In The Heat Of The Noche - Recap

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The episode begins with Brad telling everyone how much he is enjoying his new job at the kid’s gym. The conversation veers to Max telling them how he can’t stop texting Jason, a new guy he is seeing. Penny tells Max to come to her house, in the evening, and promises she will help him take control of his relationship. At work, Brad is informed by Terry, the owner of the kid’s gym, they will probably have to close down because they don’t have money to run it.

Max arrives at Penny’s for the solution to his problem. Her solution is for Max to not text Jason until he texts Max, but he says he just can’t stop himself. She presents another solution in the form of a medicine, which was given to her by her mother, who smuggled it into the country. Only Penny has it because it’s banned in every other country, except Libya, where it’s made. She says the medicine will knock Max out for the night, so he won’t be able to text Jason. She even offers to take a few swigs herself, so she can stop herself from texting Pete constantly. They both take the medicine and pass out. The next day, Max discovers that Penny’s solution worked. He didn’t text Jason even once and, instead, Jason texted him.

At their apartment, Brad tells Jane that the kid’s gym, where he works, is closing down. She suggests that Brad should try to save it, like Whoopi Goldberg in “Sister Act 2”. Brad agrees and heads out for his mission. At the gym, Brad advises Terry on the changes they can make to save the gym. A part of his plan is to bring in some entertainment, so he invites his friends to help with the kids. At Penny’s, both Max and she again have a few swigs of the medicine, to stop themselves from texting, and pass out. This time they don’t manage to sleep through the night. Penny concludes they are forming a resistance to the medicine, so they down a few extra doses.

At the gym, Brad’s plan seems to be working and, as a result, there are many more kids at the gym than usual. Alex and Dave are really connecting with the kids. Jane can't seem to, so Brad suggests Jane try doing something with them that is more suited to their level. At Alex’s store, a customer walks in and likes the bracelet she is wearing, which was made by one of the kids at the gym. The customer offers her $150 for it, which shocks her. Max and Penny wake up, and they discover that the bottle of medicine is virtually empty. In utter despair, they try and lick the last few drops remaining in the bottle.

At the gym, Dave is really enjoying performing for the kids. They love his "Doodie" song. Alex is selling the bracelets, being made by the kids, at her store for a nice profit. Jane is still trying to come up with an idea to entertain the kids. One of the kid’s parents works at a big finance company, and is really impressed with how Brad has increased business at the gym. He proposes Brad come and work for his company, and Brad says he will think about it. At home, Brad tells Jane, Dave, and Alex about the job offer. They don’t want him to quit, because each one has their own vested interest in him staying on.

At Penny’s, both she and Max conclude that they were addicted to the medicine, which is why it’s a good thing that it’s over. Jane convinces Brad to take the job, by reminding him how good he is at finance. Before quitting his job at the gym, Brad helps Jane find an activity that she can enjoy with the kids. Next, Alex is shown running a sweatshop, where the kids from the gym are making bracelets. Alex, Brad, and Jane arrive and make her realize what she is doing. She immediately begins to panic, and rushes the kids out of there. The episode ends at this point.