Sweetie Pies & Sweaty Palms - Recap

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The scene opens with Zoe and Lavon sitting down when Dash comes up and asks if they have dates with their loved ones. He goes up to Levon and asks if he is going with Deedee, but he doesn’t tell. Dash says that he knows that Judson is going to asks Zoe to the Sweetie-Pie Dance. Just then, Judson comes up to Zoe and they kiss. She says that it is good to see him. Zoe says right away that she doesn’t want to go to the dance and says that she wants to still be with him. He agrees and asks her not to go to the dance. Zoe gets home to find Rose at the house. She asks if she is going to the dance with Judson and she says that she isn’t. They schedule a sleep over watching movies. Lemon tells George that she is tired of writing the invitations and says that everything is taking its toll on her. George says that they haven’t been themselves in a long time. Lemon says that she is happy that the Sweetie-Pie Dance is going on. She doesn’t have time for George today because she has to go shopping for her dress. He kisses her goodbye.

Levon goes up to Deedee and gives her a pie. Inside is a note that asks her to be his “sweetie” to the dance. She says that she will be his “sweetie” and that she would love to go to the dance with him. Lemon and Brick go up to Addy. Brick tells her that he doesn’t know who to ask for the dance or whether or not he is going to go at all. Lemon has a plan. Later, Levon goes up to Addy and asks which corsage would be good for Deedee. Addy says that she doesn’t know really because it is clear that Deedee doesn’t want to go with Levon exclusively. Levon looks over and sees Deedee talking a guy. Zoe goes up to Wade and finds him kissing on a Girelle. He says that Judson is not good for her and that he knew that she wasn’t going to go to the dance together. Zoe gets convinced to go to the dance with Judson after all. Levon is thinking about what he saw. Zoe goes up to him and asks if he saw Girelle and Wade kissing because that is horrible to watch. He says that it is nothing. Zoe goes up to Rose and says that she is sorry for canceling, but Rose says that she doesn’t mind because Judson is amazing. She tells Rose that she will get ready for the date. Wade calls her a wound-up corkscrew as she leaves.

Lemon tells George that he is going to love her dress over the phone when Agnes comes in with some pie. Lemon gets an idea and tells her to put the pie in the kitchen because they need to talk. George tries to stop Lemon, but she is already talking. Zoe calls up Judson that he can stay over after the dance. He says that would be nice and Zoe tells him that he can if he wants. He says that he has to go. Wade goes up to Levon at the restaurant, who is doing recon on the guy that Deedee was talking to, and asks why he is looking at him. Wade thinks that the man is Deedee’s brother. Levon sees that resemblance and walks up to the guy, who introduces himself as Alan. He tells Levon that he is there to get his girl, Deedee. Meanwhile, Lemon goes up with Agnes to Brick and says that they should go to the dance together. He agrees without really knowing that he does. George goes up to Deedee and says that he remembers having the wedding invitations, butt he doesn’t know if he mailed the cards or not. She tells him to check the postal service. Later, Zoe is getting ready for her date and sees that her Shampoo of Guana is gone. She blames Wade. She tries to relax in the tub and turns on music. However, instead of relaxing music, it is bluegrass. She turns it off and then sees that there is a possum in the bathroom. She goes up to Wade’s and asks Wade to get rid of it, but Girelle answers the door in a towel. Zoe realizes that she had her shampoo in her hair and that Wade gave it to her.

Rose comes over and says that she is possum free. She tells Rose that they are going to have to get Wade back and Rose tells Zoe that she better get ready for her date with Judson. She says that she is right and says that she will get ready. Levon tells Deedee that she needs to deal with Alan first before they can be a couple. She tries to tell him that she is not in love with Alan, but Levon says that it is better that they not go with one another to the dance. Zoe goes up to Girelle again and tells her that what Wade and she do is not fighting, it’s foreplay. Girelle is upset and slams the door.

George asks the Mailman if he mailed out the “Save The Date” wedding invitation cards and he says that he doesn’t have them. Brick says that George is going to have to tell Lemon. George is happy that Brick will be there at the dance. However, Brick says that he isn’t going to the dance, but then realizes that he agreed with taking Agnes to the dance. Zoe says that she is running late and says that she will be ready soon. Zoe watches as Girelle tosses things at Wade. Judson says that he understands. Later that night, George and Brick are set to tell their women that Brick doesn’t want to go to the dance and that George forgot to mail the letters. However, when the girls come up, Brick freezes and say that he hopes that Agnes brought her dancing shoes. Zoe finishes up getting ready for her date with Judson and prepares the room for the “after” party. However, Wade comes up and tells her that that Girelle and him are going out and traps her inside of her house.

The Sweetie-Pie dance starts and Judson is alone. Brick is with Agnes and she asks him to dance. He declines. Levon tries to talk to Deedee and asks what she is doing there. She says that she is helping out her boss and doesn’t want to talk to him. George tries to connect with Lemon and he tells her that Brick doesn’t want to be there. Zoe shows up finally and says that Wade locked her in the house and says that she climbed to get to him. He says that people are betting money that she would stand him up. She says that she would never do that again. He asks to dance with her. Deedee gives George the wedding invitations. He realizes that he left them and thanks Deedee. Levon walks up to Zoe and says that Wade texted him and says that Zoe has to get back to the house and that it is an emergency. However, she doesn’t buy it and asks to borrow Judson’s phone. Brick goes up to Levon and tells him that there is no use continuing a relationship if there is nothing there. Zoe comes back and tells him that she ordered a dozen roses for Wade’s girlfriend. Wade comes in and tells her that Rose hurt her arm and that they need her. Zoe tries to have Judson come along, but he is not interested in it at all. They get to the house and Zoe tells Rose that she is going to need stitches. A dozen roses come in and they are for Girelle. Wade asks why he would get her roses. She gets upset as Zoe and Rose leave.

George tells Lemon that he didn’t mail the wedding invitations and she forgives him. He tells that she has been distracted and they haven’t connected. He says that he is having doubts of them getting married. Zoe patches up Rose’s arm and says that she did an irresponsible thing. Rose says that her parents don’t get her and Zoe blames her frustration on Wade. Rose says that she sees that Wade likes her. Meanwhile, Levon goes up to Deedee and tells her that he was mad because he was in a relationship with a woman who chose an old love over him. She tells him that she is sorry about his heart being broken. She says that she was having a good time with Levon. He asks her to go with him to have a good time and kisses her. Brick gets in and says that Agnes and he are not meant to be and Lemon asks when Brick is going to move on. Lemon tells him that she saw her mother and that she doesn’t want anything to do with them. Zoe is having a cup of coffee when Judson comes up to her. He says that they need to talk. Zoe says that he is everything she would imagine in a man and says that she wants to make it up to him. He says that she was more excited with her war with Wade then a romantic night with him. George is at a bar when Brick comes up. George asks why he didn’t tell her about Alice. He didn’t know either and rushes to Lemon’s side.

He gets home to find Lemon a nervous wreck and that she is there crying. He tells her that he didn’t know about her finding her mother. She opens up and tells him that she thought that she would break into many parts and says that her mother told her to hide her weaknesses. George says that she is not a mess and that she could use a fresh tissue. He says that he loves her and that he just wants her to be herself and wants them to work. Later that night, Zoe watches over Zoe when Wade comes up to her. She asks if Wade likes her and he says that he does and it kills him to see her with Judson. However, his true colors come out and he says that he had $100 on the town poll. Meanwhile, Deedee and Levon get “busy” and he gets up to take a break. Deedee finds a picture of the woman that broke Levon’s heart under a table. The episode ends.