Deuce Babylove 2: Electric Babydeuce - Recap

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The episode begins with the gang having a talk with Penny’s mom and Dave’s dad, who are seeing each other. The couple is really happy with the relationship and so are their kids. Max asks the gang how they should spend the next day and is disappointed on learning that they all have plans. The parents comment on how they are all together most of the time. They realize that the parents are right, but concede that they like each other’s company. The next day, while heading for a tennis lesson Brad and Jane talk about how they had to lie to Max that they were going to a bris, a Jewish circumcision ceremony.

They both know Max hates being excluded, which is why they had to lie. While they are putting their tennis gear in the trunk, Max and Alex arrive all dressed up for the bris, saying they want to join them for the ceremony. Max sees the duo wearing tennis clothes and figures out they lied to him. Brad makes up a story that they decided to take private lessons in an exclusive country club and didn’t want him (Max) to make fun of them. Max pretends that he believes them. He then walks away with Alex, after making a few jokes about them being snobs. After they walk away, Jane commends Brad for coming up with a convincing lie and not telling Max the actual reason. Around the corner, Max tells Alex that he could see through Brad’s lies.

He feels that the duo don’t think they (Max and Alex) are good enough to hang out at a tennis club with them. Max tells Alex they need to do something about it, saying just because they are poor doesn’t mean the rich can walk all over them. Alex wholeheartedly agrees with him. At Penny’s, Dave and Penny are shocked to learn from their parents that they are planning to adopt a baby. They both try to hide their shock by pretending to be excited. At the exclusive tennis club, Brad and Jane, who really love the place, are excited about joining. Connie Kelly, the manager at the club, welcomes them and offers to show them around. He says another couple will be joining them. Moments later, they see Max and Alex, who are also pretending to be a couple, arriving.

The duo acts as snobbishly as they possibly can, while Jane and Brad are clearly mad on seeing them. At the bar, Dave and Penny are talking about the baby issue. Neither is happy with this decision their parents have made, so the duo brainstorms, how they can get Big Dave and Dana, the parents, to drop the idea. Eventually, Penny comes up with the idea that they should offer to babysit one of their friend’s kids for a day and take the child to Big Dave and Dana. This Penny feels, would show their parents, how difficult it is to take care of a baby. At the club, after the manager walks away, Max tells Brad and Jane that he is here with Alex because they too want to join. Max feels he and Alex fit in as much as they do, but Jane and Brad beg to differ.

The manager returns and suggests both the couples play doubles, so they can try out the courts. After the manager leaves to set up a court, Max suggests a wager, saying if he and Alex are the winners they would join the club and if they aren’t, they will quietly leave for good. After Max irritates him, Brad accepts the challenge. At Penny’s, both she and Dave are frustrated because none of their friends agreed to let them borrow their baby. Penny comes up with the idea that they could rent a baby. Her PR firm rents babies for commercials all the time, so Penny’s plan is to put out a fake casting call. She tells Dave that at least 50 moms with their babies would respond to this fake call. As predicted the mothers line up. Penny’s plan is to find the worst mother of the lot and the most rotten and miserable baby.

Penny feels this would do the trick of discouraging their parents. Penny zeroes in on a mother and her child, who is crying his lungs out. Dave and Penny lie to the mother that they would need to take her baby for auditions and it will be a couple of hours. The mother is cool with it. At the club, after winning the match, Dave and Jane gloat, and humiliate Max and Alex publicly. They use some really foul language while they are at it and not only the guests, but also the manager is really appalled by it. Suddenly, Brad notices everyone around looking at them disapprovingly. He points it out to Jane, who is still busy humiliating the other two, oblivious to her surroundings. While they are taking Eddie, the baby, to their parents, the child stops crying.

Penny and Dave try to think up a way to make the baby cry again, but nothing seems to work. They are up to all this in the lobby of the building, when the child’s mother arrives. She is suspicious on seeing them in the lobby instead of the audition room and asks them if they were taking her baby somewhere. Big Dave and Dana, who were scheduled to meet Dave and Penny for lunch, enter just then. Dave and Penny are forced to reveal what they were up to. Big Dave resolves the issue by giving the child’s mother some cash, so she doesn’t call the cops. At the club, after making amends, Brad and Jane admit to Max that they only wanted to join the club because they wanted to spend some couple time together. They also point out to Max that he has a real issue with being excluded, which is why they didn’t tell him the truth.

At Penny’s, Big Dave and Dana inform Dave and Penny that they have dropped the idea of adopting a baby after seeing what they did today. It made them realize how difficult it is to raise a child and also that they still aren’t done raising the kids that they already have. Although a little embarrassed, Penny and Dave are glad to hear that. The episode ends.