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Boyz II Menorah - Recap

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The episode begins with Max emceeing at a bar mitzvah. The gang is also present at the event. They are surprised that emceeing at a bar mitzvah is an actual job. They then discuss about the unique jobs that Max has held in the past. Max apparently is doing a great job of emceeing. Penny says she always wanted to marry a Jewish guy, but then realizes she is confusing a Jewish guy “with the Fonz”. Jane reveals, she too wanted to marry a Jewish guy until she met Brad. Brad in the meantime is busy dancing on the stage with Max.

Alex who is enjoying the food at the bar mitzvah, is sad when she realizes, the Jews aren’t allowed to eat ham. Later at home, Alex tells Jane she and Dave have a “pretty juicy date night planned”. Dave leaves the room and Jane tells Alex that she is worried about her, as she and Dave are getting pretty close pretty quickly, once again. She basically doesn’t want Alex to get hurt again. She feels Dave and Alex are “falling back into old patterns” and suggests she and Dave “mix it up a little”. Alex on her part assures Jane, she and Dave have plenty of romance in their relationship. But a little later she and Dave discuss his bowel movements and high-five each other. Alex then looks at Jane and says “I get it we are gross”.

Brad on the other hand high-fives Max, while telling Penny that people loved their performance at the bar mitzvah. Penny immediately has an idea that Brad and Max should team up and “hype” at bar mitzvahs together. She then makes a compelling argument as result of which, both Max and Brad seem sold to the idea. Max in the next fifteen minutes then teaches Brad all his moves. Alex, who has taken Jane’s advice seriously tries “mixing it up”. Basically, she wants to repaint the room with Dave, and suggests they might end up having sex by the end of it. Dave though, doesn’t think it’s a very great idea. Alex then accidently splashes some paint in Dave’s eye, which begins burning. He in pain rushes out of the room. At a bar mitzvah, Brad and Max begin their performance.

While performing, Max gets cramps and steps out of the dance floor. Brand in the meantime, continues his performance. Max then turns around to go back on the floor, but sees Brad doing his own moves, which the guests are apparently loving. Max in anger yells “betrayal”. Next day, Alex tells Dave that, she is whisking him away for a romantic weekend. Dave though, isn’t too excited about the plans Alex has made. “Our love is dead” Alex in the end says in frustration and walks away. Later, Dave has a talk with Jane. “What’s happening is she thinks you are falling back into your old patterns and that the romance is already gone from your relationship” Jane explains to Dave. Penny tells Brad her client wants him to “hype” a bar mitzvah without Max. “I can’t hype without Max” Brad says.

Penny gives him the address for the event and says he can be there, in case he changes his mind. Dave tells Jane that, Alex has always wanted to go to Paris. Jane suggests that they “whisk Paris to Alex”. “We can set up your courtyard like a Parisian bistro. I can even make fake plane tickets and wear a stewardess outfit” Jane tells Dave. Dave thinks Jane’s idea is great. Later, Brad enters Max’s room to talk to him. Max immediately confronts him about grabbing all the attention at the party, with his move. “I had to do something, you weren’t there” Brad argues. Max though will hear none of it and tells Brad “I made you”. Brad and Max then part ways in anger. Brad leaves the room and takes up Penny’s offer. Dave is amazed at the how well Jane has recreated Paris in his courtyard.

They both wait for Alex to come. They then realize that Alex must have thought the fake air ticket Jane sent her was a real one and gone to the airport. Alex in the meantime is shown getting arrested by the airport security, for presenting a fake air ticket. While she is being arrested, she realizes her mistake. Dave and Jane arrive at the airport and try to get past the security, but in the end are detained. Brad is performing at the bar mitzvah without Max, but just then Max arrives. The two then decide to have“hype off”. Each has their own dance moves which they want the guests to perform. In the process they end up confusing and even threatening the guests.

The two then begin fighting and end up on the bar mitzvah cake. Alex and Dave while in handcuffs sort out their differences and kiss each other. Brad and Max too apologize to each other. Later, Brad and Max perform at another bar mitzvah, and this time they are singing together instead of dancing. The episode ends.