Kickball 2: The Kickening - Recap

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The game begins at a kickball tournament. It then flashes back to 72 hours earlier. Alex tells the gang that she has signed them up for a kickball tournament. She tells Penny that her store would be sponsoring their team. The guys excuse themselves by giving the most outrageous excuses. Alex counters them by saying this could be their last opportunity to do something together, as all them could be in different places by the next year. The guys in the end agree, and Max appoints himself the manager. Later Max makes decision as to who would play in what position, in his capacity as the team’s self appointed manager. Dave is dropped down the order by Max, as he hasn’t been the same since the incident.

The incident is then shown, where Dave kicks a football which hits Penny on the face. Dave hasn’t been able to kick since, as something happened to him. Dave counters it by saying he is over that, as it was a long time ago. Max and Brad then indulge in some ribbing at Dave’s expense. Meanwhile, Alex and Penny are shocked to know that Jane would be playing on a different team. She justifies herself by telling them that, she had committed to it months ago. She also tells them that she wants to win, hence she has chosen a team with which she is sure of winning. Alex tells Jane that it typical of her to do this, and she has been doing this to Alex since childhood. A flashback then, proves Alex’s point. Alex tells Jane that they would win despite her not being a part of the team.

Later, the teams are shown on the field warming up for the tournament. Max the manager tells his team, that they would lose heavily and then they can proceed to drink heavily. Alex begs him to be a bit more optimistic. He then shows her how the team is in total disarray, and hence his comment is justified. Max tells Alex that Jane was the only good player in the team, and she abandoned them. Scotty meanwhile comes in, crammed with steroids to join his team. The tournament then begins. Dave while kicking is reminded of the football incident from the past, he consequently misses the kickball. Its strike two for Dave, one more and he is out. Max comes onto the field and gives him a pep talk. The talk doesn’t seem to have helped, as Dave misses the ball again, and is out. Alex then gives her team a pep talk to pump them up. Alex the last person on the team then goes onto the field, all charged up. She manages to kick the ball out of the park, thus hitting a home run.

Next the whole team is seen connecting the ball with their foot, excepting Dave. Alex’s team in the end manages to win their first game. Later, Alex’s team is shown playing the rest of their games with absolute conviction. Dave though doesn’t still manage to kick a single ball. In the end it is shown that they are just one win away from the championship game. Later, the gang celebrate their win at a bar. Just then Jane walks in. Turns out Alex’s team would be meeting Jane’s team in the semi-finals. Jane meanwhile, taunts Alex and her team about Dave being the weak link. Alex and gang then decide to kick Dave out of the team. Max tells Alex to do it on his behalf. Next day in the dugout, Dave discovers Lance Riggs has replaced him. Turns out, Riggs is Brad’s partner in his Pilates gym, and hence he agreed to join the team.

Dave then asks for Riggs’s autograph, gets an autographed photo of his and makes peace with his exclusion. Later it is shown that, Jane is about to pitch to Alex. Jane manages to psych Alex out by reminding her of the bad experience from her childhood, but wearing a t-shirt from then. Just then he ball is pitched, it hits Alex’s leg but she is too preoccupied to run. The game then ends with Jane’s team winning. Later, the gang mope around ruing their loss. Turns out Briggs didn’t prove useful, and Alex is feeling awful about kicking Dave out. Jane meanwhile comes in and tells the guys that, her team got disqualified for cheating; hence Alex’s team is the one going to the finals. Jane then joins Alex’s team. Alex later goes to Dave’s house and apologizes to him. Dave tells her that he would be there to support the team in the finals.

Later, the game begins, and everything seems to be going smoothly for Alex’s team, till Brad collapses to the ground. Max then calls for Dave to replace him. Penny comes and tells Dave that, he has to stop feeling guilty for hitting her. Dave then confidently steps onto the field. The ball is then pitched, and this time Dave manages to kick the ball, which once again ends up hitting Penny on the face. The ball then rises in the air, and is caught. Thus, the opposing team wins. Alex’s team is also shown celebrating, as Dave at long last managed to kick the ball. Later, Riggs and Penny lie on the field and do some star gazing. The episode ends at this point.