Brothas & Sisters - Recap

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The episode begins with Jane and gang organizing stuff for Brooke’s wedding. Brooke is the eldest Kerkovich sister, who according to Jane is more perfect that she and Alex are. For this reason, Jane wants this wedding she is organizing to also be perfect. After everyone else has left, Dave asks Alex when is it that they should tell everyone they have broken up. After having a talk about the issue, they both conclude that they should wait until after Brooke’s wedding to tell everyone. At Jane and Brad’s, Brooke arrives with Elliot, her fiancé.

After the pleasantries have been exchanged, Brooke, who seems more meticulous and stuck up than Jane is, asks Jane how the wedding plans are coming along. Jane nervously tells her that everything is coming along just great. Brooke tests her by asking her some specific questions about the arrangements and seems satisfied with Jane’s answers. At the hotel where all the guests are staying, Jane meets her mother. She is carrying around a tablet PC, so that Jane’s father, who has hurt his back and can’t move, can watch the proceedings from his bedroom. Penny hears Alex requesting for a separate room at the hotel desk and asks her the reason. Alex reluctantly reveals that Dave and she have broken up.

Penny, who is shocked to hear this news, asks how it happened. Alex recounts, how when they were trapped in their bedroom at home, they began talking about their relationship. In the course of their conversation, they both realized that they didn’t really have a serious relationship since they broke up the last time. Hence, they both concluded that they were each other’s rebound, which is why they broke up. Turns out, Dave has also told Max about the breakup, but has sworn him to secrecy, just like Alex has done with Penny. At the rehearsal dinner, Jane tells Brooke that she has ensured everything is perfect and yet Brooke isn’t really impressed.

At the bar, while Penny and Max are blabbing to each other the secret that Alex and Dave have broken up, Alex’s second cousin Sherry overhears them. In order to cover their tracks, Max lies to Sherry that she heard wrong, saying Dave and Alex are breaking ground and not breaking up. Sherry assumes that this means Alex and Dave are starting a family and Max confirms this, but asks Sherry to keep this a secret. Sherry assures him that her lips are sealed and walks away. Elsewhere at the dinner hall, Brad is jealous of the fact that Elliot, who is also black, is now getting more attention than he is. He feels he is the one who laid the groundwork for Elliot, so he could have a smooth passage. The seating plan is a mess and Brooke isn’t happy about it.

She lets Jane know this in no uncertain terms, telling Jane that she just isn’t up to the task. So instead of getting her ready for the wedding, Brooke suggests Jane hand out the programs because it’s a simpler task. Jane is really hurt on hearing Brooke say this, but tries to play it cool. Elliot is getting all the attention and Brad somehow isn’t coping with this fact too well. Penny, Sherry, Max, Dave and Alex are seated at the same table and Sherry is surprised to see Alex drinking in her condition. Another woman even asks Alex how her cravings are. Dave simply can’t figure out what’s going on.

Max and Penny are really nervous that they might soon be exposed, so they consult in private about what they should do. Penny comes up with a plan. She tells Sherry that Jane and Brad’s relationship is on the rocks. Penny feels this will stop Sherry from spreading the baby rumors and she will spread this new rumor instead. All thanks to Sherry, this new rumor spreads like wild fire. The rumor makes it back to Max and Penny again. The version they get is that Brad and Jane are breaking up because Brad has a lovechild.

The next day, during the wedding, the programs catch fire because they are kept too close to a bunch of lit candles. Elliot rushes to take care of it, saying he is a volunteer firefighter, which irritates a jealous Brad even more. Sherry yells that Alex should be escorted out because the fumes are bad for the baby. Everyone is shocked, which then leads to a bunch of other ridiculous revelations none of which are true.

Eventually, Alex tells everyone that she and Dave have broken up. She says she didn’t want to tell anyone till after the wedding because it would prove to be a distraction. Brooke then confesses to everyone that she is the one who is actually pregnant. At the wedding dinner, Brooke and Jane make amends and so do Elliot and Brad. Later, the gang along with all the other guests has some fun on the dance floor. The episode ends.