Bros Before Bros - Recap

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The episode begins with Dave telling the gang that it’s a busy food truck season and each year during this time the Brazilian, a rival food truck owner, gives him a hard time by playing pranks on him to hurt his business. Dave wants the gang to stand behind him, so he can confront this guy, but the girls opt out because they have to start organizing things for Penny’s wedding. Brad and Max aren’t doing anything, so they agree to help Dave. At Jane’s, the girls discuss the wedding plans and suddenly Penny realizes she never thought about who would walk her down the aisle.

Alex suggests Penny ask her dad to do it, but Jane thinks he doesn’t deserve the honor because he abandoned Penny and her mother because he wanted to become an actor. Despite what her father did, Penny doesn’t seem to resent him and on Alex urging her some more, she gives in and decides to call her father. At Dave’s, the boys are brainstorming on how to deal with the Brazilian issue. Brad suggests a few business strategies, but Dave feels they should play dirty by sabotaging the Brazilian’s business. Dave decides to go with Max’s suggestion because he feels it would yield quicker results.

The girls are waiting at the bar for Penny’s dad to arrive. He is late and Jane comments, how him being late is a classic sign that he is a deadbeat. Roy, Penny’s father, arrives a while later and he has brought along some flowers as an apology for being late. Penny loves the flowers and during their conversation realizes that she and her father have a lot of things in common. Max is at the butcher’s shop trying to sabotage the Brazilian’s meat supply, when he runs into a guy named Wilson. They both seem attracted to each other and end up sleeping together. At the bar, Roy manages to win over Penny and Alex, but Jane is still not convinced. Max finds out that Wilson is the Brazilian’s son.

The next day, Dave tells the boys that the Brazilian responded to their sabotage by toppling over his truck on its back. Brad reiterates that Dave should use business strategies to beat the Brazilian, but Dave still wants to play it dirty and asks Max for a few suggestions. Max instead of giving suggestions reveals that he slept with the Brazilian’s son and Dave is really hurt on hearing this. Max assures Dave that he is still on his team and offers to help him in any way he can. Dave asks Max to get him a spot outside a stadium, during a crucial game and says the Brazilian might try to grab that spot.

Max assures him that he will do whatever it takes to get him that spot. Roy buys Penny a really expensive wedding dress to make up for his past mistakes and she is really touched, but Jane still doesn’t seem impressed. Penny asks Roy if he would walk her down the aisle and he readily agrees and hugs her. Jane seems touched on seeing this and admits that she is warming up to Roy. In the middle of the night, Max arrives to sabotage the Brazilian’s food truck and sees Wilson there. He admits to Wilson, what he was planning to do and adds that he has dropped his plan. Wilson says he will talk to his father and try to end this feud. At Penny’s, the girls are discussing the wedding, when Roy arrives and tells Penny that he has invited Pete for a fishing trip.

He even says that he would like Pete to call him dad, but Penny doesn’t seem too happy to hear this and tells him that things are moving too fast. Penny feels Roy can’t simply swoop into her life now after so many years, when she actually needed him during her growing up years. Roy is really hurt on hearing how Penny feels and decides to go back to New York instead of staying for the wedding. The next day, Max realizes that Wilson instead of talking to his father, stole Dave’s idea of parking the food truck near the stadium for the game. Dave tries to make peace with the Brazilian by offering him a sandwich, but it doesn’t work. The Brazilian flings the sandwich at Dave’s head and this ends up in a food fight. The girls arrive in the nick of time to join the fight.

During the fight a tomato is flung at Penny, but Roy takes it on his chest. This gesture really touches Penny and they patch things up. Max and Wilson begin kissing in the middle of the fight and the Brazilian on seeing this, approaches Dave to make peace, saying both their sons like each other, so they should end the feud. Penny tells Roy that although she isn’t ready for him to walk her down the aisle she wants him to stay for the wedding. She asks him why he and her mom split up and he reveals that he is gay. They joke about the whole thing. The episode ends.