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Les Horribles - Recap

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The episode begins with Harry telling Fred that he cannot expel a seven year old for making faces. Fred tells her that it is for the well being of all the students. Just then the student, Natalie, arrives with her parents and the lawyer. Harry is representing the school. Meanwhile, Maggie, an old friend of Adam’s, arrives to meet him. She needs some lawyer help. Next, Mrs. Drake, Natalie’s mother tells Harry and Fred, the Principal, that it is unfair that Natalie has to be removed from the school and that she is not going to agree to it. Harry tells her that the school system is for the masses and that they cannot tailor- make their program for just one child. Natalie’s mother tells her that Natalie just has a mild disability.

Just then Natalie throws up her eyeballs and her face gets contorted and she makes strange noises. This is her disorder called the “conversion disorder” or hysteria. Natalie’s lawyer tells Harry that they need to work this out and Harry thinks that it is obvious that the other kids would freak out on seeing Natalie. But if this goes to court, Natalie will be traumatized. Next, Tommy tells Oliver that he is one of the nominees for ‘The trial lawyer’ of the Year. He wants to Oliver’s opinion about it and Oliver thinks that the chances are-Zilch. Meanwhile, Maggie tells Adam that she is being charged for prostitution and drugs and that she was told that the judgment would be lenient. But now the prosecution tells her that she needs to do three years and she tells Adam that she cannot do three years. But Adam sees another trouble; the prosecution lawyer is Cruickshank and Adam tells Maggie that he is sort of a morality police.

Next, Harry meets Zach and Zach tells her that his sister still talks to him. He tells her that just because he dreams about deceased family members, doesn’t mean he is crazy. It is the same message and Zach tells her that he is convinced that his older sister was murdered by her husband as he never loved her. Zach tells Harry that his sister was about to leave her husband and then five days later, she gets killed in a car accident and then the husband inherits her house and her insurance. He believes that the accident was staged. Harry tells her that it wasn’t staged and tells him that he is obsessing again and enquires if he is taking his medications on time. He has a delusional disorder.

Next, Maggie and Adam meet Cruickshank for reducing the sentence; but he is adamant and tells them that three years is the best that he can do. Next, Harry meets Mr. Bagley, Zach’s brother in law and she tells her team that she doesn’t trust this guy. Harry tells Oliver to dig around a little and check if there was proper investigation on this case. Moreover, she also wants to him to get the insurance files. Adam asks harry if she nominated Tommy for the trial lawyer of the year; and she tells Adam that Tommy had begged her to do so. Oliver tells Harry that Zach’s sister’s accident was barely investigated. He says that the accident scene had no skid marks and it is unusual. And that’s not it; the other driver who was involved in the accident, suddenly had his bank account grow after the accident and it appears that he graduated from the same college as Mr. Bagley.

Oliver tells Harry that Zach’s sister was cremated, and Harry tells him that she wants her body exhumed. Next, in the courtroom, the Judge rules against Maggie and he sentences her for three years. Maggie wants Adam to meet one of her friends, Nina. She works in an escort service and she tells Adam that the “morality police” Cruickshank is one of their clients. He is called the Gerber boy as he makes this baby sounds during the act. He also likes dressing in woman’s clothing and he likes to have sex on the rough side. She has photographs and films that would support her statement. Adam is shocked. Tommy tells Adam to uses this against Cruickshank to free Maggie, else threaten to expose him. Adam tells him that it is extortion and illegal. Next, Harry meets Roseanna Remmick. She is a public prosecutor and Harry wants her to issue a warrant for this case. She also tells her that she wants Zach’s sister’s body exhumed. Initially she doesn’t budge and react to Harry’s statements but later on she takes a look at the file.

She agrees and Zach’s sister’s body is dug out. Next, Harry is in the court for the Natalie case. Harry was going nowhere with the case as even the Judge feels that expelling the child is wrong. Harry was moving southwards wither arguments and Cassie interrupts. During the recess Cassie tells her that the Judge needs to see what Natalie’s condition is for him to rule for them. Cassie reminds her that Natalie had rolled her eye balls back into her head during the argument Harry had with Mrs. Drake. Natalie needs to witness something like that, so that the episode can convince the Judge. Just then Roseanna tells Harry that Zach’s sister did die of a head trauma and it is possible that it is not due to the accident.

Harry asks her to get a warrant and she agrees. Roseanna wants Harry and her office to come for the Trial Lawyer of the year award as she is getting it and she has no friends to accompany her. She doesn’t want to be sitting alone on the big table. Harry agrees. But Harry does not agree to Cassie suggestion of getting Natalie to roll her eyeballs to the back of her skull. Roseanna keeps her word and gets a warrant to arrest Bagley. Harry tells Adam and Cassie that Bagley’s phone records and computer were a treasure trove of evidence that definitely could incriminate him. Meanwhile, Roseanna talks to Bagley’s accomplice and well guess she does manage to have an effect on him. She tells the cops that he will talk. Next, in the courtroom Harry gets into an argument with Mrs. Drake and Natalie is stressed.

She has an episode and the entire courtroom witnesses it. Meanwhile, Adam meets Cruickshank and tries to convince him once again. But the DA doesn’t budge. Adam then shows Cruickshank his pictures with the escorts and also tells him that he has the films as well. Adam now wants all the charges against Maggie to be dropped. Cruickshank tells him that he has done a huge mistake; but Adam tells him that at least his wasn’t caught on tape!! Next, Harry meets Roseanna at a bar and thanks her for her help. Roseanna tells her that she wants Harry to be present at the awards with her team. Harry realizes that Roseanna has no close friends or family.

Maggie is set free and Adam asks her if she could join him for the award function. In the courtroom, the Judge rules in Harry’s favor and Natalie needs to be expelled from the school. Harry doesn’t seem happy about her victory. Meanwhile, Roseanna manages to get Bagley’s accomplice to talk and Zach watches the news on the television that Bagley and his accomplice have been arrested and charged for his sister’s murder. Zach thanks Harry. At the award function, Roseanna is declared as the Trial Lawyer of the Year. Tommy is upset and Roseanna receives her award. She is on the stage. The episode ends at this point.