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The Undead & The Unsaid - Recap

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The episode begins with Wade catching Zoe, dozing off at the coffee table in the Rammer Jammer. She tells Wade, mosquitoes have been keeping her up all night. At the clinic, Brick’s younger daughter Magnolia pays him a visit. Lemon too comes in and tells Brick how she isn’t happy with the revealing dress that Magnolia is wearing. Brick tells Magnolia to listen to her sister. Zoe on the other hand is busy avoiding calls from her mother. She isn’t ready to forgive her, for lying to her. Zoe later decides to drive to a patient who is pregnant, although she hasn’t driven since she was 16. At home, Lemon is worried that Magnolia isn’t home yet.

She then discusses with George about the new house they are looking for. Zoe is shown driving back after delivering a healthy baby boy. Then suddenly, while she is distracted by the GPS, she sees a man appear in front of her vehicle. It then looks as if she has run him over, but when she comes out and calls out for the man, she sees no one around. Zoe later comes to the Rammer Jammer and tells George she ran over a man with her car. She then sees the photo of the man she ran over, hanging on the wall of the Jammer. George tells Zoe the man in the photograph whose name is Leon, has been dead for a year. At the clinic, she tells Addy how she saw Leon last night. Addy too informs Zoe that, Leon is dead for sure as she was at this funeral.

George pays Lavon a visit at home and tells him how he and Lemon want to buy a house, which has been registered as a Bluebell historical property. He therefore needs Lavon’s sanction to buy it. Lavon much to George’s surprise turns down his request and tells him there is a procedure to the whole thing, and that he can’t show George any favoritism. George is agitated at the stance Lavon is taking and decides to challenge his decision in court. Lavon in turn tells George he is ready to meet him head on. At the clinic, a woman named Lauren pays Zoe a visit and tells her the restless ghost of Leon wants Zoe’s help, and hence he appeared to her. She then tells Zoe that spirits “are all around us here”.

She holds Zoe’s hand and tells her the spirit of Leon came to her because she too has something “restless” in her. “Let him in, face him or you both will remain trapped between worlds” the woman tells Zoe. Later at night in bed, Zoe is unable to catch a wink as she is terrified. She then deliberately makes the power go out; as a result Wade comes in. She tells him that she wants to hang out. Wade takes it to be an invitation for sex, but she then tells him that she is sleepy and asks him to go away. Wade in turn is outraged at this erratic behavior of Zoe’s. He then storms out. She then turns and sees Leon peeping from the bottom of her window. She as a result begins shrieking in panic. Wade on hearing her shriek, comes running back in but sees nothing.

He then on her request sleeps on the couch in her room. Later in the night Zoe tells Wade, Leon probably hasn’t died, as his body was never found, and he was assumed to have been lost at sea. “I have to go find him” she then tells Wade. Just then Magnolia is brought in by Rose, who was with her at a party. Magnolia is passed out as she had a lot of alcohol. Zoe assumes Magnolia might have suffered alcohol poisoning. Lemon is informed about it. At the clinic, Zoe tells a worried Lemon that, Magnolia is going to be fine. Later at home, Zoe is shocked to see her mother standing in her bedroom. Zoe isn’t happy with her visit. She in turn tells her she had no choice as Zoe wasn’t returning her calls. Zoe even now doesn’t want to talks to her.

Zoe tells her mother if she needs her forgiveness so badly, she is ready to forgive her. She then adds that she doesn’t really mean it. She basically makes it very clear to her mother that, she is in no mood to forgive her. Lemon on the other hand confronts Magnolia at home. She then discovers that Magnolia is sad about the fact, Lemon shall marry George and then leave home and go away. She in tears tells George about it. Zoe is out searching for Leon, in the woods, she then finds out that Wade is there waiting for her just in case she needs help. The both of them are then shocked to see Leon standing in front of them. She sees that Leon’s leg is badly injured and offers to help him. Leon instead asks the two to follow him.

Brick returns home and George tells him about the incident that happened with Magnolia last night. Brick is outraged on hearing all of it, but George reminds Brick that, Lemon isn’t Magnolia’s mom. He then tells Brick, Lemon shouldn’t have to parent Magnolia all alone. Brick tells George he isn’t appreciating George lecturing him, about his family. “I am sorry Brick that your wife left you, but that happened 12 years ago” George tells Brick, and adds that Brick is still acting as if she is going to be back any minute. Brick then admits that he let Lemon bring up Magnolia, as she was so good at it, and he himself was in a daze after his wife left. George then advises Brick, its time he took over as their father.

In the woods, Zoe tends to Leon’s injury. Leon admits to Zoe he was quite the loser, besides being a gambler and a drunkard. He then saved a few people from a burning house one night, and went from the town “screw-up” to a local hero overnight. He then decided to walk away while he was top, so his wife and kids would look at him in pride after he was gone. He then, to end it all, took his boat out and jumped overboard. He now believes that his son thinks he is a hero. Zoe though feels Leon’s son would be better off having a father. Leon tells Zoe he did what he felt was right for his child. Later at home, Zoe agrees to talk to her mother. She tells Zoe, she did what she felt was right for her at that point, and would undo all if it if she could.

The two then hug each other with tears in their eyes. On the other hand, Brick takes over his responsibility as a father and grounds Magnolia for a month. He then thanks Lemon for doing more than her share, to bring up Magnolia. In the woods, Zoe asks Leon to go back to his family, as he has now seemingly changed for the better. Lavon and George patch up at the Jammer. Zoe is informed by Wade that, Leon isn’t dead anymore and has gone back to his family. Zoe in turn thanks Wade for helping her out with everything. The episode ends at this point.