Class War - Recap

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The episode begins with three guys forcing their way into the office. They meet Harry. Harry knows the guys. Ck tells Harry Dante is going to step up for Malcolm as Malcolm is in jail. Harry is unaware of any of this and is shocked to hear the news. Next, Harry goes to meet Malcolm in jail. Malcolm is arrested for breaking into a city counsel man’s office in the middle of the night. Malcolm tells Harry that he was investigating something. Meanwhile, Phoebe and Adam are in a tea shop, where Adam meets Tony; the owner. Once again Phoebe needs Adam to help her with Tony’s case. Tony tells Adam that a long time back, when he was in England, he was an art thief. But he tells Adam that one of his steals was a Rembrandt.

He says that he was only 17 at that time and he didn’t know it was a Rembrandt. Now, three weeks ago, the piece was found out and the investigation led the cops to him. The cops want to extradite him back to England. And he wants Adam to stop the extradition. Next, at the office, we see that Malcolm is released. Harry wants to know what is going on. Malcolm reminds her of a guy named Little D. He tells her that he is up for death penalty. Harry was supposed to handle the case but she put him up with an expert lawyer; but didn’t work much and he ended up getting a death sentence. Now, Malcolm feels that Little D is innocent and that he shot the man in self defense. He knows that the cop was dirty and he had some real estate dealings with the counsel man. He says that he was snooping around in the office for proof.

They go and meet Little D in prison. Little D tells them that it was some kind of an insurance scam and he was dealing only with the cop. The cop hired him to torch his building and the cop also had some dealing with some counsel man named Beacon. Anyway, after Little D torched the building, the next day he went to meet the cop to collect his payment. But the cop tried to kill him and that’s when Little D shot him. Malcolm was trying to connect Beacon to the cop. Meanwhile, Adam tells Tony that there is a chance that he could stop the extradition. Tommy tells Harry that this case has no hope. But Harry doesn’t want to back out. Harry tells Malcolm that she helped him start a new life, after he got busted for drugs. She wants him to stay on the side lines on this case and attend his classes.

She will do what has to be done; but the chances of a retrial are extremely thin as Little D is a cop killer and he burnt down a building. Oliver and Cassie find out more about the building. Oliver tells them that the building had no insurance. Moreover the land was given to the developer so that they build a building and improve the neighborhood. Now, it is the developer, Du Bois and Grace, who got rich in all this. They also find out about an official relationship between Beacon and the developer. Next, in the courtroom, Lindsay Palmeroy is the prosecutor for Tony’s case. Phoebe has arranged for few witnesses who could testify about their relationship with Tony, which could prove that Tony is a nice man and that his past has no influence on his present. The Judge allows these people to testify; but the hearing is scheduled for the next morning.

Meanwhile, Harry is talking to Beacon. She presents the gist of the case and asks him to consult his lawyer. She makes it very clear that she believes that her client is innocent. Beacon appears a little rattled. Meanwhile, the people from the neighborhood tell Adam that Tony and his tea shop means a lot to them and that means a lot to them. Adam is confused about this next step. Next, Little D is on the stand. He tells the court that Detective Elroy had asked him to meet some guy at the warehouse and collect his payment. But when Little D arrived at the warehouse, he met Elroy there. Elroy tricked him and then fired a shot at him. Little D got hit on the shoulder and then he fired at Elroy; and Elroy was killed. The prosecution does not buy the story and asks him as to why he didn’t tell this story on his trial.

The prosecution doesn’t want a retrial on this case. Meanwhile, Phoebe tells Adam that he has to present a nice case with all the nice things that witnesses have to say about Tony. Adam cant see the sense in all this; but Phoebe insists. Next, beacon arrives at the office and is ready to tell them what he knows. He tells the court that the real estate firm paid him money for his consultation. Initially it was official and then it was off the records. He says that he met detective Elroy, who used to arrange for vacant buildings to be torched. Beacon admits that he paid Elroy for this job. He says that he paid Elroy forty grand but he had no idea as to how Elroy was planning to get the job done or who he was going to use. The prosecution cross examines beacon and points out that there was no one who could testify or confirm that Elroy fired the first shot. Next, we see that despite having no time to build his case, Adam does an excellent job in defending Tony.

Meanwhile, in Little D’s case, the prosecution points out to the court that there is no new evidence that is presented to the court and hence a retrial cannot be granted. But Harry tells the court that it is proven that Elroy was corrupt and this is a new development. But the Judge denies a retrial as this new evidence seems to be dug out only for the retrial. The Judge says that this should have been brought up during the first trial itself. Little D is taken back into custody. Harry apologizes to him saying that she should have been with him since the beginning. The prosecutor feels bad for Little D and tells Harry that she is ready to investigate further about the arson conspiracy. She wants Harry to help her and maybe they could try commuting his death sentence. Harry agrees. She tells Malcolm that Little D is not dead yet and that there is hope. Meanwhile, Adam is tired of waiting for the verdict. Actually he is nervous. Just then the Judge walks out and enters the elevator. Adam stops the elevator and asks the judge about the verdict.

The Judge calls him in tomorrow. But Adam is too anxious and requests the Judge to tell him his answer. The Judge tells Adam that he won. Next, Harry is at a bar with Malcolm and she tells Malcolm that she wants him to lead a life that she has planned for him. Malcolm tells her that he will definitely try to. Meanwhile, at the tea shop, Tony thanks all the people and especially Adam for helping him keep his new life. Later, Adam tells Phoebe that he wants to resume working for his firm as he did invest a lot of time in Phoebe’s cases and that he isn’t able to give his firm enough time. Phoebe admits to him that she likes him and wants him to be with her. She kisses Adam goodnight. The episode ends.