The Marry Prankster - Recap

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The episode begins and Dave and gang are planning to play a prank on Max, when he arrives. Brad is feeling a bit guilty about playing a prank on Max, but Dave reminds him that Max plays pranks on them all the time. They all then start narrating stories of how Max has scammed them all at one point or the other. Max then arrives and is handed a fake lottery ticket by Dave. The plan is to play a recording of last week’s lottery results and with the fake ticket Max will think he has won, as he won’t know that he is watching a recording. The plan works and Max is overjoyed that he won.

Max is ecstatic and tells the gang he wouldn’t share the winnings with any of them. “You are all dead to me” he says while ripping his clothes in joy. Dave stops Max’s craziness by telling him the truth. Max is livid and says “read my lips I am going to get revenge on every last one of you”. He then walks out of the house in anger. Later, Alex tells the gang that she is worried Max will get them and she as a result is “flipping out”. Max has in fact already begun his vengeance spree and Brad is his first victim. Turns out, he put “stripper glitter” in all of Brad’s creams and lotions. Brad then tells the gang that his sabbatical is officially over and he is planning to go for some job interviews. Max who is sitting nearby incognito then plays a prank on Jane. It’s now “two down and three to go”.

Brad’s job interviews don’t go too well and he comes back home all depressed. He gives Jane the details of how badly all his interviews went. Jane gives Brad a pep talk to get him out of his slump. It works and Brad starts feeling better. Alex meets Max and tells him she will help him “prank” everybody else, if he promises not to prank her. Max apparently agrees to her proposition. Brad returns home all joyous, as he has managed to get a job. He tells Jane he has gotten a job as a CFO. In this case CFO means Chief Fun Officer. Basically, Brad has gotten a job at a kid’s gym and will be looking after and playing with the kids. Jane feels Brad is kidding, but Brad says he is serious. Jane feels Brad panicked and took the first job that came along, but Brad disagrees and says he likes his new job.

Jane though still isn’t convinced. Later, Max plays another successful prank and this time the victim is Penny. Dave on the other hand figures out that Alex is working with Max. Dave tells Alex that she doesn’t have to join Max; instead she and he can prank Max together. At home Max is slapping his own back for successfully carrying out the pranks. Penny arrives just then and tells Max that she is engaged. Max is really excited to hear this. Jane on the other hand sees Brad at work in the play gym. She sees that Brad is having a great time with the kids, but feels he is pretending. She then looks on for some more time and realizes that he actually isn’t pretending but really enjoying himself. Penny is wondering where Pete is and Max tells her he played a prank on him too and he is glued to the toilet.

Jane tells Brad she understands that he really likes his job and is actually having fun. “I am sorry that I act like I know what’s best for you. I am just really trying to help” she tells him. “I know” says Brad and the two then kiss. Dave and Alex on the other hand are on their way to prank Max. They are outside Peter’s apartment building, where Max and Penny have arrived in Max’s limo. Max is helping Pete with his issue, while Dave has proceeded to rig the limo. Dave finishes rigging the limo and just then Bard and Jane arrive. Dave tells them they are about to witness a really great prank. From behind some bushes they see Max arrive and enter his limo. Max turns on the ignition, but instead of what Dave was hoping the limo explodes and bursts into flames. Dave is shocked to see this and begins sobbing in the middle of the road yelling he killed his friend. Just then Max comes walking by. Turns out, he has played a prank on Dave.

Pete arrives and officially proposes to Penny in front of the gang. Penny says a yes to his proposal. Later, Penny tells Max he outdid himself on the pranks. They all then figure out that it was Alex who was the smartest of them all and pranked them all. The episode ends.