The Whole Truth - Recap

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The episode begins with two guys meeting with a terrible accident. Cassie’s friend, Ethan gives her a call and she is on her way to meet him. Next, Adam wakes up Harry early in the morning. He tells her that the jury for a particular case is going to arrive at eight in the morning. Meanwhile, Cassie arrives at the accident spot. Her friends Ethan and Jared are the guys who met with the accident earlier. Next, Harry is talking to her client, Colin Danes. He is being charged with rape and murder of a twenty year old woman, Sarah Trassino. She tells the Danes family that when a woman is murdered, prosecution wants someone to blame. Meanwhile, Cassie arrives at the hospital to meet Ethan and his brother Jared. Jared is undergoing surgery.

But he tells her that things are looking okay now, as the accident was terrible. Just then the doctor arrives and tells Ethan that his brother is suffering from intra-operative blood loss and hence they would have to do a blood transfusion. But there is a major depletion in supply as there has been a train wreck and there are a lot of causalities. Since Jared’s blood type id O-ve, it is the first to go in these situations. Also, the source that they could get the blood from, will take three hours and his brother might to be able to hold on until then. Ethan is ready to give his blood but the doctor tells him that he has to be tested first. Ethan tells him that he has been tested for STDs three weeks ago and he is clean. The doctor reluctantly agrees. But he asks Ethan the reason for the test. Ethan tells him that he is gay and so he does the tests regularly. The doctor tells him that it is illegal for him to donate blood, as he is gay!! In the courtroom, the jury reads out the verdict and they find Colin Danes not guilty.

The Danes are happy but the Trassinos break down and Sarah’s brother Lucas declares that Colin is a rapist and a murderer. Despite the Judge’s orders he doesn’t settle. Lucas draws out a gun and points at the Judge. The father Arthur has his gun pointed at the chief detective of the case. The Judge orders the cops to drop their weapons. Harry and the rest present in the courtroom who are the actual participants in the case are held hostage and the rest are allowed to go. Harry’s team is worried for her as they watch about this in the news. Lucas asks for a retrial and this time he wants the jury to hear all the evidence. Harry is asked to make her opening statement and she asks him if she could go and get it from her office. Lucas is angry and asks her what is it that she finds the most amusing about the situation.

Harry says that what happened to his sister is tragic, what is about to happen to him as a result of all this, is tragic, but he enlisting his father in all this and he having to lose both his children is simply appalling. Next, Oliver, Cassie and Ethan talk to the hospital attorney. Mark tells them that it is a federal law that homosexuals aren’t allowed to donate blood. Cassie is ready to sign waivers but Mark tells her that the only person who is allowed to sign the waiver is unconscious and that even that wouldn’t matter as the Federal law prohibits homosexuals from donating blood. Ethan is pissed as his brother’s life is in jeopardy. The doctor arrives and tells them that it will take the source two more hours to get the blood to them.

Mark tells them that they could get a court order if they want to; and Oliver at once leaves with Ethan. Meanwhile, in the courtroom, the detective is on the stand and Lucas is acting as the prosecuting attorney. Lucas asks the detective whether he had told the “whole truth” before. The detective tells him that he has told the truth that he was legally allowed to. He tells the room that he was only allowed to talk about this particular case and not allowed to discuss aspects about the defendant’s past. But now he is forced to. The detective tells the room that Colin Danes has committed rape before and since the defense council argued that one crime committed in the past need not form a pattern. He also educates the court that Colin had confessed to killing Sarah during the initial interrogation.

Colin had said that he did not mean to kill Sarah and was only trying to keep her quiet. He said that he was sorry. The jury gasps on hearing this. Lucas tells Harry that he is her witness now. Harry is ready with her cross-examination. She asks the detective whether he investigated the prior rape case. He says a no; but as a part of investigation on this case he knows everything about that case. He tells them that the DA felt that the victim had some credibility issues and hence it was dismissed. Coming to this case, Harry asks him about the interrogation. He tells her that the interrogation lasted for fourteen hours and Harry says that the defendant was awake for thirty consecutive hours. The previous judgment said that the statement was coerced and hence wasn’t valid.

Moreover, only the initial six hours of the interrogation has been recorded. Harry says that if he couldn’t get it the easy way, he got it the hard way. The detective also hadn’t questioned or interrogated any other suspects in this case; as he believed that Colin had committed the crime and the detective hadn’t performed a through investigation. On the other hand, Oliver is debating the primordial nature of this law. Mark defends the basis of the law. The judge gives both the parties fifteen minutes to prepare their statements and the only person who is allowed to interrupt them is him. Next, Harry makes a bold decision; she puts Colin on the stand. Lucas swears him in. He denies the earlier rape charge. Coming to Sarah, he tells the room that he had met Sarah before she was murdered and that there was a fight, as Colin wanted Sarah to take him back.

They had broken up a month before. He says that Sarah’s father was disturbed by the company she was keeping. He was troubled by her promiscuity. Further, he tells the room that during the interrogation, he had been awake for 30 hours and he was kept awake on coffee and wasn’t allowed to use the bathroom. By the end he felt delirious and at some point they convinced him that he had committed the crime. But he did not. Meanwhile, Mark and Oliver present their cases in front of the Judge. But Ethan loses his patience and states the atrocities of the law and society endured by the homosexuals. He feels helpless when he has got the only chance to save his dying brother and pleads that the law be changed. Next, Harry and Lucas present their closing statements.

Meanwhile, Ethan, Oliver and Cassie are waiting for the judgment. The Judge walks in with the order and tells Ethan to go save his brother. They rush to the hospital and Ethan is taken in for the transfusion. In the courtroom, the jury is ready with the verdict; again. The jury finds the defendant not guilty. Trassino is enraged and points his gun towards Harry. Lucas asks his father to put down the gun. Trassino turns the gun at himself. Lucas shoots him on his leg to prevent his father from shooting himself. Hearing the shots, the SWAT team enters and subjugates the father and son. Oliver receives the news while the two are still at the hospital. Ethan comes out and tells them that Jared is stabilized and will recover.

He thanks both of them for all the help and support they offered him through this trying period. Next, at the bar, Harry holds the hands of her friends, expressing her appreciation for all the support she received from them through the day. The episode ends.