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The Straight Dope - Recap

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The episode begins and the whole gang is at Jane and Brad’s. The guys want to watch the game, but Alex is watching a reality show called “Baby Justice”, which is about a little girl who is an honorary sheriff of a small town. The gang makes fun of her for watching the show, so she tells them she is also into serious pursuits like writing a journal. They check out her journal and find in it nothing but Top Ten Lists for various things and Alex terms it as “serious journalism”.

At the bar, Max, Brad and Penny are having a drink, when from a distance they see Larry, an acquaintance of theirs who Max has slept with, approaching them. They all hate him for various reasons and to avoid talking to him Max begins a fake conversation with a woman standing behind him. The woman feels Max is trying to hit on her and says she likes the unique way in which he did it. Max is about to tell her that he is gay, but before he can do that she reveals that she gets great tickets for a bunch of stuff through her work and invites him to a Bulls game.

Max on hearing the offer, changes his mind about telling her the truth and says he would love to go to the game. He even specifically tells her that he isn’t gay. The next day while having breakfast at a deli, Dave and Jane are shocked to see Alex reading a newspaper. She tells them she has decided to stop watching reality shows and reading tabloids. From now on her plan is to only listen to serious news and read newspapers. Dave and Jane don’t believe that Alex can continue this for too long and even make fun of her, saying she will soon give up. Max confesses to Penny and Brad how he is exploiting a woman he recently met for tickets. They don’t approve of it and tell Max to come clean with the woman, but he feels there is nothing wrong in what he is doing and storms off.

Dave finds Alex reading a really fat book on the financial crisis. He assumes she isn’t understanding anything that is written in it, but she amazes him by mouthing off stuff she learnt from reading the book. Brad and Penny decide that they have to somehow let Katie, the woman Max is dating, know that he is gay. They take Larry to the restaurant where Max is having lunch with Katie and before Larry can reveal that he and Max have slept together, Max walks him out. Penny and Brad sit at the table with Katie and Penny is about to tell her the truth, when Katie reveals she has an extra ticket for a Bulls game the next day. Brad on hearing this, changes his mind about telling her the truth and even stops Penny from doing it. He convinces Katie to give him the ticket and tells her how excited he is about watching the game.

Dave tells Jane that Alex is getting too smart for him and says they have to dumb her down. Jane refuses to do so, saying she would love to for a change have an intelligent conversation with her sister. While having lunch with Alex, Jane realizes just how smart Alex has become, when she gives Jane an accurate assessment of why she is so controlling. Jane triees to argue, but Alex shoots her down by making some really compelling observations with which Jane is forced to agree. Now that Alex is smart, Penny asks her for some advice on how to deal with the Katie-Max situation. She suggests Penny find some way to get Max to have sex with Katie, which would immediately reveal Max’s aversion to the female anatomy.

Dave and Jane arrive with a glue stick and some videos of reality shows for Alex to watch, but she is immediately realizes they want to dumb her down again. She says she plans to stay the way she is now and tells them to deal with it. Penny meets Katie and tells her how good Max is in bed, which is why she should have sex with him as soon as possible. Katie likes the idea and decides to put this plan into action as soon as she can. Brad, who is also there, is worried because Katie has the tickets to a Jay-Z concert, which is in 3 days, and doesn’t want her to find out the truth till after the concert. Brad warns Max about this and even convinces him have sex with Katie, so they can attend the concert.

Alex is having a party for smart people at her store and a couple of guests at the party make her look really dumb. At home, Max tries to bring himself to have sex with Katie, but he eventually can’t and instead confesses the truth. She is really angry and storms out. Jane and Dave arrive at Alex’s store and find her watching a reality show by herself in the back. She tells them she is better off being dumb because the people at the party are too smart for her. She drives out the guests and decides to catch up on all the shows she has missed. Katie meets Brad, Max and Penny at the bar and introduces them to her new boyfriend. Turns out, he is gay too and he and Max know each other. The episode ends at this point.