P&P Romance Factory - Recap

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The episode begins with Max telling the gang he has found his “set-list” from when he did “stand-up in 5th grade”. Max then gets up and gives them a demo of the performance he used to give back then. Jane isn’t at all amused by Max’s act, although the others find it funny. Jane is bummed out about work. Basically, the “car-tsar” and his cronies are really close and Jane feels like an outsider. Brad has a solution. He asks Jane to invite the guys over from work, so he can impress them with his “guy-talk”. Penny arrives just then wearing a prescription-helmet for a concussion. “I have to wear this stupid helmet for a month” Penny tells them.

The gang makes jokes about the helmet. Jane feels it’s a good thing Penny is wearing a helmet, as she does hit her head a lot. A few instances are then shown. “I don’t remember any of that” Penny says. “Maybe because of the concussion” she concludes. The gang then goes back to making fun of Penny. Max and Dave later get beaten by Alex in foosball. She is making sure she rubs her victory in their faces. Just then a guy named Brody walks in. Alex and Dave don’t like him, but Max doesn’t seem to have a problem with him. Brody walks up to the three and talks to Dave. Then before leaving he doesn’t give Max a proper fist-bump, which irritates Max. Max immediately changes his opinion about Brody. “What a thick jerk” Max says. Jane in the meantime has invited over the guys from her work, to her apartment.

Brad gives Jane a few pointers on how they should go about impressing the guys. The Car-Tsar’s wife likes a candle kept on the table and Brad says he has made it. Brad takes her to show her how he made it, leaving Jane alone with the guys. Jane and the Car-Tsar are visibly uncomfortable in each other’s company. Penny is with Alex in a bicycle store trying to find herself, a cute bicycle helmet to wear, instead of the ugly looking prescription helmet, she has on. At the store, she runs into a guy named Pete and two seem to hit it off. He asks her out for a coffee and she accepts. She then suddenly realizes about the helmet on her head and turns him down by making an excuse. Alex thinks Penny shouldn’t turn down Pete.

Penny explains that she can’t go out on a date with a helmet on. Alex reasons with Penny and Penny eventually decides that she can’t let the helmet hold her back. Penny then agrees to go for coffee with Pete. Max is still angry about Brody’s improper “fist-bump”. Jane finds Brad bonding with all the wives of the guys from work, instead of the guys themselves. Jane finds the guys sitting separately and bitching about their wives. Jane to fit in begins to bitch about Brad and it seems to work. The Car-Tsar then invites her into their group. Penny meets Pete wearing a pink bicycle helmet and riding a Segway. She suggests they have their date on the Segway. Pete reluctantly agrees, but Penny is barely able to control her ride thanks to her concussion. Brad tells Jane how he has been invited by the wives for a spinning class.

Jane in turn tells Brad how; she has been invited by the guys for a game, after work. They are both happy that, things worked out swimmingly for the both of them. Later, Jane is shown enjoying the game with the guys, while Brad is shown enjoying his spinning class with the wives. Penny tells Alex, Pete is getting a little “weirded out” that, she only wants to go on dates where she can wear a helmet. Dave tells Max, he will teach Max a fist-bump, to counter what Brody did. “You can take Brody down” he says. “This may be the single most dumbest thing I have been associated in. And I love it in a man” Max tells Dave. Brad arrives at Jane’s workplace to hand her, her lunch. The guys see him and make fun of him.

Jane too joins in. Brad then takes Jane aside and asks “what was that?” Brad isn’t happy that Jane is “junk-talking” him in front of her co-workers. Jane explains that it’s completely harmless and adds “that’s how I bond with these guys”. Brad on his part isn’t convinced. Penny tells Alex that, she and Pete are done. Basically, Penny took Pete to a construction site for a picnic, so she could wear a helmet and it didn’t go down too well with him. Alex suggests Penny tell Pete the truth and Penny decides to follow Alex’s advice. She later invites Pete home and meets him without a helmet. Brad embarrasses Jane at her workplace by behaving like a “trophy-wife”. He says she wanted a “trophy-wife” so he is pretending to be one.

Brody on the other hand makes a fool of Max, by topping his fist-bump, with one of his own. Penny tells Pete why she needs to wear a helmet for a month, and he understands. “Every queen needs her crown” Pete says, while putting the bicycle helmet of Penny’s head. Jane realizes her mistake and apologizes to Brad for her behavior. She says she got carried away, because she was desperate to be a part of the “boys club”. The two make up. Jane then tells the Car-Tsar, she doesn’t want to be a part of the “boys club” anymore and he is ok with it. The episode ends.