Disaster Drills & Departures - Recap

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The episode begins with Zoe inquiring about Rose in the hospital. Brick meanwhile comes in and tells Zoe that there is a complication that has arisen. There is an infection in Rose’s appendix. Meanwhile, Rose’s mother comes in; she is enraged to see Zoe, and blames her for what has happened. Zoe then comes out of the hospital and gives her father a call, as she is feeling low. She also tells him about Rose’s case. Brick meanwhile comes and tells Zoe that Rose is out of danger and is asking for her. Meanwhile, Tom is preparing everyone at the Rammer Jammer for a storm drill. Lemon and George in the meanwhile, are trying to mend things, but things still seem to be a bit awkward between the two. Meanwhile Lavon show Wade a place which could be Wade’s place of business in the future.

It would basically be Wade’s new bar. Lavon tells Wade that they have an appointment with Peggy at the bank, to raise money for the place. Meanwhile Zoe is still feeling guilty for Rose’s condition; she feels she should have understood what Rose is suffering, from the symptom she was exhibiting. Zoe now decides to be a doctor and nothing more. Meanwhile, Annabeth tells Lemon that she has been doing yoga as yoga makes sex better. Meanwhile, Lemon is taking pointers on how to get George to have sex with her. Meanwhile, Rose asks her mother about Zoe. Meanwhile, everyone is amazed with the new Zoe’s indifferent and unfriendly behavior. Brick questions Zoe about her behavior, but Zoe tells him that it’s better for everyone that she is that way, as she can then be a better doctor. Just then Zoe’s dad comes in. Meanwhile, Lemon has orchestrated a romantic rendezvous with George.

Meanwhile, Zoe and her father have dinner at the Rammer Jammer. She then tells him about the problem she is facing at the moment. Meanwhile, George arrives at the inn where Lemon is waiting for him. Meanwhile, Wade is chalking out plans to open the bar. Meanwhile, Lemon and George begin to get cozy. Then just as she goes to get a champagne bottle behind the bed and puts her heard through the bars on the side of the bed, she gets half stuck in between the rods. Meanwhile Wade meets up with Peggy to talk about the money for the bar. Wade tries his best to sell Peggy the idea of his new bar, and goes a bit overboard with it. George in the meanwhile, is trying his best to remove Lemon. George then decides to use whipped cream to get out Lemon’s head. Lemon as it turns out has carried a bottle of cream with her for her romantic meeting with George.

Meanwhile, Magnolia is trying her best to get over her guilt of Rose falling sick, by serving her the best way possible. Rose too knowing why Magnolia is doing it takes advantage of her. Meanwhile, Zoe goes to the grave of her mother’s and has a talk with her. She tells her mother about the problem she is presently facing. She also tells her mother about George, the love of her life, and how he too loves someone else. Just then she sees a call from Rose. Tom in the meanwhile is taking his storm drill preparation seriously and sounds an alarm in the middle of the night just as George is trying to free Lemon. George begins to leave for the fake emergency, but Lemon is visibly agitated and warns George not to leave her for a fake emergency.

Meanwhile, as per the drill everybody is on the streets, with Tom pretending to be hurt and hence on a stretcher. Tom urgently needs a doctor for the make belief emergency, but as it turns out there isn’t a doctor at hand as Zoe isn’t around. Lavon realizes that she probably won’t show up. Meanwhile, Zoe heads for the airport with her father. Zoe is visibly unhappy to be leaving town. Meanwhile, at the airport Zoe receives a message from Rose asking her if she did something wrong, for Zoe to avoid her. Zoe’s father tries to convince her that she is doing the right thing by leaving, as she wants to ultimately become a surgeon and not just remain a GP. Meanwhile, Lavon confronts Wade about hitting on Peggy. Wade defends himself by saying that he was just trying his best to create a great impression. Peggy it turns out cancelled their meeting as a result, as she felt Wade wasn’t ready for the responsibility.

Lavon then reveals to Wade that he was going to cosign the loan to vouch for Wade. Meanwhile, Zoe’s father tells her certain things about her mother and his relationship that Zoe didn’t know about. Zoe then leaves her dad telling him that she needs to do something. Later she speaks to Annabeth. She tells Annabeth about her mother, and her experiences in New York. She then asks Annabeth how has it been since her husband has been gone. Annabeth tells her that it’s been a couple of months. Turns out her husband met a waitress in Baton Rouge where his job took him. Zoe tells Annabeth that she needs to tell the people of the town the truth, as she can’t keep living a lie anymore. Annabeth then thanks Zoe and leaves.

Meanwhile, Brick overhears the whole thing from the outside. He then comes in and asks Zoe as to why she has decided to leave. Zoe tells Brick that she is not a GP and hence can’t keep caring anymore. She just can’t get over what happened to Rose, and hence can’t take that chance again, especially with someone that she knows and cares about. Brick tells her that it’s just called being human. Meanwhile, George has at last managed to get Lemon out of the bed, where her neck was trapped. Lemon then tells George that she forgot her underwear in the room. George then recollects the first time the two of them were together. The two then discuss the good times they spent together over the years.

Meanwhile, Zoe goes back to the airport and tells her father that she is staying. She tells him that she might be a better surgeon somewhere else but she would be a better person in Blue Bell. He tells her that as her father he is proud of her. The next day morning Wade apologizes to Lavon, for screwing up things. Lavon then tells Wade that Zoe is gone. Wade is visibly hurt to hear this. Just then Zoe walks through the door, much to both their surprise. She tells them that she is not great with goodbye, hence she decided to stay. Meanwhile, Lemon tells Cricket that the previous night with George was amazing. Just then Annabeth comes in and tells them the truth about her marriage.

Meanwhile, Zoe comes in to meet Rose. Zoe then apologizes to Rose for not coming earlier, and tells her that she was scared and hence didn’t show up earlier. Rose then reveals to Zoe that Fredrick Dean kissed her. Zoe is excited to hear this and asks Rose for all the details. The episode ends at this point.