Pilot - Recap

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The episode begins with Zoe giving her introduction to the audience. The scene then flashes back to her graduation day of medical school. It is then shown that a doctor named Harley Wilkes approaches her at the ceremony and tells her that he is from Bluebell Alabama. He then tells her that the place where he is from is a great place for a young doctor like her “to hone her craft”. She though turns his offer down, saying she hopes to become a cardiac surgeon just like her father. She then elaborates how she and her boyfriend were going to do their residency in New York. Things though didn’t turn out as planned, as she was dumped by her boyfriend and also did not get the residency.

In the end she is shown calling Dr. Wilkes and accepting his offer, as she has no other option but to work as a GP for a year before she can try for a residency once again. Later the bus drops her near Bluebell she is then given a ride to town, by a guy named George Tucker who is an attorney. She then enters Harley’s clinic and is shocked to receive that he has passed away. She is then informed that Harley left her his practice. Later she is informed that Harley technically left her only half a practice as the other half, is run by a doctor named Brick Breeland. Zoe elaborates that she will be around only for a year, and Brick can later take over the complete practice once she has left. Zoe though is informed that Brick wouldn’t be too happy to know that he has to share the practice with someone.

She is then introduced to Lemon, who is Brick’s daughter. Lemon warns Zoe that Brick already knows she is here, and warns her that she should be gone before Brick returns from a hunting trip that he is on, as he can be “quite imposing”. Zoe isn’t too happy to hear this and basically tells off Lemon, clarifying that she isn’t scared of anyone. Zoe later sees patients in her half of the practice. Later she takes her luggage and proceeds to live with the town’s mayor, named Lavon Hayes. Turns out, Lavon was a celebrated football player and Zoe is visibly excited to meet him. Lavon then shows Zoe to her quarters. Later Lavon tells Zoe how he was tired of playing football, and hence he retired.

He then came back to his home town Bluebell and ran for the mayor, as he was quite popular in town, he consequently won. Zoe is then shown to her quarters, which she doesn’t seem too happy about, as it’s a bit too rustic for her taste. Later the power goes out and Zoe knocks on the door of a guy named Wade who is the caretaker of the property. Wade though doesn’t answer the door, so she goes in and finds Wade jamming with a group of girls. Wade then proceeds to flirt with Zoe. Zoe though isn’t impressed and storms out. Then on her way back she is petrified on seeing an alligator in her path. Just then George comes in and asks the alligator to “beat it” and it does. Turns out, the alligator is the mayor’s pet.

She is later informed that the old man whose DMV eye exam form she signed earlier, just ran someone over. She is later told that the old man named Jackson, had memorized the eye exam chart, hence Zoe was deceived. Zoe then finds out that the victim is George. Turns out, George has dislocated his shoulder. Zoe then gives George a morphine shot and puts his shoulder back in place. Brick then comes in and reprimands Zoe for the mistake she made with Jackson. He then tells Zoe that he isn’t going to share his office and also tells her that George is his lawyer. Zoe though protests that she can do “some good here”. Brick though tells her, things have been working just fine in Bluebell with him in charge.

Later Zoe runs into a patient of hers named Mable who runs a convince store and tells her that the dark patches on her face are because she is pregnant. The woman then admits to Zoe that, the guy she had sex with told her “he wouldn’t do it if he had to wear a condom”. Then despite everything the guy left her anyway. Zoe then gives the girl her number, and tells her that she call her any time she wants. Just then Lemon comes in and tells her that her engagement party is tomorrow, she then elaborates “thanks to you my fiancé was in a car accident”. She then adds “I am engaged to George Tucker”. Later a drunken Zoe runs into Wade and begins making out with him. She then stops halfway and realizes she has hit rock bottom.

She then tells Wade “this never happened” and makes herself scarce. Wade on his part says “my lips are sealed doc”. Later when she enters her house, she sees her mom standing in front of her. Later her mother tells her that she and her father both feel that Zoe doesn’t belong in place like Bluebell, and asks Zoe to “come home”. Zoe decides to listen to her mom and packs her bags. Then, before leaving she meets George. George hands her the papers that she needs to sign in order for her to hand her half of the practice, over to Brick. Later while she is packing her stuff, Zoe receives a call from Mable. She then asks to meet Zoe in person, as she needs help.

She then arrives at George and Lemon’s engagement party and enters it with Lavon. Mable as it turns out, is working at the party. At the party Lemon is busy telling George how much she loves him, and his accident last night really had her worried. The two are then surprised to see Zoe there. She in turn tells them “I came with the mayor”. Zoe then rushes to meet Mable. Mable tells her she is having “these bad pains” and they are getting worse. Zoe seeing her condition tells her “you are having a baby and you are having it now”. She then rushes Mable to her clinic. Later Zoe tells Brick about Mable’s condition.

Mable though wants Zoe to deliver her baby and makes this fact amply clear, to Brick. Lemon at the party, asks Lavon if it’s true that he brought Zoe to the party as a date. Lavon though tells her that, it isn’t any of her business. Turns out, the two had some kind of a past relationship, which has now ended. Zoe in the meanwhile manages to successfully deliver Mable’s baby, despite encountering a few complications on the way. Brick then commends her for the great job that she has done, and adds that it’s too bad she isn’t going to stay. Later just as Zoe is about to leave, she is handed a photograph by Emmeline, the assistant at the clinic. In the photograph is seen a young Harley, holding Zoe’s mother in his arms.

Emmeline then reveals to Zoe that, Harley Wilkes was her father. Zoe is incredulous, and confronts her mother with the photograph. She tells Zoe that it was a mistake and that she was engaged to someone else when she met Harley. So basically what she had with him was fling. Turns out, Dr. Hart Zoe’s father, came to know about this when she was 10, and hence he began distancing himself from Zoe. Zoe mother profusely apologizes to her, saying she only wanted to protect Zoe. Zoe then asks her mother to leave and tells her that she is going to stay back in Bluebell. Later, Zoe proceeds to see patients waiting for her, at her clinic. The episode ends at this point.