The Storm Before the Calm - Recap

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The episode begins with the gang talking about, how that they can help Penny get out of her post breakup depression. Penny arrives and they are surprised to see that she is good as new and she tells them that she isn’t depressed anymore and has in fact decided to write a play. The next day at the diner, Jane, Max and Alex are hanging out and after Jane has left, a guy named Brandon Tiverson approaches Max and Alex. He is from a marketing agency and is looking for fresh faces to sell products. He observed the three of them from a distance and feels they would be just perfect.

At Penny’s, her friend Brad, who runs a theatre, arrives and gives her the good news that he loved her play and is willing to stage it. At Max’s place, Max and Alex are looking through a box of products that they would be selling, when Jane arrives. They try to hide from Jane the offer they have made, so the money they make would be split only two ways. Jane figures out about the offer on seeing the label on the box and wants to be a part of the team. They refuse, saying it’s too late, so Jane angrily walks out. At Brad and Jane’s, the gang has gathered for a reading of Penny’s play. Penny tells them that it’s a love story and as she begins reading it. The gang realizes that the play is about her recent breakup. Even the hero’s name is “Cleat”, which sounds a lot like Pete.

After the reading is done, the gang tries to point out to Penny the similarities between her life and the play, but she refuses to see it and instead, takes offence. The next day, while Brad is busy massaging Dave’s scalp, Jane arrives and tells them that they need to talk to Penny, who clearly hasn’t gotten over the breakup. At the diner, while Max and Alex are trying to market their products, Jane arrives and sabotages their efforts. After a prospective customer has been discouraged, Jane confesses to the duo that she wants in. While Penny is at the theater busy auditioning actors for her play, Brad and Dave arrive to talk to her. Instead of Brad and Dave managing to talk to her about the breakup, she manages to employ them.

She convinces Brad to play the role of Cleat and persuades Dave to be the stage tech, saying he is a student of theatre, so this would be the perfect job for him. At Jane’s place, Jane figures out Max and Alex have been scammed, when she learns that they paid Brandon $2500 for the products and till now he has paid them only $350 for selling them. At the theatre, while Brad and Dave are preparing for the play, they have a talk with Penny and realize how hurt she still is about the breakup, but also that she is in denial. They confront Penny, saying whenever someone wants to talk about the breakup she changes the subject. Dave decides to put his foot down, saying they won’t rehearse until she is ready to have an open discussion. Penny instead of giving in, fires them both.

The gang arrives to watch the play and is horrified to see how negatively Penny has portrayed herself in it because she hates herself for breaking Pete’s heart. It’s time for the last scene and Penny has a breakdown right on the stage. Brad decides to do something about it, so he steps onstage as Cleat and tells Penny that she shouldn’t have to feel guilty for breaking up with Pete. She argues that she deserves to because she broke the heart of a nice guy like him. Brad counters that she actually did Pete a favor because now he is free to find a person, who will be willing to spend the rest of her life with him. Penny sees reason in what Brad is saying, calms down and decides to finish the last act.

The next day, while hanging out, the gang again sees Dave talking into a voice recorder to keep note of things to remember. Max grabs it from him and throws it to Penny, who plays the recordings. The whole gang then has a good laugh at Dave’s expense. The episode ends.