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Wheels Of Justice - Recap

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The scene opens with Yvonne, the woman suing fast food, in Tommy Jefferson’s office. Malcolm is there and they are shooting a movie for the meeting that they are going to have with the big corporations of the fast food industries. He tells her that he is the only one that took her case and he tells that the companies are going to settle and not have bad publicity. They try again and this time she gets in character, but Yvonne forgets her lines. Tommy realizes that it is going to be harder than they thought. Adam and Chunhua are talking and Adam tells that they should get out of town for a while and go on a date. She agrees. Suddenly she is attacked and the man tries to get on top of her. He hits her in the face and as he unbuttons his pants, Fung comes out and chases him away.

Adam rushes to the hospital where Chunhua has been taken to. He tells that he is sorry and that he is there for her. A detective comes up and asks for Chunhua to look at some mug shots. She agrees, despite Adam’s objections, and tells that she wants to get it over with. He returns to Harriet’s and Jenna tells that Adam needs to be by Chunhua’s side. He tells that she wants to be alone. Malcolm comes in and Harriet gives him a hard time about spending time with Tommy. Malcolm tells that she is angry and Jenna agrees. She tells that the lawsuit of theirs makes her angry. At the hospital, Chunhua goes home and Adam tries to have her stay there. Damian comes in and tells that he will find out who do it. The detective tells that they caught the guy and asks her to do a line up. Meanwhile, Tommy and his assistant, Lisa, are getting ready for the meeting. Harriet comes in and tells that she is not angry with Malcolm, but with Tommy. She tells that it is not good to emulate him and Tommy tells that he has won a lot of cases. He tells that he is busy and can’t do this. Her words have hit him hard

Harriet gets back and talks to Jenna. She tells that Tommy is an idiot and Jenna disagrees. Damian comes in and asks if they have him. She tells that they are at the station now. At the station, they have the men walk in and she immediately tells that it is number 2. Fung Lau runs in and tries to attack the man telling him that he is going to kill him. Adam visits Rachel and gets comfort for the how Chunhua is doing. Meanwhile, Tommy gets Yvonne and Malcolm ready to what is going to happen. It is a circus with Spotlights and Malcolm tells that it is ridiculous and Lisa tells that it is a scare tactic. Jenna tells Adam go to Chunhua. Adam talks to her on the phone and the District Attorney wants to see her. They sit down with her and she tells that the assailant has information regarding Ron Gallegar’s murder. They are going to give immunity to the crook who attacked Chunhua. She cries and runs out.

They get back to the office and Adam tells the bad news. Damian comes in and asks for the address. Harriet warns Damian of the consequences, but he doesn’t care. Jenna goes to Chunhua’s and offers soup. She tells that she knows what she is going through because she had the same thing happen with her uncle, but she wasn’t as lucky. She tells that she needs to open up or she is going to have to bring her disgusting soup all the time. Later, Damian comes in and tries to get the address out of Adam. He tells him that he can’t give it to him regardless of the necessity. Yvonne and Malcolm come in to find Tommy with an oxygen mask on. He tells that he is just getting oxygen to the brain. Lisa comes in and tells that they are not coming and that they have filed for a motion of dismissal. Tommy tells that they get to move the show to the courtroom. Harriet tells Malcolm later and tells him that she was not mad at him and tells that his law memo was good. Meanwhile, Damian and his associates go to the apartment of the guy and beat up him bad. Damian leaves him on the floor and walks out.

The next day, Adam gets a call and tells Harriet that the police are looking for Damian because the rapist was found beaten up. Tommy and Lisa are in court with Yvonne and Malcolm and they find out that it is a judge that doesn’t like Tommy’s circus acts. He has to play it calm. Right away the judge is not happy, but Lisa keeps Tommy in line. He produces the facts that fast food is addictive and that there are billions of dollars spent on advertising to little children. The judge listens intently. Tommy tells that it is not unreasonable to ask for a little restitution. Malcolm tells Harriet that Tommy was good. Damian comes in and tells that he had nothing to do with the beat up. In the jail, Damian tells that no one is pointing the finger at him. Adam walks up to the District Attorney and tells him to arraign him or release him. Adam tells that she has nothing and if Damian did it, then good. Adam tells that he has the cards.

In the courtroom, the judge rules in favor of Tommy and Yvonne. The lawyers tell that they want to talk. In the jail cell, Adam tells that Damian’s leash is short. He tells that he was disgusted to hear that he beat up a guy. Malcolm tells that the lawyers paid $800,000. They settle and Malcolm shows that the share is $80,000. Adam comes to Chunhua and has brought over soup. She tells that she is glad that he came. At a restaurant bar, Tommy is meeting with a woman and brags about his success. Harriet comes in and Tommy introduces her to Barbara, his date. Harriet asks if she is paid for and Tommy tells that she is. Harriet tells that she is sorry and tells that her opinion was off base and that Tommy is a terrific attorney. She walks out and smiles at Tommy as he chats with his “friend” Barbara.