Un-sabotagable - Recap

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The episode begins with the gang hanging out at Brad and Jane’s. They are talking about the most banal stuff, when Dave brings up Alex’s Groupon fetish, saying she likes to collect them, but not use them. Alex tries to deny this, but Dave insists that he is right. Eventually, he says that if she uses up all the 11 Groupons that she has collected, he will buy her a dolphin Groupon that she wants. Alex willingly accepts Dave’s challenge. While strolling in a park, Max runs into Chase, the guy who has sworn to ruin his life because of what Max did to him.

Chase tells Max that he has been following him for weeks, trying to craft a plan to ruin him, but during this period he learnt that Max’s life is so pathetic that it’s “un-sabotagable”. Max tries to argue that he has a lot going on, giving examples like he recently brought a ladle and read half an article on fish oil. After hearing Max out, Chase reiterates what he said earlier and walks away. At the bar, Brad and Penny are hanging out and Brad is trying to sell Penny all the useless stuff that he has an addiction for buying, like an electric ear cleaner and a shoe warmer. While Penny is busy refusing Brad’s offers, Alex and Dave both arrive and tell the duo that they both have problems that needs solving. Alex is given the opportunity to state her problem first and says she is really finding it difficult to use up all her Groupons.

She in fact recently gave into the temptation of buying another Groupon, so she wants the duo to help her use up the Groupons and stop her from buying new ones. It’s then Max’s turn and he tells them what Chase said. He finishes by saying that he has to improve his life to prove Chase wrong. After careful consideration, the duo decide to help Alex because they both conclude that solving Max’s problem is a suicide mission and only Jane is up to the task. At Jane’s, she is overjoyed that Max has come to her for help, saying she has waited ten years for this day. Jane’s conclusion is that Max needs a lot of repairing and Max willingly puts himself in her “undiagnosed OCD hands”. The repairing involves Max being given a shower, eating his veggies and getting rid of a half chewed gum stuck to his hair for ages.

Jane even overhauls his wardrobe and gets rid of all his old clothes. At the bar, Alex arrives with Brad and Penny and walks up to Dave, who is sitting by himself. She gloats about how she is using up all her Groupons and will win the challenge. While Brad and Alex walk up to the bar to get 50% off on tequila shots using a Groupon, Penny tells Dave, how much she hates using these awful Groupons. Dave suggests they sabotage Alex’s effort or they will end up using Groupons all their lives. Penny agrees with Dave and decides to help him with the sabotage. At Max’s, Jane arrives and is pleasantly surprised to see that he has kept the momentum going after turning a new leaf.

He even got himself a job as an assistant manager at the local supermarket, although he had only gone to apply for the position of a bagger. Both he and Jane conclude that things are rapidly improving for him and Max concludes this could be because Chase has something to do with it. He feels Chase is trying to improve his life, so he can sabotage it, but Jane feels Max is being paranoid. She asks him to calm down and enjoy the moment. At Dave’s, he admits to Penny that he is so desperate to sabotage Alex’s mission is because he has a paralyzing fear of dolphins. At the local supermarket, Jane comes to meet Max, who is now working there as the assistant manager. He still can’t stop obsessing about the fact that all this is Chase’s doing.

While Jane again tries to calm him down, saying his paranoia is unfounded, a woman at the store begins choking and Max saves her life using the Heimlich. After everyone at the store hails him as a hero for this and applauds, Max is sure all this is being orchestrated by Chase. Jane still isn’t willing to believe that. But when the woman Max saved walks up to him and says she is a reporter and wants to do an article on him because he is a local hero, Jane too concedes that Max might be right. Alex is unable to use her last Groupon, which was for an army obstacle course, because the course is flooded.

She as a result loses the challenge. At home, she sadly concedes to Dave that she was an idiot for buying Groupons and will mend her ways. At Jane’s, after reading the article about himself, Max tells her what a great job Chase is doing. He says he doesn’t want to give Chase the pleasure of ruining his life and wants to himself do it. After asking Max if he is sure about this decision of his, Jane volunteers to help ruin Max’s life. This involves having dirt thrown at him, him going back to his old wardrobe and also having the chewed gum stuck back on his hair again. She even beats up Max, so Chase can’t ruin his health, which is only thing Max has left going for him.

After seeing how distraught Alex is, Dave admits he and Penny flooded the course to sabotage the challenge. He says that he now regrets it because her being impulsive is part of who she is and he loves it. To make up for his mistake, Dave suggests he and Alex do the obstacle course although it’s flooded. Alex likes the idea; they proceed and end up in the hospital with injuries, where Max is also admitted thanks to Jane’s beating. While the gang is chatting, Chase, who is behind the curtain in a neighboring bed, calls out to Max. Turns out, he slipped on a pizza slice Max threw on the road and had been in a coma for the past 3 days, which means he didn’t do any of the things Max assumed.

Before being wheeled away, Chase in a stirring speech tells Max that the only mission of his life now is to ruin him. Now that it’s revealed Max has the potential to improve his life, Jane wants to help Max again, but Max refuses, saying it’s too much hard work. At Jane’s, Alex suddenly remembers that she had planned to use the dolphin Groupon with Dave today, while Dave is pacing outside a pool with a Dolphin in it, mentally preparing himself to jump in. The episode ends.