Ordinary Extraordinary Love - Recap

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The episode begins and Jane treats the gang to a round of alcohol. She tells the gang how she is rolling in money, as she “sold four cars today”. Jane leaves to go get something. Penny in the meantime tells Brad how proud she is that Brad is so cool with Jane being the breadwinner and he staying home. “It is like post gender city population progress” Penny says. Max arrives a little later and comments on how he simply can’t meet a nice guy. Max simply can’t figure out how to get over his “man drought”. Jane suggests Max get “out there” if he wants to meet guys.

But, what Max hears is that he should become a pizza deliveryman so he can get paid for meeting guys and also get to eat free food. Max then begins talking to himself about how this plan might not work. In the end when he is done, he see that his table is empty and the gang have left. Next day, before leaving for work Jane asks Brad to call a guy to install a dimmer at home. Brad tells Dave and Alex who, are there that, real men don’t call a guy to help; they do things themselves. Brad feels Jane doesn’t think he is man enough to “do stuff like this”. Dave suggests Brad prove her wrong, by installing the dimmer himself instead of calling the “guy”. Dave even offers to help. Later at Alex’s store, she is talking to a customer; just then Penny enters and is really excited to see the customer.

After the customer leaves, Penny tells Alex that the customer is a teen pop star named Winnie and she is really popular. Alex doesn’t know her, but Penny feels a pop star shopping at Alex’s store can be really good publicity for the store. Penny suggests they informs the paparazzi about Winnie’s whereabouts and when they catch up with her, she will be photographed in a dress bought from Alex’s store, which would be good publicity. Max and Jane on the other hand decide to find out Max’s gay identity, because they are told by another gay guy that, each gay person has a category. They want to find out what category Max falls into. Dave and Brad on the other hand are all geared up to install the dimmer; hardhats and all. But, Dave has forgotten to get the tools and all the hardware stores are closed, so the two decide to deal with it tomorrow.

Alex and Penny inform the paparazzi about Winnie’s whereabouts. Turns out she is on a date at a restaurant. The paparazzi wait outside and so do Alex and Penny. She comes out and is shocked to see the paparazzi there. Her boyfriend can’t handle the attention. He breaks up with her then and there and leaves. Winnie in anger grabs a paparazzi camera and smashes it to the ground. Penny and Alex are terrified on seeing Winnie’s reaction. Winnie then yells that she is wearing a dress from Alex’s store. Next day, the paparazzi parks outside Alex’s store. Alex is worried about the negative publicity, but Penny reassures her she will give the whole thing a positive twist. She then goes out to talk to the paparazzi. She tells them how wearing a dress from the store, turns a good girl into a bad girl.

Jane and Max embark on their quest to find Max’s category, by paying various gay night clubs a visit. Dave and Brad in the meantime begin the process of installing the dimmer. They install it but it doesn’t work. In fact, it takes out the power of the whole house. Penny’s plan works and the sales of Alex’s store, is up, thanks to them selling t-shirts related to Winnie’s meltdown. Just then, a disheveled Winnie enters the store and the two are shocked to see her. Alex confesses to Winnie that she is the one who tipped off the paparazzi. Winnie says that she knows, as Alex was the only one she had told where she was going for dinner. Winnie tells them how much she liked the guy she was dating.

They apologize to her for their actions. Winnie mentions how she would like to for a change date normal guys like Kyle, the guy she was dating. Just then the paparazzi arrive outside the store. Turns out, Alex tipped them off. Penny offers to help Winnie escape unnoticed. Max in the meantime hasn’t found his category and is really depressed about it. “Don’t bend to fit other people’s groups, make your own” Jane tells Max. Penny distracts the paparazzi while Alex rushes Winnie into Dave’s food truck parked nearby. Once inside, Alex tells Winnie she can have her secret date. Just then, Dave brings Kyle in. Jane returns home to darkness and Brad confesses to her that he was getting insecure about his manhood and hence his endeavor to install the dimmer.

Jane assures Brad that he is “all man” and has nothing to be insecure about. The two then begin kissing passionately. Max has created his own category and a guy named Allen who like Max does not fit into any other category lands up at the diner. The two meet each other and immediately hit it off. Later, each member of the gang is told which category they fall into. The episode ends.