No-Ho-Ho - Recap

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The episode begins with Jane inviting the gang over to her house for Christmas. Alex is excited that she would get to open presents. The gang orders for some alcohol and the waiter asks see some ID. He sees Jane’s ID and says it’s a fake. Brad disputes this fact, but the waiter insists that the ID is a fake. They all get into an argument with the waiter and Jane in the middle of it admits that the ID is a fake. “My birthday is not July 16th, it’s December 25th” Jane says, explaining that the date of birth on the ID is wrong. Later at home Jane explains that “when your birthday is on Christmas you get completely forgotten about”.

Jane explains how during her parents ruined her childhood by giving her a Christmas-Birthday combo gift, instead of giving her two separate gifts. She therefore sat her parents down and told them she wants to have her birthday on July 16th. Dave later helps Penny pick a perfect gift for Pete. He says he has the uncanny ability to pick people the perfect gift and calls himself the “gift whisperer”. He claims gifts whisper to him and tell him who they would apt for. Jane wakes up on Christmas morning and is sad because Jesus’ birthday takes precedence over hers. She walks into the living room and the whole gang jumps out from behind the couch and yells “Surprise!” Turns out they have organized a birthday party for her. Jane is startled and in panic pepper sprays the gang. While writhing in pain, the gang explains how they wanted to celebrate her birthday.

She awkwardly apologizes to the gang for the misunderstanding. Brad later explains to her that the gang had planned to postpone Christmas, so they could celebrate “Janemas”. Basically, they would do everything they do on Jane’s July birthday. Jane feels it’s difficult to shut Christmas away, but the gang feels it can be done. “Alright I am in” Jane eventually says. Penny and Dave get kicked out as Penny has Santa Claus socks on and Dave has a Christmas ringtone on his cell phone. Penny feels this would give them an opportunity to pick the perfect gift for Pete. Dave does his thing and comes up with the idea they should take Pete on a scavenger hunt that, would lead to concert tickets in her apartment. Penny things the idea is brilliant.

The rest of the gang in the meantime is also finding it difficult to shut out Christmas from their lives. Dave and Penny set up the scavenger hunt and hide the tickets in the apartment as planned. Penny feels they are needlessly confusing things, but Dave sticks to his guns. Penny goes into the other room to hide the clues and Dave finds Pete’s gift for Penny hidden in the living room. It’s a large candle, which Dave feels is a terrible gift. Brad is trying to keep things together and doing his best to stop Max and Alex from letting Christmas creep back in. Pete has found his gift after the scavenger hunt and thanks Penny for it. “I hope you like my gift” Pete says. Penny is sure she will love it, but Dave who is with them asks Penny to go ahead, so he can have a talk with Pete.

Dave then basically tells Pete that the gift he is planning to give Penny really sucks. Dave suggests an alternative, but Pete wants to stick with his gift. Dave says Pete is a making a really big mistake. Later, the gang including Pete celebrates Jane’s birthday. Brad is still trying to keep away Christmas, but Alex wants to open a Christmas gift and is getting edgy. Max on his part is sucking on eggnog which he has hidden in a backpack. Brad promises Max that they will have as much eggnog as he wants “tomorrow”, but today he wants Max to resists his temptations. Jane gets her “gift opener” to open her birthday gifts. Alex can’t take the procrastinating anymore and tries to snatch the opener from Jane so she can rip open a gift.

In the process they end up stabbing Max’s backpack with the eggnog in it. The eggnog squirts all over the place, splashing on everyone’s faces and on the walls of the apartment. The gang later cleans up the apartment. Brad is trying to get in touch with Jane who has left. She isn’t answering her phone. Brad leaves to find her. Pete gives Penny her gift and she loves it. Dave is visibly surprised that Penny loved the gift. Jane on the other hand is walking the streets alone, visibly depressed. There are Christmas celebrations on every street, which is bumming her out even more. She sees a pub at a distance and hears the people inside singing “happy birthday to us”. She goes in and asks the people what they are doing.

A man explains that everyone there has their birthday on Christmas and the world gets caught up in celebrating Christmas, so they celebrate their birthdays in this pub. She tells them she is a “Christmas baby”. “Happy Birthday you are home” the man says. Jane is overjoyed to find people with the similar predicament as hers. Penny explains to Dave the symbolism behind Pete’s gift and Dave is touched by it, calling Pete the true gift whisperer. At the pub the man tells Jane that after celebrating their birthdays they all go out and destroy Christmas decorations, as a payback for their lives getting ruined by Christmas.

Jane isn’t happy to hear this. She makes an excuse and rushes out of the restaurant. Outside she meets Brad. Jane is happy to see him and suggests they go home and celebrate Christmas. Jane thanks Brad for “trying so hard”. “Now let’s go home before the riot starts” she says. The gang then celebrates Christmas together. The episode ends.