Last Dance - Recap

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The scene opens with Harriet, Adam, Jenna and Malcolm at a bar and Adam tells that they have to go to the Lawyer’s Gala. Jenna reaches for Malcolm’s hand and he takes it away. Harriet gets a call and says that she has to leave. She goes into a jail cell to find Josh Peyton inside. He is being charged with assault and breaking and entering because he thought that it was his dream house and dream wife as he climbed into bed with her. Harriet is shocked and says that she will represent him. Harriet goes back to the firm and says that she is going to try to get him released. Malcolm comes in and Jenna walks into the storage room. Nancy Jones, a woman who has a son convicted of murder, walks in and says that her son needs a new lawyer. She says that they are sentencing her son to death. Malcolm goes in the storage room and Jenna says that Malcolm is embarrassed around her. Malcolm says that he was self-conscious around Harriet. Jenna says that he will kiss her in front of Harriet.

Adam sits down with Nancy and she says that the statement was chorused because the police kept Brian, her son, in the interrogation room. Adam says that it is complicated and that they are a small office. Nancy says that she needs someone to fight for her son. Adam visits Rachel and says that he needs her. Rachel thinks that Adam is only trying to get back with her. He says that he needs her for this. She agrees and they go to Brian in the jail. Adam says that they filed their second appeal. Brian says that the police convinced him because they told they had witnesses and he started to believe it. Rachel gets a call and tells Adam that the courts denied the appeal. She tells that the time to file has run out. Adam and Rachel go to Kim’s office and Kim compliments Rachel’s hair and she asks if Thomas and her are making babies yet and tells that she heard that she is engaged. Adam is shocked and Kim says that she is sorry. Kim tells that she will yell at the mail clerk, but can’t do anything about the punishment. She says that Brian is not getting convicted for a clerical error. Adam tells that he is taking it to Federal Court.

In the courtroom, Harriet tells that she will be representing Peyton. She says that Peyton had a tough week and that he was having a small nervous breakdown. The judge asks Peyton to tell what happened. Peyton tells that he served his time loyally and that he always gets brought down. He tells that he had to borrow the suit and then starts to strip again and the security escorts him out again. Harriet talks to Peyton and tells that diminished capacity plea is going to be good, but Peyton tells that he is not that and that the system is bad. He tells that he was never a loser. He tells that his life has taken a spiral down. Harriet tells that he can still recover. Peyton tells that he has always wanted to sing. Meanwhile, Adam and Rachel are proof-reading the letter of appeal. He cannot get over the fact that Rachel is engaged and that she didn’t tell him. She tells that she was going to tell him, but wanted to wait for the right moment. As they talk, Adam tells that he can’t take it anymore and says that after this case, they need to be separated from each other as friends for a while.

The next day, Harriet goes into the office and sees that the staff is all sad and mopey. She tells that everyone needs to cheer up. Jenna walks over to Harriet and tells that she is resigning from her position and Harriet tells that she rejects it and tells that her to get back to work. She looks over at Adam and asks what is wrong. He tells that he just has a tough case. Tommy Jefferson comes in and says that he needs a date to the dance and not a hooker. She tells that she is not even going, but Tommy says that he needs her. Meanwhile, Peyton is packing up his things and Kim comes in. She asks if Peyton thinks that Brian Jones is really guilty and he tells that he does. She believes him and says that she wishes that she was there when he stripped in the courtroom. Adam and Rachel meet with Nancy and Brian Jones and she tells that she will be there. In the firm office, Jenna apologizes to Malcolm and says that she challenges and dares the person to leave her. She asks if he thinks that she is crazy. Malcolm says that he isn’t going anywhere. He kisses her and Harriet comes in and tells them to get a room. Jenna says that the woman whose bed Peyton climbed in is coming in. She tells Harriet to pick a dress for the Gala. Malcolm says that their kiss didn’t count because Harriet walked in on them and kisses her again.

Harriet talks to the woman and she says that Peyton climbed into bed. Harriet asks her if she felt like he was going to hurt her or felt that she was in danger. She says that both sides are looking for the compassionate resolution. Rachel and Adam go to court and Rachel tells that their client wasn’t properly informed and that he deserves a new trial. Kim says that the victims’ families need closure and that Brian was the one who killed them. Adam stands up and tells that the reason why they have all they have to make sure that they are not making a mistake. He says that Brian could be innocent and they are ignoring that fact. Later, Rachel tells Adam that he was really good. Kim tells that they make quite the team. Adam asks Rachel if she proposed to Thomas so that she wouldn’t relapse into a relationship with Adam. Harriet and Peyton meet with the new District Attorney and she offers a misdemeanor. Peyton tells that he is going to the Gala and asks if Harriet wants to go with him. She tells that she is going with Tommy Jefferson.

At the Gala, Harriet walks up to Tommy and together they go to Kim and Rachel and Tommy says that Kim looks nice. Meanwhile, Adam is at the firm moping over the fact that he doesn’t have Rachel. He gets a call and is upset even more afterward. At the Gala, Rachel gets the text that the appeal has been denied and Rachel asks Kim what she could do. She tells that she can’t do anything. Peyton gets on the stage and they make jokes. However, Peyton tells that he has always wanted to sing. He sings and it is really good. Rachel goes to Adam at the firm and tells that she did propose to Thomas as a preemptive strike, but she tells that she loves Adam more. Harriet walks in on them kissing and she asks Adam if he and Rachel are back together. He says that he doesn’t know. She offers Adam a beer and they talk about how they have to do what they do and Harriet tells that when they first started off they were nothing. The episode ends with Adam and Harriet talking about Peyton singing and being really good at it too.