She Got Game Night - Recap

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The episode begins with Penny, Brad, Alex, and Jane waiting for Max on the sidewalk. Max has asked them to wait there, saying he has found a way to break the unbreakable piñata. Max throws the piñata from his apartment window onto the road, but it still doesn’t break, which is when a car drives over it and the piñata cracks open. The gang brings all the candy that has spilled out of the piñata to Max’s apartment and while they are busy tasting candies, Dave arrives. He reveals to the gang that he has been offered the job as a chef in a restaurant. He isn’t sure if he should take the job and asks the gang about it.

In the end, he decides to talk to Tammy, his psychic, saying he goes to her for all his important decisions. While walking down the street, Max and Penny run into Daphne, an acquaintance. Daphne’s really excited on seeing the engagement ring on Penny’s hand and seems really happy for her. A while later, Penny and Max meet Jane at the diner. Penny tells her how jealous Daphne was when she told her about the wedding. Max feels otherwise. He does not feel that Daphne was jealous when she heard about the wedding. Penny disagrees, saying Daphne hinted that she was rushing into a marriage after knowing Pete only for four months.

Jane tries to be supportive, saying Penny and Pete have their whole lives to get to know each other. Penny takes this the wrong way and accuses Jane of feeling the same way Daphne does. Jane tries to reason with her but Penny, instead of calming down, challenges Jane to a couple’s game night. She wants to prove that she and Pete know each other very well, just like Jane and Brad do. A frustrated Dave returns home and tells Alex that Tammy, his psychic, has moved to Arizona. Now he doesn’t know who he should talk to about the job offer. Alex suggests he come to couple’s game night, so that the gang can help him make the decision. After Penny has made it clear to Pete how important this game night is for her, they enter Brad and Jane’s apartment.

They are shocked to see how well prepared Brad and Jane are. They are wearing matching uniforms and have a war cry. While heading for the game night, Alex and Dave see a neon sign that says “Tarot Card Reader”. Dave decides to talk to the reader saying that, since Tammy is not around, he has to settle. At the game night, Max arrives with Scottie, a friend of his, who is straight. The games begin and Team Penny wins the first round, which makes Jane angry. She gets even more agitated when Team Penny wins the second round.

At the tarot card reader’s, she has Dave hooked, when she rightly predicts that Dave has come to visit her because he needs help in making a big decision. Alex isn’t too impressed, though, because she feels anyone could have predicted that. At game night, Team Penny is leading and even Team Max is performing better than Team Jane. Team Penny eventually wins and, while she is busy gloating, Penny suddenly realizes that Jane is really hurt because this game has revealed that she and Brad aren’t compatible. At the tarot card reader’s, Dave drives Ann, the reader, crazy by trying to give a different spin to every prediction that she is making. In the end, she asks him to leave, but then she figures out this is the very same Dave, who was Tammy’s client. Ann knew Tammy and says she took an early retirement and left town because Dave drove her crazy.

Penny apologizes to Jane, saying she didn’t mean to cause a rift between her and Brad. Jane isn’t angry with her and says that she is only agitated because she lost game night. She tells Penny that a game night doesn’t really prove if a couple is compatible or not. She adds that she always knew she would like to spend the rest of her life with Brad, no matter what. In the middle of their conversation, Penny suddenly confesses that although she and Pete are compatible, she doesn’t think she can marry Pete. Jane is shocked to hear this and rushes her to the restroom for a chat, where Penny tells her that she doesn’t feel that Pete is the one. She says that she doesn’t see herself spending the rest of her life with Pete.

Penny decides to come clean with Pete, while Brad and Jane make up. After being kicked out by the tarot card reader, a frustrated Alex tells Dave that he doesn’t need a psychic to tell him what to do and can, instead, discuss this issue with his girlfriend. Dave realizes his mistake and asks her what he should do. She suggests he follow his heart, and Dave figures out that he wants to keep his food truck.

Penny breaks up with Pete and, after he has left, she breaks down. Dave and Alex arrive and the whole gang comforts Penny. The next day, at the diner, the gang talks about the breakup. Penny is worried how Pete must be coping with the whole thing but Brad, from experience, assures her that he will be fine. The episode ends.