Onward And Upward - Recap

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The episode begins with Harry and Tommy walking into a morgue. They meet Dr. Peck who informs Harry about her ex-husband’s death and asks her to identify his body. ‘It is him’-Arthur Korn. The doctor tells her that his body was found after three days of his death. He was at a rundown motel and died of an attack due to exertion. Meanwhile, a man comes to Adam and tells him that he wants Adam to fight a case for him as the opposite party had hired Adam’s girlfriend, Phoebe to represent them. He says that he was fired as he used to constantly pop out his denture while talking. Next, Harry and Tommy meet Pelman, who tells them that he is unable to get a job as he ‘is a person of interest for a murder’.

It is the death of his ex-wife. He tells Harry that he has done everything that he could to clear his name from it, but somehow he is still not being accepted and is finding it really difficult to get a job now. At the office, Harry does not want to talk about her dead husband. Oliver introduces Cassie to Jodie Sullivan, a future lawyer. She wasn’t able to go to law school because she was turned down as she is a white. Oliver wants Cassie to be a part of the case and Cassie is furious. Next, Harry and Tommy go to meet Roseanna and her associate. Harry tells the DA that either they have to clear Pelman’s name off his wife’s death or else he should be arrested and given his day in the court. Keeping a murder hanging on him is unfair. Roseanna tells Harry that she is sorry to hear about her ex-husband and if Harry wants someone to talk to, she would always be there.

Next, Phoebe comes to meet Adam and finds it funny that Adam has taken up the case. Adam says that the guy is in accounting and stays tucked behind a table. There is no reason that he needs to be fired for having dentures. Just because people don’t like looking at him doesn’t mean that he’s got to lose his job. Next, Oliver meets a furious Cassie and tells her that most of the States got rid of affirmative action and that it is unfair that the student is denied admission because of her color. Cassie says that it is very difficult for people of color and the affirmative action has helped maintaining the equality. Oliver still does not support the purpose and says that admissions need to be allowed purely on merit and this law should be abolished. He wonders why Cassie is getting upset as she is not even black.

She loses her calm and asks him to get out of her office. Meanwhile, Pelman comes to meet Harry. Harry tells him that ‘this person of interest thing’ can be tackled by suing the DA but then that could complicate the matter and make it worse. The man tells Harry that his house was taken away by the bank as they recalled the loan as he wasn’t able to get a job and they did so before he could start defaulting on his payments. After hearing this, Harry asks him to prepare to go to court the next day. Harry and the DA appear in front of the Judge. The DA is furious that Harry has sued him personally. The Judge agrees to take this matter to court. Meanwhile, Oliver apologizes to Cassie and tells her that he did not mean to be personal. But Cassie tells him that for all the colored people the ‘affirmative action’ is personal.

Next, Harry receives a call telling her that no one is claiming Arthur’s body and so they are going to cremate him. Harry doesn’t want to be involved with any of this but Tommy insists. Harry tells the funeral manager that Arthur was a Jew and hence he should be buried. The funeral manager then discusses the charges of the funeral and the coffin with Harry. She is shocked to hear the rates. She returns to her office. She is totally upset that the funeral can get so expensive. Adam tells her that if Arthur managed to get Harry’s love then he also deserves a decent funeral. He wants to know more about Arthur. Harry tells Adam that Arthur was a hell of a party. She was his secretary and they fell in love and got married. He was a drunk, a gambler and a womanizer. But he sure was a hell of a party. Harry gets emotional. Meanwhile, Oliver prepares Jodie to face the Judge in court.

Next, Harry tells the Judge that the DA is absolutely unfair by declaring her client as a person of interest and this has totally destroyed his life. She tells the Judge that they need to arrive at a decision as it is that man’s and his family’s life at stake. Meanwhile, Phoebe talks to Adam’s client. She asks him to demonstrate as to what he does with his denture while at work. As the client demonstrates, Adam cannot contain his laughter. He tells Phoebe that he wants to settle and wants her to make him an offer. She kisses him. Chunhua sees this. Next, Oliver presents his argument against affirmative action in the court. But the Judge adjourns the plaintiff’s motion. Next, Chunhua tells Harry that she has decided to resign. Harry tells her that she should not let Adam and Phoebe’s relationships affect her.

Harry rejects her resignation. Next, the team is at a bar. It is the office party. The Judge who ruled against Oliver and Jodie is there too. The firemen want Harry to ask a few people to leave as the number of guests has exceeded the limit. Harry asks Cassie to deal with the situation. The party is on and the Judge has come in with a ruling. Harry finds it unbelievable. Tommy tells Harry to enjoy as it is her party and he goes to check on the ruling. Sam is drunk and tries to hit on harry; but she denies the proposition. The Judge tells Pelman that he is going to let a deformation claim against the DA stand and allows the case to go on. Pelman is happy that at least it is a start for him. At the party, phoebe tells Adam that his office is a little crazy. Malcolm arrives at the party. Harry goes up on the stage and thanks everyone for making the party a success.

She sings a song for an old friend, her ex-husband Arthur. Everyone in the room gets emotional. As the song continues, we see that Harry visits Arthur’s grave and places a rose on it. Just then her entire team arrives. She tells them that they didn’t know him. But they tell her that they know her and they love her. Malcolm is there too. But Harry is pleasantly surprised to see her old friend, Roseanna, who has come to offer Harry an emotional support. Harry tells them that they are one hell of a group. They all leave together and Harry glances back at her ex-husband one last time. The episode ends.