Our Best Friend's Wedding - Recap

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The episode begins with the gang attending Penny and Pete’s engagement party. Penny arrives at her own party at a little late. Turns out, she was busy rubbing the news of her engagement into the faces of all the men she has dated in the past. The gang then begins telling Penny the gifts they got for her. Jane says her gift to Penny is that she will plan her wedding. They look around for Pete to get his opinion about it. Just then, Penny remembers that she forgot to invite Pete for the party. Two hours later Penny walks in with Pete and pretends to be all surprised when she sees there is a party that has been organized in their honor.

The gang chips in by yelling “surprise”. Pete suspects that the party has been going on for a while, but the gang assures him that it’s not. “Penny what’s going on?” Pete asks, not convinced by what the gang or Penny is saying. Penny the reluctantly tells him the truth. Pete tells Penny he always wanted to “elope” rather than have a conventional wedding. The gang is shocked to hear this and so is Penny. In fact Penny is so shocked that she faints. Later, a dejected Penny meets up with the gang and tells them Pete still is caught up with the idea of eloping. Basically, Pete’s brother and his fiancé got so caught up in their wedding arrangements that they lost sight of each other. Pete doesn’t want that happening with him and Penny. Hence Pete wants to get married on a beach with just him and Penny there and the “sounds of the waves crashing” in the background.

Jane decides to take Pete to a wedding expo “downtown” in order to change his mind. The whole gang decides to join them. Jane basically convinces Pete to come by lying to him that they are going to a Reggae Fest. Jane tells him that before he decides to elope she wants to show him how exciting and great a wedding can be. Pete agrees to play along as it means so much to Penny. Jane and Penny begin their task of trying to dazzle Pete. They demonstrate how a wedding doesn’t have to be conventional and can be really very different. In fact, they suggest that there could be a reggae band at the wedding, now that it’s been revealed Pete loves reggae. The two then demonstrate how instead of conventional food, they could serve sushi and that too, on a pretty lady.

They wheel in a lady with sushi kept all over her body to demonstrate this. Dave and Alex in the meantime are looking around and Alex is suggesting to him the most ridiculous wedding ideas. She is hoping to unnerve him, but he for today is “Chillzilla” and is therefore unruffled by even the most outrageous suggestions. But, in the end when Alex suggests they could have beige napkins at their wedding, it ruffles Dave to no end. Brad and Dave have paired up and are pretending to be a gay couple. They try to get some free stuff while they are at it, but just then Max gets hit on by a guy and wants to break up with Brad. Brad isn’t ready to, as he wants the free stuff. On seeing Brad not relenting, Max pretends Brad has broken up with him and creates a public scene.

Max them storms off, making Brad looks like a villain in the whole thing. Jane and Penny are in the meantime still at it and are trying to do their best to convince Pete about how great it would be to have a wedding. Just then a wedding planner named Marcy Grey approaches Pete and Penny and offers to be their wedding planner. Jane isn’t at all happy about Marcy being there, but Marcy doesn’t seem to care. Jane then resorts to insulting Marcy and two get into a physical confrontation. Penny and Pete are shocked to see all that is happening. Pete tells Penny that this is the exactly the kind of situation he wants to avoid. “Weddings make people go crazy” he says. “Weddings aren’t crazy just Jane is crazy” Penny argues.

Penny later has a chat with Dave and realizes all that matters is her getting married to Pete. She then tells Pete that she is down with the idea of eloping. “All that matter is me and you” she tells him. Pete in turn tells her he just wants her to be happy and reluctantly agrees to have the wedding. Dave and Alex make up and he tells her that if they ever decide to get married, he won’t make a big deal of the wedding plans. “Whatever we decide to do we will be in it together” he tells her. Alex is happy to hear this. The episode ends.