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Send In The Clowns - Recap

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The scene opens with Harriet walking into the office and meeting an old friend Marty Slumach. He says that he has a case that he is in the middle of and he needs her help. He tells her that he was suspended from being a lawyer for a bit for tampering with evidence and needs her as his number one in the case. He says that he has invested in the client and that they are dealing with a delicate individual. They meet with the guy and Marty tells that he doesn’t talk. However, Harriet tells that he needs to in order to explain himself. However, the client says that it doesn’t matter because the jury is going to believe the witness over him. He tells that he didn’t rob anyone. A woman walks in and Adam has an immediate attraction. She tells that her anme is Amanda Knox and she needs legal council on a employment matter. She was fired from her job because the owner wants to go back to his wife after she and him had an affair for years and he is going to fire her. It is Jenna that picks up that Amanda is actually a man. Amanda says that she is atomically male. Adam asks if that is the reason why she was fired and Amanda says that she was fired because the owner’s wife wants her gone.

Meanwhile, Marty and Harriet walk up to District Attorney George Cutcheck. Marty asks for a continuance for the fact that Harriet is just walking into the case. He says that he will give him the continuance if Marty steps down. However, Harriet needs him on the defense. George says that he will bring her up to speed. Adam and Amanda go to the club and meet with Amanda’s boss, Mr. Thomas. He asks what has changed and Mr. Thomas says that he wants to get back with his wife and children and that being with Amanda is going to ruin his life. Adam says that there is no reason for Amanda’s performance to warrant termination and says that they want to go to court. Mr. Thomas speaks and says that he has offered a good settlement for her and just wants her to leave and let him repair his family. Harriet and Marty are having lunch back at the office and Harriet doesn’t like the case and that there is no honor in it. Marty tells that they are going to have to trip up the lawyer. Marty asks what happened with them. They used to be together and then it stopped. She tells that he is not noble and he asks if that is why she left him. She tries to apologize, but Marty tells her to concentrate on the case.

Later that night, Harriet tells Malcolm to find the witness that could help her and Marty’s case. Jenna asks if she and Marty were ever a thing and Harriet says that they were. Jenna tells that she is off to the club to see the Man-Woman and tells that Adam is defending her from losing her job. Harriet is not shocked at the bizarre case. Harriet tells Malcolm to find her alibi. At the club, Amanda puts on a show and Adam and Chun Jau feel out of place. However, Jenna is completely at home. At the trial the next day, the witness tells that he was held up by a gun and Harriet’s client was the man. However, Harriet says that he couldn’t describe the robber, but could describe the gun in vivid detail. She reminds the witness that he was in shock and that it is possible that some mistaken identity was in play. However, the witness sticks to his story. Back at the office, Jenna talks to Malcolm and says that Harriet has issues if she ever went out with Marty because he is scum. Jenna says that she herself has issues and always dates men that are not good for her. He looks at her shocked and walks away. At the trial, Marty and Harriet are waiting for their witness and it is a greedy doctor that will tell anything that he is paid for. Marty threaten to beat up the doctor if he doesn’t come through.

Amanda comes into the law firm and says that she doesn’t want to go to court. Adam says that they are just trying to scare Amanda. He says that he will file a complaint to the judge and Jenna tells her that she needs to stand up for herself. She says that she will. Adam goes to file the complaint, but when he gets there, there is already a motion to dismiss the case all together. The judge says that she will allow both parties to say their peace in closed court and then will decide whether or not it is allowed to go further. At the office, Jenna apologizes for her rudeness to Malcolm and says that she wants the thing between them to stay. Malcolm is happy that she wants to be in a relationship with him. Harriet says that she needs the witness as soon as possible. In trial, the doctor takes the stand and tells that “statistically”, a person cannot make a positive ID under shock or stress. Harriet points out that the witness was all of that. George cross-examines and asks how much Marty paid him to tell of his work and then destroys his credibility by telling him that he has testified in Marty’s cases and he says about 50 of them.

Later that evening, Harriet tells that the meeting with the doctor put a sour taste in her mouth and that he strong armed for a confession. He tells that he doesn’t have to be called trash and tells that he is out of there. The next day, Damian and Malcolm bring in the witness and he says that Ronnie, the defendant, is innocent and that he was with him the entire night. However, coupled with their past, he is not a good witness for their case. Marty tells that they best not put him on the stand. Harriet asks Marty if they are good and Marty has forgotten it ever happened. Meanwhile, Adam and Mr. Thomas’s lawyer have a mini-trial with only the judge present. Amanda is on the stand and it turns out that she doesn’t want to leave because she is still in love with Mr. Thomas and not the fact that she can’t get anything else. Adam tells Amanda to take the deal.

At closing arguments, George tells that Ronnie is a criminal and that he was the one who robbed the witness. However, on Harriet’s closing arguments, She tells the jury that they have the chance to write a wrong and do the right justice. She tells that Marty is a hero for having to deal with the problems that people have and he is the only chance that people get to have freedom or prison. She tells that there is no corroborating evidence that pins Ronnie to the robbery. The jury exits for a moment and then come back. They find that Ronnie is not guilty. Harriet is shocked and tells Ronnie that he is free to go. Outside, Marty asks if there is a possibility that they could work together. She turns that down. He asks if they could get back together and she turns that down too. He suggests that they still stay friends and she agrees. At the office, Adam and Chun Jua have dinner and she asks what is going on with Adam because he never talks. He tells that he will start talking to Chun Jua more and offers to take her to watch Amanda’s last night. She agrees. The episode ends with Harriet telling the audience that things get hard, but there is always a possibly to grow.