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Faith & Infidelity - Recap

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The episode begins with Zoe waking up from her sleep swatting insects. She then goes outside and sees all shops closed and the whole town empty. Turns out, the whole town is attending church. Later, Zoe returns home and tells Wade about how everyone was in church. She then tells Wade how she has a very important week coming up, as Brick has left for a fishing trip and this is her opportunity to spruce up her practice, as she has the practice all to herself, for the week. George and Lemon are on the other hand planning a romantic night together. The Reverend Mayfair and his wife pay Zoe a visit at her home. They are there to officially welcome her to Bluebell.

They hand her a cake and leave. Later Zoe tells Lavon about how Brick is gone and what that entails. The two then share some cake. Later at the clinic, Addy Picket the new nurse introduces herself to Zoe. She is a registered nurse with 15 years of experience and is there to help Zoe on Brick’s instructions. Wade brings in Zoe her first patient. She deals with the patient and is later handed a file with some test results that need urgent attention. She checks the file and discovers that its Reverend Mayfair’s, and turns out he has been diagnosed with syphilis. Later Addy informs Zoe that, both the Reverend and his wife are coming in to meet her. Addy also gives Zoe a tip that, she should pay the town beauty parlor a visit as it would help her get more patients.

Zoe reluctantly agrees “alright I guess; beauty parlor I can do”. The Reverend and his wife come in just then. They are then informed by Zoe about the Reverend’s ailment. The two though, are incredulous, when informed of it, and believe there has been a mix-up at the testing lab. Zoe then decides to run the tests once again just to be sure. Zoe then suggests that the Reverend’s wife also be tested. Lemon on the other hand is rehearsing a speech in order to impress the head of a group called the ‘Memory Matrons’. She wants to be a part of the ‘Memory Matrons’ and for that is planning to convince the mayor to build a bridge that was destroyed during ‘Katrina’. Lemon’s gang of girl’s think Lavon will love her presentation and give in to her demand.

Lavon on the other hand is being told by George to use the money at his disposal to widen a road, leading to the town. Zoe seconds it, as she feels it would help ambulances reach the town more quickly. George then challenges Lavon to a game of basketball and if he wins, Lavon shall have to concede to his demand. Lavon agrees. Later at the clinic, Zoe sees the fresh test results and they are the same as they were the last time round. Later, Zoe tells the Reverend’s wife that he might have cheated, which resulted in him contracting the disease. She is inconsolable on being told this. The results have also revealed that, the wife too has syphilis, which she might have gotten from the Reverend, as he is “patient 0”.

Later at the Rammer Jammer, Zoe is told by Wade that the minister and his wife have split up; because someone told his wife the minister had cheated. Zoe is shocked to hear this and also find out that the whole town knows about it. Later Zoe pays the beauty parlor a visit. Lemon on the other hand is shocked when Anne the head of the Memory Matrons accuses her of getting George to “circumvent the system”, in order to convince Lavon to widen the road. “I have no idea what you are talking about” Lemon tells her. Anne then informs Lemon that the “redevelopment money has already been committed to a road project”. Anne then taunts Lemon about not being able to control her own fiancé, and adds that it shall therefore be impossible for her to run an organization like the Memory Matrons.

At the beauty parlor, the Mayfair’s are being discussed, a woman mopping the floor there overhears the conversation and tells everyone present “I am the reason the Mayfairs broke up” and runs out in tears. Zoe is shocked to hear this. In the night over dinner, Lemon confronts George about what he has done. George apologizes to Lemon and tells her “it was a spur of the moment thing”. He adds that Lavon too though that the road-widening was a great idea. “I apologize” he reiterates. Lemon then asks George to go back and get her money from the mayor. George though, refuses to do so, as he feels the road will benefit the town greatly. He during the conversation adds that, Zoe too thinks it’s a great idea. Lemon is enraged on hearing Zoe’s name, and walks away from the dinner table.

Zoe on the other hand finds out that, the old man who the whole town calls ‘Crazy Earl’ is actually Wade’s father. In the morning George once again pays Lemon a visit. “You really can’t be jealous of Zoe Hart” he then tells her. “She and I aren’t even in the same universe” Lemon in turn tells him. “Ever since she got here, you are the one that’s changed” Lemon tells him. She feels Zoe has flipped some “New York switch” in him and therefore he isn’t the same person anymore. George though protests, and says her assumptions are unfounded and ridiculous. He then confesses that, he does miss New York sometimes, as he was there for 2 years.

Lemon tells George that she likes the fact how Bluebell is and she wants him too, to like it. George tells her that Bluebell is his home and he on his own “chose to come back here”. Lemon though is worried that, George might one day decide to take “the fancy new road” of his “right back out of town”. At the clinic, Zoe has a chat with the woman who ran out of the parlor in tears earlier. Zoe discovers that she too has syphilis. She then asks the woman whose name is Wanda, who she has slept with “other than Reverend Mayfair”. “I never slept with Reverend Mayfair” Wanda tells Zoe. She then reveals to Zoe that she only has sex with her boyfriend Chase Cobb, who she has been dating since she was 14.

She then explains what she meant when she said she broke up the Mayfairs was that, she has pierced Mrs. Mayfair’s belly button, which when the Reverend saw angered him. Zoe then figures out that, the Mayfairs might have contracted the disease from Wanda. She later informs the Mayfairs about it and explains to them how Mrs. Mayfair might have contracted the disease, while she was getting the piercing done from Wanda. The two then patch up and apologize to each other for the piercing and the misunderstanding. Zoe compliments the two, telling them how sweet and loving they are, and how they are the “real deal”.

Later George tells Lemon he loves her and he loves Bluebell, he then tells her that they should start looking for a house. Lemon then makes up with George with tears in her eyes. Later, Lavon and Zoe walk into church, hand in hand. The episode ends at this point.