Gumbo & Glory - Recap

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The episode begins with Wade offering to help Zoe repair her fuse box. Zoe though makes it amply clear to him that she doesn’t need his help. Later at the Rammer Jammer she is given a cold stare by everyone present, the moment she enters it. A couple of guys even bring up the mention that, she is the one who ruined their parade. George later comes in and informs Zoe, someone as a joke might have signed her into the annual cook off. Zoe in turn claims she signed up for it herself, as she loves to cook. George then tells her Brick is usually the one who wins the cook off. Zoe though doesn’t care. She clarifies that she wants to win the trust of the people in the town and can’t think of a better way to do it than a cook off.

Annabeth on the other hand tells Lemon how Lavon and Zoe might be sleeping with each other. Lemon is visibly bothered to hear this; she is even more bothered when she sees George and Zoe together at the Rammer Jammer. Later, Zoe finds a new receptionist named Didi working at her clinic. Turns out, she has been appointed by Brick. Lavon in the meanwhile pays Zoe a visit, but before she can have a chat with him, a woman with her child comes in and asks to see a doctor as the child has been bitten by a snake. Zoe deals with the patient as Brick has stepped out. She though, is stumped as she has never dealt with a snake bite before. She asks the patient to sit tight; till she can do some research on the kind of snake it is.

She and Wade then pay the abandoned house where the kid was playing and was bitten, a visit. They are there so they can find out the kind of snake it is that has bitten the child. Zoe discovers the snake is a copperhead. She realizes it after she too gets bitten by it. Later Zoe returns to her clinic and is told by the child’s mother how Brick could make out the kind of snake and the amount of venom that her child had, without going anywhere. Then later, while attending to Zoe’s snakebite, Brick tells her how she doesn’t belong in Bluebell unlike him and the incident that just took place, is another proof of that. Later Wade and Lavon make fun of Zoe, about the fact that, they don’t think she can actually cook.

Zoe in turn tells them she will “figure it out” and eventually become a respected part of Bluebell. Lemon on the other hand asks George to cut contact with Zoe, as Zoe is her “sworn enemy”. George later runs into Zoe who is struggling with her gumbo, which she has to prepare in time for the cook off. Zoe tells him how much the cook off means, as it would go a great distance in helping her in being accepted by the community at Bluebell. Seeing Zoe’s urgency, George steps in to help Zoe with her gumbo. The two begin, by buying the ingredients required for the gumbo. Then while they are at it, George reveals to her how Lemon has asked him not to talk to her.

Zoe is visibly hurt on hearing this and is disappointed at the fact that, George too believes she trashed the parade because of some issue she has with Lemon. Lavon in the meanwhile shares with Wade the fact that, he is attracted to Didi and is hence nervous around her. Wade then pretends to be Didi so Lavon can rehearse with him and consequently can muster the courage, to ask Didi out. Somehow that doesn’t go too well. Shelly then steps in and tells Lavon “women want a romantic gesture do that”. George and Zoe on the other hand have just finished buying vegetables at the farmer’s market, just then a man comes there panting and tells someone to call 911, as a farmer has been hurt. Zoe rushes to the man’s aid.

Turns out, some heavy equipment has fallen on the victim and he is unconscious. Also a part of his hand has been severely crushed by the equipment. She tries administering first aid, but is unable to efficiently do it with one hand, as her other hand is in a cast thanks to the snakebite. Seeing no other option she asks George to call Brick, as the hospital is too far away. Brick later arrives at the scene and is surprised to see Zoe and George together. Zoe and Brick then proceed to attend to the patient. Brick with instructions from Zoe, performs an emergency surgical procedure and is eventually able to save the man’s life. Lavon in the meanwhile is bothered about the fact that, he sent Didi flowers, despite which she hasn’t called him.

Didi on the other hand is having a drink with Lemon, who knows about the flowers and has asked Didi to play hard to get. She did so as she is clearly bothered by the fact that Lavon is showing interest in Didi. George in the meanwhile tells Zoe how impressed he is, with the way she handled the whole situation. The patient is meanwhile rushed to the hospital. Brick in a disapproving manner tells George how he should be getting home, as it’s getting late. Brick also takes all the credit for saving the man’s life. Later at home, Zoe prepares her gumbo and asks Lavon to taste it. Turns out, it tastes awful, which results in Wade and him making fun of her once again.

Later at the cook off, it is shown how the whole town is talking about Brick being the big hero, who saved a man’s life. George asks Brick if he is really going to let all the people in the town think he saved the man’s life singlehandedly. Brick reminds him that, if he contradicts him, George would have to explain, as to what he was doing with Zoe at the farmer’s market. George tells him “you know damn well nothing was going on”. He in turn tells him he knows that, but he isn’t sure his daughter would believe that. Lavon then comes in with Zoe. He then runs into Didi, who tells her Lemon has gotten her a new job in a different town, and it will pay her more. Later it is declared, Brick is once again the winner of the cook off.

He then proceeds to give a speech to the townsfolk. George in the meanwhile is unable to digest the fact that Brick is hogging all the credit for saving the farmer’s life, he then tells Zoe he is going on to the stage to reveal to everyone the truth. Zoe though stops him from doing so, telling him that Brick did do more than she had realized. He calmed down the victim during the procedure, went with him to the hospital and even consoled his wife. She then publicly congratulates Brick for his win and also commends his abilities as a doctor. George later tells Lemon how he had gone shopping for ingredients with Zoe.

He then firmly tells her “I don’t like ultimatums and I like to be trusted”. Didi later tells Lemon she doesn’t want to leave Bluebell, as she has been offered the job of George Tucker’s assistant and that too for the same amount of money. She then elaborates that “the whole thing was the mayor’s idea”. Later at the clinic, Zoe is pleasantly surprised when she sees Brick recommending, one of his patients see Zoe, as he is really busy. The episode ends at this point.