In This Home on Ice - Recap

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The show starts out with Georgia getting out of a car in what appears to be the middle of nowhere in the late night, and is headed towards the ice ponds. She hears some frightening noises coming from one of the ice fishing shacks and she flees. We see a man being tortured inside a shack, someone is yelling for him to tell him what happened. Then the mad is spiked through the head.

A train arrives in town of Haplin the next day and off steps a young lady, Henley. An older lady, Miranda, waves to her and greets her. She is her real estate agent and is going to find her a place to live. She comments on the guitar that Henley has and complains that her parents let her quit as a child and she will not let her children quit when they want to. She is driving her around town and Henley explains that her mother just died and that she always spoke fondly of the town so she decided to move there and use her inheritance to open a candle store, with soy wax. Miranda shows her the town bread factory which employees many of the town. She also points out Big Dave’s Pizza, who has his water shipped in from New York to make it more authentic. Henley notices some spray painted question marks with halos over them throughout town.

Next we meet Tommy Conroy (TC) and his wife Rachel, Tommy works for the sheriff’s department and Rachel works for the bread factory. They have a 6 yr old daughter, Emma. Tommy plans on launching his boat in the lake that day, even though the pond has not thawed out yet. He heads outside and we meet Georgia, Emma’s babysitter. We also meet Sherriff Griffin Conroy (TC’s father) who needs his help even though it is TC’s day off as there is some trouble in the town square. In the town square there is a confrontation going on between John Haplin and Roger Hobbs. There we learn that 6 kids disappeared a few years back and were taken by who they call the “Magic Man”. The Magic Man was never identified. There is a banner being put up of the kids, but it only contains 5 of the 6 kids, it does not include Roger Hobbs kid, who believes it is because he is black, but John says it is because his kid was taken outside of city limits. The cops break up the fighting and demand the banner be taken down, that the town needs to heal and that is not helping.

Miranda takes Henley to a boarding house where the lady running it has four widows living there and one man, Merritt, who wants to open a film memorabilia store. The boarding house has some strict rules including that the third floor is off limits.

At the pond, the police officers discover the body of Jerry Friddle, who has been murdered. The Sherriff asks some questions and mentions “Chloe” which confuses everyone, but he doesn’t remember asking about her. It is the first murder in 7 years. The police find baking flour on the victim, which doesn’t surprise anyone as “the whole town is covered in baking flour.” The sheriff makes another mention of Chloe, so TC calls the doctor and asks when his father last had a check up.

At Big Dave’s Pizza, Georgia and a friend are eating at the counter and in comes Andrew Haplin and his teenage buddies. They make fun of Georgia and we learn her father has had some problems with meth. Then Andrew and Georgia secretly meet up by the bathroom and make out, we learn Georgia was getting out of his car the night before when she heard the noises and wonders if they should go to the police.

The police think the Stiviletto boys are behind the murder, since Jerry was killed with a railroad spike and the Stiviletto’s have tons of those at their junkyard.

At the boarding house, Henley peeks up the stairs towards the third floor and gets told she is late for dinner. All the widows are at the dinner and they all are interested in Merritt, Henley jokes around with them about it. Merritt doesn’t join them for supper and instead goes to Big Daves. The sheriff is also at Big Daves getting a meatball sandwich. (Note: Big Dave and TC are best friends.) When he sees Merritt there he tells him he warned him about going out in public. Then the sheriff’s ring (which he still wears despite his wife having passed away a few years back) falls off. Back at the police station, the sheriff has locked himself in his office and appears to be shouting nonsense and mentions Chloe again. TC is trying to knock the door down but the sheriff hacks off his hand before TC can get in. They manage to reattach it at the hospital but don’t know how he will be.

Peggy Haplin (who owns the bread factory and who the town was named after) summons TC to her and she wants him to take over as sheriff. He doesn’t feel comfortable since he has only been on the force for 4 years and there are other more qualified people. But she wants it and she essentially runs the town.

Georgia is at the hospital visiting the sheriff because she always felt he was her grandfather, since she doesn’t have much real family. She is getting coffee in the cafeteria and borrows some cream from the guy at the next table. They have a short discussion and then she heads up to see the sheriff. Once there, she realizes that she has been drugged and tries to get away from the mysterious man. Next thing she knows she is waking up at the Stiviletto’s place and they are very creepy towards her. She runs away and goes to TC’s place.

Since Georgia is like a daughter to TC, he goes to the Stiveletto’s to beat the crap out of them. While there he gets a phone call saying the flour found on the victim was not from the bread factory and that the dough they analyzed showed that the water came from New York. TC immediately heads over to Big Dave’s house, he still lives with his mother, but he is not home. TC makes an excuse to borrow a power tool, then discovers a secret room in the basement that has all the crimes of the missing children and new articles and info on Jerry Friddle. Big Dave comes home and confesses that he killed him because he knows he was the Magic Man. TC hits him and says he was out of town for one of the crimes and in surgery for another so it couldn’t have been him. TC is very conflicted on what to do because Dave is his best friend but he knows he murdered Jerry.

Later that night is the town’s annual Thaw Fest, even though the snow hasn’t melted. Henley is seen walking around. Then Roger and his friends show back up to start something as the offensive banner is back up. During the fighting, Miranda starts screaming for her daughter who seems to have disappeared. Everyone is worried that the Magic Man is back. TC finally embraces his new role as sheriff.

Meanwhile, back at the boarding house, Henley has a flashlight and is talking on her phone saying she is going up, then she mentions she is Chloe and she has a tattoo of a question mark with a halo over it on her back. She heads up to the third floor as Merritt watches her.