Fowl Play/Date - Recap

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The episode begins and Alex brings in with her a “super-racist” parrot named Tyler. Jane can’t understand as to why Alex would bring a bird into the diner. Alex then mentions that she is going to the “rom com con” this weekend. Penny and Brad are excited to heart this. Alex says it’s in Detroit and asks if Brad would like to come. Brad says “money is tight” and therefore he can’t come. In the night, Dave tells Max and Jane to listen to a song he has written for Alex, because he is going to miss her while she is gone. He sings it for them and asks for their opinion. At the end of it, Max tells Dave how he should learn to live alone and not look for companionship. Max then leaves in a huff.

Dave and Jane conclude that Max is lonely and they should set him up with someone. They both get competitive and decide to find Max a guy. They then argue about whose guy Max would choose. Next day, Alex is all ready to leave for the rom com con. She is going dressed as Woody Allen and is sure she shall win the costume contest this year. Brad gives Alex a box full of memorabilia he wants signed. Jane and Dave wake Max from his sleep and tell him that they have found him a couple of nice guys to date. Jane tells him they have figured out Max is lonely. Max though, tells her that he isn’t lonely. They will hear none of it and tell him how great their respective guys are. Brad and Penny in the meantime have broken a porcelain plate that Alex like. They try to fix it before Alex gets back. Penny manages to glue together the plate.

Both are overjoyed that Alex wouldn’t know about it. Just then they are terrified to see that Alex’s parrot has died. Turns out, the fumes from the industrial strength glue that Penny used to join together the plate, took its toll on the parrot. Both are confounded as to what they should do. Penny and Brad then come up with a plan to cover up the whole thing. They decide to throw the bird out of the window and tell Alex that it died because its wings are clipped and therefore it couldn’t fly to save its life, after jumping out of the window. Max in the meantime tells Jane and Dave that he did not like either of the guys they set him up with. But, during his second date he met a cute bartender named Marcus, who he really liked.

He mentions how he and Marcus have similar interests like they both love Ryan Reynolds but hate his movies. Dave and Jane though, are more interested in why Max didn’t like their guys. Max tells them both their guys reminded him of someone. It is then shown how Dave’s guy was eerily like Dave and Jane’s guy was eerily like Jane, they even dressed similar. They both try to pretend that they are happy Max has found Marcus, although it’s clearly apparent that they aren’t. Penny and Brad on the other hand get their stories straight. They plan to tell Alex that Tyler jumped out of the window because he couldn’t stand her friends anymore. The only thing left for them to do now is to throw Tyler out of the window. Both seem really reluctant to do it. Eventually they both hold Tyler and throw the bird out of the window.

Jane and Dave are in the meantime bothered that Max didn’t choose their guys. They feel their guys were perfect for Max. Brad and Penny are at the diner and Brad’s guilt is getting the better of him. He feels they should tell Alex the truth, but Penny doesn’t think it’s a good idea and asks Brad to keep shut. Brad feels there isn’t anyone in the world stupid enough to believe the bird fell out of the window. Just then Alex arrives and with tears in her eyes says “guys my bird fell out of the window”. Penny and Brad express their grief. Alex tells the two she is getting an autopsy done. They two are shocked to hear this. Max is hanging out at the diner with Marcus, just then Jane arrives there with his guy. Dave too arrives a little later with his guy. Max is not at all comfortable with them being there, but Dave and Jane seem oblivious to that.

Marcus is confused and asks Max “what’s going on”. But before Max can explain, Jane intervenes and tells Marcus that she and Dave know what’s best for Max and that Max makes terrible decisions. Marcus is insulted and leaves. Max is unhappy at Marcus leaving. Jane then asks Max as to what is wrong with their guys. “They are you” Max tells Jane and Dave. He tells them he was happy with Marcus. Max then storms out in anger. They both realize they made a mistake. Next day, at Alex’s home, Max makes up with Jane and Dave, after they apologize to him. Brad on the other hand is told by Penny to destroy Tyler’s autopsy report before Alex can read it. Before Brad can get his hands on the report, Alex calls everyone into the living room to give her eulogy to Tyler.

During the eulogy she mentions how she knows there was a human hand in Tyler’s death. “And that human hand was….” Alex begins to say and Penny can take it no more, she owns up to her and Brad killing Tyler. They own up to everything including breaking the plate. Alex is shocked to hear their confession and says she had thought Tyler committed suicide because of an argument she had with him before leaving for the rom com con. She then proceeds to read the autopsy, in which it is mentioned Tyler died of liver damage due to excessive alcohol consumption. Turns out, Alex used to give Tyler alcohol quite frequently. The episode ends.