Breaking Points - Recap

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The episode begins with Adam arriving to meet Phoebe as she had called him for some help with a case. He sees a familiar face in Phoebe’s office. She is from a reality show and her husband took his life. Now, the husband’s family has sued her and the trials are about to start. Adam is surprised that Phoebe has been hired for such a high profile case. She tells him that the client has another lawyer and that he wants her to settle. Phoebe is meeting him for lunch and wants Adam to join her as she thinks that she might need help if she is taking over this case. Next, as harry is entering the office, a girl runs up to her and tells her that she needs a lawyer as the police is after her as she ran away from the jury she was serving on.

She tells Harry that she could not stand the deliberations anymore as it had already stretched over two months. She did inform the judge, but it turned out that she had to stick around and she ran away few days ago. Tommy walks in declaring that the girl is all over the news as the runaway juror. Harry suggests that she should turn herself in. next, Cassie and Oliver are making out and Harry calls. Cassie accidentally turns on her ipad. Harry tells Cassie to do some research on criminal implications for running away from a jury. Next, Tina, Phoebe’s new client meets her other lawyer with Phoebe and Adam. It seems that this lawyer wants her to settle and Tina doesn’t want to admit that her husband killed himself because of her.

And that is why she wants Phoebe to replace him. Next, in the court, Judge Lester Babock tells Harry that the case was more than just a murder trial. The Judge is upset as it was an emotional trial, very stressful and also expensive. Moreover they had invested over six months on that case and now thanks to the runaway juror, they have to start all over again. The judge wants the juror in jail. Harry tells him that she will want a contempt trial. The Judge agrees. Next, Adam and Phoebe go for a drink. Adam tells her that this case will bring too much media attention and that it is a very difficult one. But he agrees to back her up on the case. Next, in the courtroom, Tina’s sister-in-law tells the court that Tina had forced her brother, Eliot, to go into that show, as it isn’t like him to participate in a reality show.

Later he became the object of public ridicule as Tina belittled him and humiliated him on national television. Eliot couldn’t take it anymore and killed himself. Next, it was phoebe’s turn. It turns out that Eliot had some psychological deficits and asked his sister as to why didn’t the family stop him from going on the show. The sister simply says that they should have. Next, Tommy and Harry are talking to Adam about the new case and how he got it. Harry warns him against taking up this case. Tommy is interested but he is on trial with Harry. Next, Tina is watching some shots from the reality show which makes her look bad than she is. But she tells the duo that the camera would stop rolling when they were nice to each other; the crew shot only the fights.

Next, it is Harry’s case in the court. The runaway juror, Briana, tells the court that she was completely cut off from the outside world and it took a toll on her. She says that out 12, 10 votes were for guilty and two for not guilty; and she was for not guilty. She couldn’t handle the pressure by the other jurors. But then one of the jurors told her that no one is going to hurt her and that got to her. She was then taken to the Judge’s chamber, where he told her that how much time and money had gone into this and that it would be a shame to go home without a verdict. She saw that the Judge cared more about the trial than her life and then she ran. Next, Tina is in the box and she tells the court that Eliot had never expressed dislike about going on the show as they needed the money. She says that on the show they do embellish an exaggeration; else they would get cut from the cast.

She also tells the court that after the first season, Eliot told her that they should think about leaving. It was Choy’s turn, the prosecutor. He plays a scene where Tina kissed another guy. She tells them that she was drunk. Choy says that the show gave her alcohol and it was enough to bring the inner her out. Alternating with this case is Harry’s case, where one of the jurors says that they were furious with Briana, as they all wanted to go home and she was holding them out. Mrs. Flick also adds that Briana was punishing all of them as they thought that she complained a lot and had mentioned this to her. Next, its Briana’s doctor on the stand. He tells the court that she is prone to anxiety and has bouts of depression.

He also says that she had developed a condition which is caused due to isolation. He tells the court that she was a mess after she got into the jury. The prosecutor presents a strong argument supporting the victims of the case and the doctor has nothing to say. In Tina’s case, Adam is questioning Randy Hessly, the producer of the show. Adam shows the court the original clip and then the edited clip and points out the way it was wrongly presented on television. Hessly says that the characters are who they are with a nudge from them. He says that Eliot was on the show as Tina wanted him to be. Next, Harry presents her final statement. And the prosecutor does a good job as well.

The Judge tells the court that Briana had a civic duty which she didn’t stick to. He also accepts the flaws in the jury system, but that doesn’t mean that Briana should have run away. He is holding her in contempt and also files charges for obstruction of justice. Harry tells Briana that she should stay quiet until the judge’s wrath cools down. And for the obstruction of justice charges, they will find a way out. Meanwhile, we see Choy and Adam presenting their final closing statements in front of the jury. The jury has the verdict and it is in Tina’s favor. But she has to pay damages worth 120,000 dollars. And she is free of all charges. Next, the verdict is all over the news. It did gain a lot of attention and people are not happy. Phoebe congratulates Adam for doing a good job and once again asks him to reconsider her offer.

But Adam tells her that he is not leaving his current job. Instead he tells her to come join Harry. Well, Harry and Tommy are having a drink in the same pub as Adam and Phoebe; and Harry tells Tommy that if given a little more time, Adam will try to kiss Phoebe. Harry then suggests that Tommy should join with her and that their firms should merge. On hearing this, Tommy gets emotional and Harry goes to get another drink. The episode ends.