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Purple Hearts - Recap

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The scene opens with Harriet and Ollie are in a meeting with their clients – the Cassidys. The wife, Julie, has been accused of murdering their encephalitic baby. While the ADA has a deal – 7 years in prison – the Cassidys (Blake and Julia) are not happy with it. Not even with the 3 years and treatment plan Harry suggests is a fair deal. At the end of the meeting, there is no compromise. Later, Harry, Ollie and Cassie are trying to convince the clients that the case looks unbalanced. After all, the nurse handed them the baby when it was alive. However, Julie took it back with a broken neck. The prosecution is arguing the Cassidys are guilty of mercy killing – since their baby was born challenged. However, Julie and Blake are not game with such an opinion.

Adam arranges for a birthday cake for Harry. A clown arrives with jocular expressions, but Harry is in a robust-like mood – full of self-determination and stiff. While the delivery and the clown’s presence is free, it also comes with a number of trick statements from the clown. Suddenly, the clown loses his presence of mind. And then he is completely different from the way he was when he started. Adam enquires what’s wrong, when the clown claims he is less than okay. And then he leaves. When Harry arrives at the courthouse she wants to talk alone with Julie. So she directs Ollie to take Blake away from them. Harry explains to Julie how the case is set to progress. Unless the tells the truth, there is no way to expect a favorable verdict. Julie understands, however her husband barges in to change her mind. Later, Harry deduces that Julie is afraid to tell the truth because she is apprehending her husband’s reaction.

When Blake holds Julie’s hand, he tells her that she will be forgiven – whether it is God’s forgiveness, or Blake’s that she is seeking. However, Julie denies having done anything to ask for it. Delivery nurse Eileen testifies in court. She lets on how after she and the doctor handed the baby to Julie, it turned out 10 minutes later, the baby was turning blue on the skin. Before long, she could understand that Julie knew the baby was already dead. When Harry cross-examines, she asks Eileen about the condition of the baby when it was born. The nurse testifies it was encephalitic. While it showed no cognitive senses, it could neither swallow anything, nor blink. It did not even cry. Harry goes on to ask if Eileen heard of doctors suffocating such babies in the past. Does she think Julie did a similar thing? When the nurse has to response, Harry asks if Eileen thinks Julie’s baby dying was a tragic thing. Eileen responds probably it wasn’t.

Later, Ollie and Cassie are giving Harry grief over what happened in court. Wasn’t Harry supposed to build doubt? Wasn’t she supposed to lead the jury to believe the death was an accident, and not anything like a mercy killing? Harry explains they first need to get the jury to see that the death was not a tragic incident. Ollie and Harry go to the clown’s apartment to check on him. He is less than okay. And he lets on the tragedy that has led to his present condition. He is a war veteran from Afghanistan. There, his convoy was blown up when it went over an IED. He survived, but was held up against the vehicle. Since then, he has lost ability to focus on whatever he is doing. Besides, inspite of being a serious candidate for Purple Heart, he has received little recognition. He wants the country to be proud of him, but there seems to be no hope even after he applied for the second time. Later, Harry tells Adam that they should fight it out for a Purple Heart for him.

Next day in court, the DA puts the baby’s autopsy doctor in the witness box. He testifies the baby’s neck was broken in such a way, that it could never have been an accident. Harry asks if the doctor has ever been wrong with his opinions. He has. Harry says she can get six pathologists to testify that the baby’s death was an accident. However, it doesn’t take long for the fact that Harry’s been bluffing to surface in the face of the court.

Harry decides to put Julie on the stand. Harry has to prove either the death was an accident, or that Julie was in a mental state that did not allow her to behave normally. However, Julie says she did not do anything to kill the baby. However, Harry has to use this approach, and nothing else. So Julie will do best by speaking the truth in court. Later, when Tommy approaches Adam for veteran Dave’s medal, Adam is skeptical. Besides, Dave has no money to fight a case. While Christmas time prevails, Tommy lets on he is willing to take up the case for free.

When Harry puts Julie on the stand, she says she must have been asleep with her baby in her arms. However, she did not do anything to break his neck. Harry points out that a witness who saw Julie with her dead son, said she had no emotion or expression. Julie tells the court she did know what to feel. She felt sad, but she does not believe her baby’s death came upon him as a blessing or that she could have done something to kill him. Tommy, Adam and Chunhua, are brainstorming for Dave’s medal, when Chunhua digs up information that a military officer can expedite a medal case for revision. After that, Tommy seeks a meeting with the wife of the man who led Dave’s team.

At court, when the DA cross-examines Julie, he argues that the encephalitic baby was a burden for Julie. Her life would have been extremely hard – especially with insurance problems, and the fact that she would have had to put in 24/7 attention for her baby. Besides, Julie had sought euthanasia when she consulted the doctor. The DA goes on to say that there was every reason for Julie to be involved in a mercy killing. Harry, Cassie and Ollie discuss how they should go about with the case. They take it that their best chance is pleading for a three year imprisonment. The only other option available is 20 years in prison. However, Blake agrees that the three-year deal is the best at hand.

That may be the right thing to do, but Julie cannot come to terms with pleading guilty. The team decides to put the nurse in the witness box. May be Julie is actually innocent. When Tommy, Dave and Adam get to the captain’s wife, she can get in touch with her husband over an internet video chat session. Tommy jumps to explaining the situation at hand. Before long, the captain agrees to change paper work, especially with the possibility of Dave winning a Purple Heart. However, such paper work takes time, especially because it goes through the higher echelons of military, and indubitably takes time. When Adam gets to a senator with plea for Dave’s medal, Adam explains how Dave’s captain is recommending him for the award. However, the senator only needs to sanction a form. The Senator gets on the job willingly.

At court, Harry puts the nurse on the stand, and asks her about the morphine dosage. She testifies positive on that. However, she lets on that morphine is not used for encephalitic babies. They are usually kept off food, and allowed to starve till they die. Aghast, Harry points out that twisting a baby’s neck is way more humane, especially if it is done by a medical professional. So did the nurse kill the baby. The only answer she has is that she wants a lawyer. The court sounds a gasping sigh. Before long, Julie and her lawyers are sunk in emotion. Tommy and Adam bring the good news to Dave. He will be awarded the medal in less than half a year. Tommy lets on how his father was awarded Purple Heart only posthumously. And then he pins his father’s medal on Dave. The episode ends.