The Butterfly Effect Effect - Recap

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The scene opens and Dave, Penny and Alex are playing some version of indoor baseball due to the winter snow. Penny’s collision with a table wakes up Max who is full hibernation, with a beard and unable to speak merely grunting out his responses. Apparently this is a good sign as it means it’s almost time for Brad and Jane’s annual fight, also known as the “Spring Smackdown” which is Dave mentions and is then shown in a flashback where they are wearing “Spring Smackdown” t-shirts. Brad and Jane arrive late due to Brad getting a full Brazilian wax which he refers to as a “Bro-zilan” and when Jane insists no one does that he also mentions a “Scro-tini”.

There’s a moment when it seems like they might fight, but it doesn’t come to pass and once again Brad and Jane are all over each other. After they leave Dave is dismayed. Brad spit laughing on Jane three times had no effect, leading to a wonderfully vicious joke comparing Renee Zellweger to a drunken chipmunk. The real source of Dave’s dismay—aside from wanting to wear Team Brad and Team Jane t-shirts—is that Brad when storms out, he moves in and buys things which is affectionately known as “Douche Week” highlighted by Brad’s shameless wearing of a calf-length leather duster. “But you should be,” Alex points out. “I know,” Dave responds. “I’m just not there yet.” For her part Penny gets Jane so they can wear “Angela Bassett pants” and she can be the together one, prompting Alex, who is Jane’s sister, to ask, “In what universe is she the together one.

She polishes her fax machine.” The conclusion is to make this happen they have to instigate “Spring Smackdown.” Their attempt to incite Jane by asking Brad about strip club backfires thanks to the running joke on Jane’s own bisexuality. She loves a strip club. But when she takes Brad’s phone to make a reservation she sees he’s become Facebook & nbsp; friends with his ex. In the ensuing argument we also learn about Jane’s male exes, who have names like Jamal, Malique, and LaDwayne.. But the result is Spring Smackdown has occurred. Only Alex is dismayed, citing The Butterfly Effect. “That one little movie led to Ashton Kutcher doing a lot of bad movies.” …except they aren’t really fighting.

The gang can’t hear them outside, but while their faces and actions look angry Brad and Jane are actually discussing how their friends need Spring Smackdown. They storm off in opposite directions, “SEE YOU AT HOME! IN BED! NAKED!” Jane shows up at Penny’s and yes, Penny is wearing pants. Penny is trying to get Jane to open up and be a mess, but Jane clearly can’t fake it and Alex is unwilling to help. She refuses to wear the “flowy pants that facilitate conversation” and instead wants to go home and watch the Criterion edition of Clueless. Much to Penny’s chagrin Jane wants to have a sleepover like when they were kids—which triggers Penny’s issues as apparently Alex and Jane would wind up shutting her out, complete with the use of pig-latin style language they’d created and subsequently break into.

At Dave’s place he’s broken out his leather duster to go eat steak only to have a non-angry Brad want to stay in. Max is still in bear mode and honestly his very appearance in a beard, shirtless with a winter coat, sunglasses and a snow hat while grunting is one of the funniest bits of this episode. Dave shows up at Penny’s where she is getting her underwear out of the freezer as the sisters pranked her all night long. Dave is equally unhappy with Brad who was delighted to keep Max in bear mode, complete with a little red vest and riding a unicycle. Alex tells them it’s The Butterfly Effect—not the situation; she’s observing the actual movie coming on.

She doesn’t know what to call the circumstance of one action leading to a lot of reactions, continuing the running joke of her not being the sharpest tool in the drawer. “She really marches to the beat of her own very slow drummer” Penny observes. Brad and Jane sneak back to their place to hook up only to find out someone left the doors to the terrace open and this of course causes a real fight. Spring Smackdown has begun for reals this time. Jane returns to Penny where Alex is still pranking her by changing all her contacts to “Penis.” Jane confesses that the previous fight was fake. This sends Penny to Dave’s where Max is still hysterically in bear mode.

Now instead of enjoying it they are genuinely concerned about helping Brad and Jane to the point where they all put on “Bassett Pants” a go to Brad & Jane’s apartment where they sit in the cold refusing to close the terrace doors because to do so would be an admission of guilt. Penny closes the doors explaining they’re better and stronger together than they were apart—then explains it’s a metaphor for them. This works and Brad and Jane make up. The only thing left to do now is get Max out of bear mode. He’s in bed with his two cubs—-two stuffed Chicago bears mascots signed by Mandy Patinkin.

Though they’re ready to gang up on him, apparently all it really takes is Dave telling him Spring Smackdown is over and they’re going for steak and he’s up and talking and ready to shave—though in the coda we learn he also did a “Bro-zlian” leaving them out of duct tape. The episode ends.