set up a meeting with anti-addiction Samaritans for Dave. However, when they realize it is a V-neck addiction, one of them lets on he thought it was something serious. However, since he has an hour to kill before getting to the next meeting, why doesn’t Dave sit with them. Frustrated with Alex and Max, Dave reveals that he likes V-necks since he was young. A fat bully at school would yank him to the ground holding the back of the collar, but with V-necks he found a way to wriggle out of his grip. Alex apologizes for being harsh on him, and admits she and Max were bored – which is why they went after him in such an irritating way.

Jane arrives in her college time costumes – pink wig, shot leather skirt, and a pink bra worn on the outside of her skimpy top. She explains she didn’t intend to change Dave like she said, understands what it means to be the old self. Not before long, they are in their regular attires and are enjoying their favorite dish. Meanwhile at the bar, Penny has started a new mode with boys – now she is playing hard to get. The episode ends.