Sabado Free-Gante - Recap

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The episode begins and the gang is dressed up as the Jackson 5 for Halloween, Dave is dressed as Latoya Jackson. The gang makes fun of Dave for being Latoya. Next day, Max thanks Jane on his and the gang’s behalf, for an “amazing Saturday brunch”. Max then tastes the food, but isn’t happy with the taste. Jane explains how they had to cut back on the cost of the food because Brad doesn’t have a job. Dave and Alex declare to the gang how they are going to meet a real estate agent, to look for apartments. The two preempt that the gang must be feeling they are moving too fast, but they assure the gang that they aren’t.

Jane and the gang figure out from Penny’s body language that she is planning to make a major purchase “today”. “I’m not purchasing anything of significance” Penny says awkwardly and leaves. Penny sits in her car and is shocked to find Jane in the backseat. Jane again asks Penny, what she is buying. Penny reluctantly admits that she is buying a new car and didn’t want to tell Jane because she knew Jane would want to come along. Penny wants to “do the whole thing” by herself. Jane says Penny is her friend and that is why she wants to help her. “So bring me along just like a backup” she tells Penny. Max and Brad on the other hand plan to spend a fun Saturday and that too without spending money.

At the dealership, Penny sees the car she wants to buy and tells Jane that she wants to go for it. Jane though has other ideas and feels like “buying a car is like going to war” therefore she feels Penny shouldn’t rush into the purchase. She then has a chat with the salesman there. Penny in the meantime is busy writing the man a check, for the car. Jane takes her aside and explains to her, how she is never supposed to pay the price that is printed on the car. Alex and Dave meet up with the real estate agent Suzanne Thompson. They like a house they just saw, but are hesitant when they hear they would have to sign a 2 year lease for the house. The two then pretend that, they have issues with the house. The agent as a result, promises to find them another place, which they would like.

Max and Brad are busy attending various group therapy sessions, in order to gorge on free food and get free condoms. At the dealership, Jane is busy giving Penny a pep talk about how she should go about purchasing a car. Penny though, isn’t really able to follow the instructions. Alex and Dave are on their fifth house. Suzanne tells them how the present house has everything that the last five houses didn’t have. Alex and Dave though, find and excuse for not, liking the house. Suzanne then decides to know more about the two as a couple, so she can find them the perfect house. The two tell Suzanne about their relationship, which she finds unique. But somehow it seems as if Suzanne is slowly losing her patience.

Brad tells Max how every Saturday he works out with his trainer, but now he can’t afford it anymore. Max punches a huge guy in the face, and then tells the guy that Brad asked him to do it. The guy in anger runs after the two. In other words, the big guy will help Brad get a workout just like his trainer does. Jane and Penny are still at the dealership. Dave and Alex still haven’t been able to zero in on a house and the big guy is running after Max and Brad. Jane dozes off and when she wakes up she sees Penny standing with the salesman, forms in hand. Penny tells Jane, they are getting the price they had asked for. Jane though isn’t happy, as it took too long and therefore, now she wants a better price. Penny insists she is happy with the deal and is taking it.

Brad and Max run into Brad’s office colleague, who looks at him and assumes Brad is homeless, now that he is not working. “Take care of yourself man” the guy tells Brad, looking visibly worried. At the dealership, Jane apologizes to Penny for taking over the car purchase. She tells Penny, she only wanted to help because she felt Penny wouldn’t be able to do it herself. The salesman comes and tells Penny she is being given the deal she wants. Jane realizes how Penny got herself an even better deal than Jane had expected and tells Penny how impressed she is. “I never would have pulled this off if you hadn’t pushed me” Penny says. Suzanne on the other hand loses her patience after Alex and Dave reject another house.

She tells the two how their love story “sucks” and how the two shouldn’t be living together. She feels the two have been making “stupid excuses” because they know they shouldn’t be living together. Later, the gang is shown raising a toast to Alex and Dave for having chosen a house to move in together. Later, Jane is offered a job at the car dealership she was at earlier and after negotiating the salary, she accepts the job. The episode ends.