Parades & Pariahs - Recap

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The episode begins with Zoe waking up from a dream, seeing a frog on her bed and then freaking out. Later Lavon and Zoe discuss the fact that, Harley was her father. He then takes her to a bar called the Rammer Jammer. There she gets acquainted with a few townsfolk. On the other hand George tries to explain to Brick how Zoe might prove to be useful. Brick though is skeptical. He further adds “she doesn’t understand our ways”. George though reminds him that he doesn’t have much of choice, so he should rather make the best of it. Brick instead, asks George to comb through the partnership agreement with Harley and find him a way. Wade in the meanwhile walks into the Rammer Jammer and begins chatting with Zoe.

Later at her clinic, Emmeline hands Zoe all of Harley’s old patient files. She also adds how Harley was a great doctor and a pillar of the community. She then asks Zoe to study the files. Zoe then sees a few patients walk in and assumes they are for her, but Brick tells Zoe that the patients are there to see him, as he has for ages been the town doctor. He then directs one of Harley’s old patients to Zoe, named Sheila Whitaker. Turns out, Sheila is a hypochondriac and there is nothing wrong with her physically. Zoe consequently suggests that Sheila see a psychologist. Sheila isn’t happy with the assessment and storms out in a huff. Later, Zoe runs into George on the street. He tells her how Brick has asked him to look for loopholes in the partnership agreement.

He then informs her that, as per the agreement if one partner doesn’t bring in at least 30% of the revenue in one quarter, then the other partner can buy him/her out. She then faces some humiliation when she wrongly diagnoses a patient’s condition and Brick comes in and makes it all right. Later Lavon tells Zoe, what just happened isn’t “exactly an auspicious beginning”. Zoe too concludes that the whole thing was disaster. Lavon tells her the key to success in Bluebell is showing the townspeople, she is one of them. He then suggests that she join him in the town parade, as it might help her popularity. He also reveals that she would have to wear a costume for the parade. Zoe though doesn’t want to wear a costume of any sort. Later at her clinic, Zoe is dismayed at the fact that she isn’t getting any patients.

Emmeline tells Zoe that Harley got patients because he made sure he knew the history of every that ever came to him. She then reiterates the fact that Zoe should go through Harley’s files. Later at the Jammer Wade makes fun of Zoe, about how she earlier diagnosed a patient wrongly. Zoe then calls up Lavon and agrees to join him in the parade, and also agrees to wear a costume, in an effort to fit in. Zoe is then surprised to find Betty unconscious on the bathroom floor of the Rammer Jammer. Betty then wakes up and tells Zoe “I can’t let anyone see me like this”, she then again faints. Later Betty admits to Zoe that she was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) last year. Betty swears Zoe to secrecy, reminding her of the doctor-patient confidentiality agreement.

Zoe then asks Betty to not perform at the parade as it will worsen her condition. Betty though is worried that Lemon will be furious. Zoe then asks her to tell Lemon that her shoulder hasn’t healed and hence she has been recommended by Zoe to not perform. Later Zoe arrives to help Wade build the mayor’s float, for the parade. Wade though leaves Zoe to build the float on her own and leaves on the pretense of some errand. She is later outraged to know that Wade is at his house. She, on being informed of this, proceeds to confront Wade at home. Lemon meanwhile calls Lavon and tells him that it is highly inappropriate of him to let Zoe ride on the float with him, as it’s disrespectful to her father. Lavon though will hear none of it and hangs up the phone in anger.

Just then, Betty comes in and informs Lemon that she can’t perform at the parade, as per Zoe’s recommendations. She then offers Annabeth as a replacement for her. Lemon though will hear none of it and proceeds to call her father, so he can have a look at Betty’s shoulder. Zoe in the meanwhile confronts Wade and begins giving him a piece of her mind, but he simply ignores her and kisses her instead. He then asks Zoe to come along, as they have a float to build. Wade then manages to finish the float all on his own. Zoe is then surprised to see Betty all dressed up and ready to perform. She then confronts Betty about it, but just then Lemon and Brick come and tell her that Betty’s shoulder is just fine. Zoe then walks away without saying a word.

Later Zoe hands Betty a medication, for if she has an episode during the parade. She asks Betty to have just one, as it’s a strong medication. Later at the parade, Zoe sees Betty looking groggy during her performance. She then makes Wade stop the float and asks Emmeline to immediately get Betty to her clinic. Emmeline cleverly gets Betty away from the scene, without anyone being the wiser. At the clinic Betty who is now barely able to stand tells Zoe that, everything is spinning. She also tells Zoe, she took a bunch of the medication that Zoe had given her. Lemon in the meanwhile is livid at the way Zoe interrupted the parade. George though manages to calm her down.

Zoe on the other hand tells Betty who now seems to have recovered that “we are lucky we caught it in time” or the consequences could have been dire. She then tells Betty that she will be okay for the rest of her trip and assures her, no one will ever know of her ailment. Betty is immensely thankful that Zoe covered for her, and also tells her that she understands this whole fiasco wouldn’t help with her popularity problem. Zoe later apologizes to Lemon. Lemon though isn’t in a forgiving mood. Lemon instead pointedly asks Zoe why she did what she did. Zoe though doesn’t have an answer, as she clearly can’t voice the actual reason for her actions. Lemon then in front of the whole town tells Zoe “we don’t want you here”.

Zoe though says nothing and simply walks away. Emmeline later commends a visibly depressed Zoe for the way she sacrificed for Betty. She then breaks the news to Zoe that she is planning to leave Bluebell in order to start a bakery with her daughter in another town. Zoe is shocked to hear this and tells her that she wouldn’t be able to manage without her. Emmeline though assures her that she will do just fine, as she has a good heart and people will ultimately see it. Later Zoe pays Sheila a visit and has a heart to heart with her; the two then hit it off. The episode ends at this point.