The Race & the Relationship - Recap

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The episode begins with Zoe waking up to a knock at the door. It’s George at her doorstep. George comes in and tells her that he can’t stop thinking about their night together. He does admit though, that he isn’t ready to jump into a new relationship, after just coming out a fifteen year old one. He for now wants to stay friends with Zoe. Just then Wade comes in and tells Zoe that, Lavon injured his ankle pretty bad. Lavon it turns out fell from a tree, as he training for the Bluebell battle. The prize money for winning is $5000. Zoe tells Lavon he can’t be in the race as he has a bad sprain. Wade is visibly agitated on hearing this.

Zoe then tells Lavon how George came over in the morning, and how he and Lemon are calling off the wedding. Lavon says no comment, as every time he tries to say something about her and George she gets angry or agitated. Zoe wonders how long of a grieving period George would need to get over his previous relationship. Meanwhile, Lemon and George pay a visit to a minister. George tells him they have called off the wedding; Lemon tells the minister it is not something she wants. Lemon then confesses to the minister that she was having an affair, which is the reason for George’s anger. George tells the minister he doesn’t know if he loves her anymore. The minister tells the both of them to come in together for a few sessions. At the Rammer Jammer, Wade asks Tom if he can participate in the Bluebell battle. Tom says he isn’t good under pressure and chokes. Wand comes in and asks Tom to be her partner for the Bluebell battle. Tom agrees. Wade and his ex-wife discuss the kind of partner Wade is looking for, to participate in the competition. His ex-wife suggests Zoe Hart as his partner.

Wade knows Zoe wouldn’t be her partner, because of the rude thing she said about her recently. Meanwhile, Zoe meets George on the street. He tells her that, the minister convinced him and Lemon to do counseling. Later, Zoe discusses with Lavon about George and Lemon going in for counseling. She isn’t very happy about it. Wade in the meanwhile comes in and tells Zoe to be his partner in the race. She thinks it’s a joke. He leaves in anger. Meanwhile, at the counseling the minister makes Lemon and George do a few exercises to bring them closer again. George in the meanwhile, has too much anger in him to forgive Lemon. The minister though, wants the two to try one last thing. He wants them to participate in the Bluebell battle together. Lemon is crazy about the idea, George not so much. The minister in the end manages to convince George.

Later, Lemon tells Brick that George is going to participate in the Bluebell battle with her. Meanwhile, Zoe listens in on the conversation from the other side of the wall. Later, Zoe walks up to the bar and tells Wade that she is ready to participate with her in the race. Later at the race, Zoe tells Lavon that she can’t allow Lemon to weasel back into George’s heart; hence she too is participating in the race. The race begins, and Tom’s partner it turns out is quite an expert. Meanwhile, George is working on the task at hand and Lemon is chatting away saying what a beautiful day it is. Zoe and Wade too are having their differences. Meanwhile, Tangi tells Lavon she wants to cook something really special for Wade, although she has never cooked before. Lavon offers to help her with the cooking. Meanwhile at the race, the contestants are hard at it.

Zoe and Wade begin to warm up to each other once again. Meanwhile, Lemon is happy that she and George are leading, and it proves they can overcome anything if they try. George on the other hand disagrees, feels that he is the one who is motivated, resulting in the success in tasks. George also tells Lemon that he kissed Zoe in New Orleans. Meanwhile, Wade advises Zoe to not be subtle, and instead come out and say whatever is on her mind. Meanwhile, Wade tells Tangi that he has to cancel the dinner plans in the night, as there is an after race party at the Rammer Jammer. Wade then tells Lavon when they are alone, that he still sees hope of getting together with Zoe and hence he cancelled the dinner with Tangi. Later, Zoe tells Lavon that she will tell George how she feels, the moment the two are alone together. Lavon tells Zoe about what Wade is imagining, and he doesn’t want to see Wade get hurt.

Meanwhile, the contest is at its fag end, Tom and his girlfriend seems to have a great chance of winning. Lemon in the meanwhile, tells George that she forgives him for kissing Zoe. George says his and Lemon’s relationship is broken, and it can be fixed no more. Lemon is persistent that, she has enough love left for the both of them, just as George begins to walk away. She is ready to do anything that it takes to win him back. Later, Zoe sees George walking alone and runs to tell him how she feels; Wade in the meanwhile comes in and hears them. Zoe tells George she can’t just be friends with him, as she likes him. She is ready to wait for him no matter how long it takes. Meanwhile, Lemon climbs the roof of a building to complete the last leg of the task. George is distracted by this and leaves without saying anything to Zoe. Meanwhile, Wade is visibly agitated by what he just heard.

Wade gives Zoe an earful about how selfish she is. Meanwhile, Lemon is still on the roof trying to win the final task. George sees Lemon in danger, and runs to her rescue. He manages to surely get Lemon out of danger, and Zoe looks on at all this in dismay. George then himself completes the task successfully, with the people standing on the ground cheering for him. Later, George admits to the minister that, there might still be something between him and Lemon. Meanwhile, Tom is sad that he lost his partner and himself the race. She tells him she didn’t care about the race; it is he who is more important to her. The two, then end up kissing each other. Meanwhile, Tangi tells Lavon that she won’t be hanging in Bluebell anymore, as she wanted to confirm Wade’s feelings for Zoe, which she did.

Lavon wants to help Tangi get over Wade. He tells Tangi to list the reasons she has for not wanting to be with Wade. She makes her list. Meanwhile, Wade comes in and apologizes to Tangi for cancelling on her. She tells him about the list. Wade also joins in, and begins writing his own list. Meanwhile, George pays Zoe a visit. Zoe tells George she understands that he wants to be with Lemon. George tells Zoe that his and Lemon’s relationship deserves one more try, hence he has decided to go back to her. Zoe then lands up at Lavon’s place and sees Wade and Tangi sitting there. She apologizes to Wade once again. Lavon tells Zoe to leave, as they are in the middle of something.

Meanwhile, Rose the teenager Zoe is friends with, has had her appendix burst. Zoe wants to go along with her to the hospital, but Rose’s mother who is angry with Zoe for supporting her daughter, dating another guy, stops her. The episode ends at this point.