To Serb with Love - Recap

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The episode begins with Alex and Dave having a meal with Brad and Jane at a diner. Jane comments on how Alex and Dave are “still going strong”, something that she had never predicted. The four rejoice that they are all together. It is then shown that Max too is sitting at the table and is feeling like the fifth-wheel. They try to assure him that he isn’t the fifth-wheel, but very much a part of the group and then give examples which sight the contrary. Max counters that he doesn’t need them as he has Penny. Penny arrives just then with Pete her new boyfriend.

The gang is expecting Pete and Penny to break up in front of them despite Penny assuring them that she and Pete are going strong. The breakup doesn’t happen and instead Max is thrown off the stall when the gang shifts in their seats in order to accommodate Pete and Penny. Later at home, Jane and Alex are busy organizing things for a party in honor of their dad. Jane decides to do some comedy at the party. Alex and Brad don’t think it’s a great idea as her father doesn’t laugh at anything, but Jane is adamant and has specific jokes in mind. Dave tells Penny he isn’t going to the party as he finds family gatherings boring. He says Alex is fine with it. Penny begs to differ and tells Dave; Alex actually wants him to be there although she might say otherwise.

She insists that Dave pay heed to her advice as she feels she has mastered the science behind relationships, during the 11 days she has been in one. Jane on the other hand asks Max to help her construct the perfect joke for her father. Max tries to come up with a good joke but says he is a bit off his game as he is missing Penny, who is spending a lot of time with Pete off late. Max decides to find someone as messed up as Penny, so he can hang out with this new friend and make Penny jealous, in order to get her back. Later at the party Jane tells Brad the joke she is going to present for her dad, but Brad doesn’t get it and doesn’t think it’s funny.

Jane leaves Brad with her father to go prepare the toast. Brad stands around awkwardly with his father-in-law and eventually asks him “wanna hear a joke?” “Try me” says his father-in-law. Alex is surprised to see Dave arrive at the party. Turns out, she hasn’t told her mother about her relationship with Dave and is therefore worried to see him there. She takes Dave aside and tells him the truth. Jane returns and is shocked when she hears Brad telling her father the very same joke, she was planning to use for her toast.

To make matters worse, her father is in splits when he hears the joke. “That was hilarious” he tells Brad. He adds how he usually isn’t a big fan of jokes, but loved this one. Basically, he warms up to Brad as a result of the joke and mentions how he is seeing Brad “in a totally new light”. Brad then apologizes to Jane who is livid, but she isn’t in a very forgiving mood. Max introduces Penny to his new friend Nicole. Nicole as is turns out is exactly like Penny. But, Max’s plan doesn’t work as Penny feels Max thinks she is the perfect relationship guru and Max has brought Nicole to her, so she can help Nicole.

Penny introduces Nicole to Pete’s brother Jimmy, who she thinks will be perfect for Nicole. Jimmy and Nicole hit it off and Max is once again left out in the cold. Later at home, Pete finds a list Penny has made of his faults. Penny is shocked to see him reading the list and tries to stop him, but to no avail. Pete isn’t happy with what he has read and storms out of her house in anger. Penny tries to stop him, but it doesn’t work. Dave in the meantime is unable to find the courage to tell Alex’s parents that he and Alex are dating, as he is worried about hurting them. Brad gives Dave a pep talk and asks him to come clean without worrying about the consequences.

Penny and Max have chat about her breakup with Pete. Penny says she really misses Pete as she really likes him. Dave declares to everyone at the party that he and Alex are dating again. He makes the declaration just when Jane is about to make her toast to her father. “The guy she left at the altar is back on the scene” Dave adds. Dave ends his heartfelt speech by saying he’s “all in”. Everyone including Alex’s parents are touched by Dave’s honesty and as a result applaud for him. Later, Jane manages to makes her father laugh, albeit accidentally, but she is still happy that she managed to do so. Max brings Pete back to Penny, so they can reconcile. Pete apologizes to Penny for freaking out but adds “you are just a little weird”. He says he likes the fact that she is a little weird.

The two kiss and make up. Jimmy and Nicole have broken up because Nicole is “insane”. Max discovers Nicole hiding in his apartment, but instead of being angry or scared he says he loves the fact that Nicole is insane. “I wanna party with you forever” he tells her and, they both hug. The episode ends.