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Bangers in the House - Recap

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The scene opens with Harriet walking into her office. Damian comes in and tells that they are going to have to close the Law Office for a couple of days because there is a little gang dispute that is going to result in a shooting. Harriet tells that she doesn’t want that to happen. Damian takes Harriet to another gang member who tells that it is over a girl that made one gang member torch another’s car. Harriet tells that there is not going to be any shootings because she is going to run mediation and fix the situation. She tells that she will be sitting in front of her law firm with her Magnum and if she they are to shoot her, she has so many friends that they will get the one who does it. Malcolm is against it, but Damian thinks that it is a great idea.

Meanwhile, Rachel and Adam meet with Tommy Jefferson and he is telling that he will settle for $626,000 and he tells that Rachel’s client terminated his client’s employment because he was old. He bumps it up to $627,000 because Rachel brought Adam in. She tells that they won’t pay that and Tommy tells that he will see them in court. Adam goes back to Harriet and she tells that he is going to have to work hard. Suddenly a gang member comes in and asks if Harriet is the Jew. Harriet is offended and Malcolm tells that Jew is street for Lawyer. She confirms and another gang member comes in. She tells that she is the Jew. They agree and tell that they will be back tonight. Harriet tells that they are to come without guns and that everyone will be frisked at the door.

At the courtroom, Lisa, Tommy’s assistant, tells Tommy that he is going to be Big Boy Tommy. He tells that he needs to rattle Rachel and Lisa tells that she will flirt with her. Rachel comes up and Lisa tells that she is attracted to her and wanted her to know it. Rachel is confused and walks away. In the courtroom, Tommy talks to Gerald, the employee who was laid off. Gerald tells that he was there for 46 years and he was kicked to the curb. Rachel cross examines and gets Gerald to tell that he gets $35,000 a year off of his retirement and pensions. Tommy tries to interrupt and Rachel tells that she didn’t interrupt him so he shouldn’t interrupt her. Gerald tells that it is not about the money, it is about what he is going to do with his time now. Later that night, the gangs arrive at Harriet’s and Damian pats them down to make sure that they are not carrying any weapons.

They enter and Harriet asks if anyone has any guns before revealing that she has her Magnum. She tries to get to the bottom of what happened and blows an air horn every time they get loud. The gang members stand up when they disagree and it looks like they are going to fight right there. Malcolm calms them down. Back at court, the employer is on the stand and Allen is getting asks questions by Adam. He tells that he picked Gerald because he is the one that could handle the loss of work. Tommy cross examines and Tommy tells that it is not fair that if a man give 46 years of his life and then lose their job. Allen tells that he had to make sacrifice versus the one who is struggling to make their house payment. Back with the mediation, the gang members continue to argue and Harriet tells them to speak English because she does not understand what they are saying. She tells one of the gang members to shut up and Malcolm tells Harriet that she needs to lighten up a little. The two heads of the gangs talk and tell that it is not going to work with her and choose Malcolm to be their mediator.

Harriet gets in her car when a hand covers her mouth. It is a gang member named **. He tells that he wants to get out of the gang and tells that they will kill him if he tries to leave the gang. The next day, Malcolm tells that Harriet cannot get someone out of the gang and he tells that his brother was in a gang. He tells that their trust will be gone. He tells her to only handle the dispute they have now. Jenna welcomes the gang members with Name Tags. Rachel and Adam talk and Adam tells that they should settle and Rachel tells that they can’t do that. Adam tells that they need to frame the question “Why does the man get tenured”. At Harriet’s Law Firm, Malcolm begins the mediation and CK tells that it is about respect and that it is not about the girl anymore. He looks over and sees that his other gang member has the name tag on that Jenna made. He takes it off. CK tells that he wants $4,000 for his car and Duane tells that he was suckered. CK pulls a gun and Harriet pulls hers out too. Both put down their guns and Malcolm makes sure no one else has a gun too. Malcolm calls for a cool down and the head of the gang tells that he better make it work or the blood will be on his hands.

Harriet drives Lewis to the CIRV office and tells that the office is good at this and that there are people who have experience with it. Back at the office, Malcolm asks CK how he met Shonda and he tells that he fell for her at a store and they connected. Malcolm sees that CK liked Shonda more than he is putting on. At trial, it is closing arguments and Tommy brings up how Allen discriminated against the elderly. Rachel gets up and tells that it makes sense that Allen lay off the older person whose house is paid off and tells that old people rule in the governmental positions. She walks by Lisa, who has been winking at her all this time, and licks her lips. Harriet sits down with Malcolm and tells that he needs to rule as a Mediator and tell that his ruling is final. He tells that his brother was shot three times when he tried to get out of the gang. Harriet tells that they have to make the right choice. Harriet tells that he is an awesome kid and tells him not to let her down.

Tommy is out in the hallway and tells that he was bad. Lisa tells that he is not acting like Tommy Big Boy and Tommy tells that Rachel must be a lesbian and that Lisa made her better by flirting with her. At Harriet’s Law Firm, Malcolm makes his decision rule that CK won’t get the money he is asking and Duane won’t bug him over dating his ex-girlfriend. He asks if they are cool and the heads say that they are. Before they leave, Harriet tells that if they are to get out of the gang for any reason, then they can’t kill each other because of it. Otherwise she will hunt down the person who did it. At the trial, the jury rules for Gerald but tells that Allen only has to pay $75. Lisa reassures Tommy that it is still a win. Tommy is not happy. Rachel tells Allen that the jury voted for him to only pay $75 because of the fact that Gerald doesn’t need the money. She thanks Adam for being there and Tommy storms off.

At the office, Jenna tells Harriet the news and that Adam is back to being a “bug” because Tommy only won $75 for his case. Malcolm comes in and tells that there is bad news. Harriet goes to the hospital to find Lewis beaten up really bad. He thanks Harriet for telling the gangs not to kill him and he owes Harriet his life. He tells that he is going to college and going to make a life for himself, but Harriet is still upset that it had to come to what it did. She holds his hand and the episode ends.