More Like Stanksgiving - Recap

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The episode begins with and Alex and Dave showing Jane and Brad six tickets to “the Rock Bottom Reminders concert”. Brad has never heard of the band, so Dave explains that the band is made up of famous writers like Stephen King, Amy Tan and Dave Barry. Brad and Jane on hearing this do not seem too keen to go to the concert. Alex then informs the tow that she and Dave want the gang to come over to their place for Thanksgiving “this year”. Dave takes this opportunity to bring up the subject of him being “1/16th Navajo”.

He says he wants to use this Thanksgiving as an opportunity to educate the gang about Navajoism. Later at home, Dave and Alex ready their Thanksgiving dinner for their guests. Dave finds out that Alex hasn’t bought clams, which he feels are an integral part of Thanksgiving, so he decides to go get some. Later, Penny, Jane and Brad arrive. Jane smells the turkey and immediately feels it’s not up to the mark. They as a precaution have brought a turkey, with all the garnishing, in a box. They replace that with Jane’s turkey, while she isn’t around. Max too arrives a little later. While filling some gas, Dave tries to educate people on the road about Navajoism. A couple dressed as pilgrims asks Dave for some money.

He to prove how helpful the Navajo’s can be goes to a nearby ATM to get the cash, leaving his car unattended. While he is away, the couple enters his car and drives away. He returns and sees the couple sitting in the car. He walks up to the driver’s end to talk to the husband, but the man snatches Dave’s wallet and drives away. At home, Penny feels she might have subconsciously tried to sabotage Alex and Dave’s relationship by telling Alex that it’s odd, Dave hasn’t moved all his stuff into the house yet. The gang then watches an old show that they were in and that got cancelled. Back then Max hadn’t come out of the closet and was having a relationship with Penny. He on the show is seen talking about his sexual relationship with Penny.

The rest of the gang is then seen in the video, and they all had weird hairdos. Brad in the meantime seems worried and apparently isn’t happy about watching the video. Jane on her part is excited, because it was during the show that she had met Brad for the first time. In the video Jane is shown being her usual self. In the video, Brad on seeing Jane’s behavior is shown telling a friend, how controlling Jane is. A little later in the video, Brad is shown telling the camera how she simply can’t stand “that Jane chick”. Jane isn’t at all happy about the fact that, Brad had said the things that he did about her, in the video.

Brad ties to pacify Jane by joking about the whole issue, but sees that the whole gang is awkwardly silent. Later, Jane decides to prove to the gang that she isn’t controlling. Brad on his part apologizes to Jane and says he was jerk back when he had said those things. Dave is facing certain issues while buying the clams at the store, because he doesn’t have “any traditional money”. He tires explaining to the store manager, how he was robbed. The store manager in the end agrees to trade the clams with Dave in return for his Navajo jacket. The store manager also throws in a blanket, to make the trade more even. Dave wears the blanket and begins sneezing. He then realizes the blanket has cat hair on it. At home, the video reveals that, Penny at one point had feelings for Dave. Alex is shocked to hear this and questions Penny about it.

Penny tries to awkwardly explain herself, but isn’t able to come up with anything convincing to say. Later, Penny tries to talk reason with Alex, but she doesn’t seem in a very receptive mood. Alex feels Penny still has feelings for Dave and that is why is trying to cloud her mind about Dave, not moving his stuff in. Dave on the other hand is struggling to get home and therefore decides to sell the “Rock Bottom Reminders tickets for money”. He begins yelling out to people that the tickets are for sale. A man walks up to him and offers him $200 for the tickets. He happily accepts the money, but it turns out the man is an undercover cop. The cop arrests Dave for “scalping”.

At home in the video, it is seen that Jane is wasted and is searching for some guy named Jared, who she wants to have sex with. She instead finds Brad and the two, end up sleeping together. Brad on seeing this is shocked and so is Jane. “So I was some big mistake?” Brad asks Jane, visibly outraged. Just then Dave returns and recounts his adventures to the gang. Later, Alex apologizes to Penny for getting angry at her and says she overreacted. Penny too assures Alex that she would never do anything to hurt, her and Dave’s relationship. Penny adds that their friendship is more important to her than anything else.

Jane on the other hand tells Brad by telling him that their hook-up might have been an accident, but everything that followed after that, was magical. She says her meeting him was the best thing that ever happened to her. Dave tells Alex, he is moving in “this weekend”. Later, the gang all sits together and has the Thanksgiving dinner. The episode ends.