The Ex Factor - Recap

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The episode begins and Brad tells the gang that Jane’s ex Ryan is coming into town. Turns out, Brad and Jane have a rule that if an ex comes to town they are allowed on dinner with them, which the spouse can’t attend. Max then offers to foot the check and everyone is surprised. He says he has a “little bit of disposable income these days”. Max says he has the extra cash because his roommate decided to pay him five months rent in advance. Later at home, Brad is getting all ready for Ryan to arrive. But when Ryan arrives he is visibly surprised to discover that Ryan is a beautiful woman.

Jane apologizes to Brad for not telling him that Ryan is a woman. Brad though, is fine with it as he was aware that Jane during her “experimental phase” had dated girls. Brad mentions how the three of them can have dinner together and it would be awesome. “We are not going to have a three-way” Jane clarifies. Brad looks slightly disappointed on hearing this, but pretends as if he didn’t want that. Pete in the meantime tells Penny that they should for a change hang out with his friends. Penny doesn’t seem too excited about the idea. Max tells Dave and Alex that his new roommate Chase is moving in today. Max then enters his house along with the two and is amazed to see how “awesome” Chase’s stuff is.

The three then see Chase and are in complete awe of him, as he seems really cool. The three want to now be best friends with Chase, so they plan to show Chase how cool they are. Brad, Jane and Ryan on the other hand are having dinner together. Brad is sincerely hoping that the conversation would head to Jane and Ryan reminiscing about their past sexual exploits. Jane though, gauges Brad’s intentions and cuts him down. Ryan during the conversation then reveals that Jane and she had confessed their love for each other. Brad is shocked to hear this. Brad immediately calls it a night and drags Jane with him to the bedroom. Max, Alex and Dave wait all night for Chase to return, but they wake up in the morning and find out that he still hasn’t. Dave suggests Max call Chase and find out the reason for him not returning home.

Max calls him and discovers that Chase has left his phone at home. The three feel that Chase might be in some sort of a trouble. Dave finds out from Chase’s phone that the last person he called was a woman named Veronica. Dave feels Veronica might know Chase’s whereabouts, so he pretends to be Chase and texts her. Penny in the meantime is hanging out with Pete’s friends. She behaves with them in the same way she behaves with her gang, but Pete’s gang finds her behavior weird. Pete too is thoroughly embarrassed by the way Penny is behaving with his friends. Brad is extremely insecure and is behaving weirdly, which is why Ryan hurriedly leaves. Jane reasons with Brad that they have to be more secure about their exes. She suggests they call back Ryan for dinner, so Brad can make up with her.

Veronica arrives at Max’s house after receiving a text from Chase’s phone. The three grill her about Chase whereabouts, but she thinks they are idiots and leaves. Dave calls Chase’s credit card company and finds out it was used 20 minutes ago at a restaurant downtown. The three, head to the restaurant. Pete discovers that Penny is missing her friends, so he decides he and Penny should go back to hanging with them. Brad and Jane are having dinner with Ryan. Jane is glad that Brad is being so mature about the whole issue. Just then the doorbell rings and Brad opens the door. The woman standing at the door is Brad’s ex Melissa, who he has invited to dinner. Jane realizes what Brad is trying to do.

Later, Melissa tells Jane she has nothing to worry about, as her relationship with Brad was only a fling and was purely physical. Jane isn’t too happy to hear this. The three in the meantime arrive at the restaurant and see Chase having dinner with a woman. He is surprised to see them there. They tell Chase how worried they have been about him and have been searching all over town for him. The woman who Chase is sitting with is his wife and she is shocked to find out that Chase is “renting another sex shack in the city”. She tells him that she doesn’t feel so bad about sleeping with his brother anymore and storms out. The three are shocked at what just happened. Chase is pretty angry at what Max and gang have done and tells Max he is moving out.

Jane and Brad are having an all out argument about their past relationships. They are both then shocked to see Melissa and Ryan making out in the balcony. Jane and Brad then apologize to each other and make up. Brad says he wants Jane to only love him, and she assures him that she only loves him. The two, head to the bedroom to have sex; although, Brad is distracted by Melissa and Ryan making out. The episode ends.