Hardcore Pawn

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 16/Aug/2010 Dangerous Cash
02 01x02 16/Aug/2010 Booze & Guns
04 01x04 23/Aug/2010 Trouble Inside
05 01x05 30/Aug/2010 Moving Targets
06 01x06 13/Sep/2010 Father vs. Son
08 01x08 27/Sep/2010 Gold at Gunpoint

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
10 02x02 28/Dec/2010 The Big Bet
12 02x04 11/Jan/2011 Desperate Pawn
13 02x05 18/Jan/2011 Skulls & Scoundrels
14 02x06 25/Jan/2011 The Gambler
15 02x07 01/Feb/2011 Fool's Gold
16 02x08 08/Feb/2011 Cash Kings

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
17 03x01 15/Feb/2011 Hot Rods, Raging Tempers
18 03x02 22/Feb/2011 Whack Job
21 03x05 22/Mar/2011 Family Feud
25 03x09 05/Apr/2011 Sibling War
26 03x10 12/Apr/2011 Les' Way or the Highway
27 03x11 26/Apr/2011 Sucker Punch
29 03x13 24/May/2011 I Quit!

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
30 04x01 21/Jun/2011 Life After Death
31 04x02 21/Jun/2011 Return of the Queen?
33 04x04 05/Jul/2011 Les Walks Out
34 04x05 19/Jul/2011 Les Loses It
35 04x06 26/Jul/2011 Blood Lines
36 04x07 02/Aug/2011 Turf Wars
37 04x08 16/Aug/2011 All in the Family
38 04x09 30/Aug/2011 Ashley vs. Rich
39 04x10 06/Sep/2011 New Hire. Now Fire!
40 04x11 13/Sep/2011 Seth vs. Rich
41 04x12 27/Sep/2011 Drop the Bomb
42 04x13 04/Oct/2011 Total Meltdown

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
43 05x01 15/Nov/2011 Aftermath
45 05x03 29/Nov/2011 Stolen Gold?
46 05x04 13/Dec/2011 Banned For Life
47 05x05 20/Dec/2011 Rematch: Ashley vs. Tressa
48 05x06 27/Dec/2011 Mo' Money. Mo' Problems
49 05x07 03/Jan/2012 Les Hunts a Thief
50 05x08 10/Jan/2012 Full Metal Panic
51 05x09 17/Jan/2012 Dirty Tape
53 05x11 31/Jan/2012 Blackout!
55 05x13 14/Feb/2012 Gold Day in Hell
56 05x14 20/Mar/2012 Face Off
57 05x15 27/Mar/2012 Last Man Standing
58 05x16 03/Apr/2012 Family Traitor!
59 05x17 10/Apr/2012 Millionaire Mayhem
61 05x19 24/Apr/2012 Poachers!
63 05x21 08/May/2012 Ashley's Aftermath
65 05x23 29/May/2012 Cash Money Moron
66 05x24 05/Jun/2012 You're Fired. I Quit!
67 05x25 12/Jun/2012 Kill Em All
68 05x26 19/Jun/2012 Rich vs. Les

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
69 06x01 10/Jul/2012 Rich Returns?
70 06x02 17/Jul/2012 The Shocker
71 06x03 24/Jul/2012 Million Dollar Story
72 06x04 31/Jul/2012 Amy Got Back
73 06x05 07/Aug/2012 Tripped Out Cash
75 06x07 21/Aug/2012 Cold Blooded Robbery
76 06x08 28/Aug/2012 Les' Spending Spree
77 06x09 04/Sep/2012 Burmese or Busted?
78 06x10 11/Sep/2012 Lawyer Up Son
79 06x11 18/Sep/2012 Seth's Big Bet
80 06x12 25/Sep/2012 Oh No He Didn't
81 06x13 02/Oct/2012 Oh Yes He Did
83 06x15 20/Nov/2012 Pay to Play
84 06x16 27/Nov/2012 Shell Game
86 06x18 11/Dec/2012 Vintage Victory
87 06x19 18/Dec/2012 Ashley's Bad Day
92 06x24 22/Jan/2013 Les' Mojo
93 06x25 29/Jan/2013 To Catch a Thief, Part 1
94 06x26 05/Feb/2013 To Catch a Thief, Part 2

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
96 07x02 02/Apr/2013 Short Staffed
98 07x04 16/Apr/2013 Tipped Off
99 07x05 23/Apr/2013 Redeeming Troubles
104 07x10 18/Jun/2013 You Bet Your Butt
105 07x11 25/Jun/2013 Homefront Heat
106 07x12 02/Jul/2013 Strike Out
107 07x13 09/Jul/2013 Les Goes Down
108 07x14 30/Jul/2013 Return of the King
109 07x15 06/Aug/2013 The Trouble with Michael
110 07x16 13/Aug/2013 Seth in Charge
111 07x17 20/Aug/2013 Back in Action
112 07x18 27/Aug/2013 Back to the Hustle
113 07x19 03/Sep/2013 Seth Snaps
114 07x20 10/Sep/2013 Computer Crash
115 07x21 17/Sep/2013 All American Jewelry and Loan
118 07x24 22/Oct/2013 Harold's Gamble
119 07x25 29/Oct/2013 The Outsider
120 07x26 05/Nov/2013 Seth's Secret

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
121 08x01 17/Dec/2013 Seth's Return
123 08x03 31/Dec/2013 Scent of Deception
124 08x04 07/Jan/2014 Growing Pains
125 08x05 14/Jan/2014 Daddy Daughter Dance
126 08x06 21/Jan/2014 Drama Online: Part 1
127 08x07 28/Jan/2014 Drama Online: Part 2
128 08x08 11/Feb/2014 Seth's Soft Side
129 08x09 25/Feb/2014 Seth's Gamble Part 1
130 08x10 11/Mar/2014 Seth's Gamble Part 2
132 08x12 08/Apr/2014 Busted Deal
133 08x13 15/Apr/2014 New Blood
136 08x16 04/Jun/2014 Cousin Competition
137 08x17 11/Jun/2014 Gold vs. Gold
138 08x18 18/Jun/2014 Karen vs. Ashley
139 08x19 25/Jun/2014 Buy Baby Buy
140 08x20 02/Jul/2014 Shakedown!
142 08x22 16/Jul/2014 Inside Job
144 08x24 30/Jul/2014 Ashley in Charge
145 08x25 06/Aug/2014 Karen in the Middle
146 08x26 13/Aug/2014 Million Dollar Deal Part 1

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
150 09x03 21/Jan/2015 The Drag Race
152 09x05 09/Feb/2015 Karen's Big Idea
153 09x06 16/Feb/2015 The Estate Sale
154 09x07 23/Feb/2015 Professor Les
155 09x08 02/Mar/2015 War on the Floor!
157 09x10 16/Mar/2015 Cousin vs. Cousin
158 09x11 23/Mar/2015 Seth's Big Mistake
159 09x12 30/Mar/2015 Three Ring Circus Part 1
160 09x13 06/Apr/2015 Three Ring Circus Part 2

Episode Air Date Episode Name
S01 - #1 21/Dec/2009 Pilot (1)
S01 - #2 21/Dec/2009 Pilot (2)

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