The Big Day - Recap

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The episode begins with, George standing at the altar and then seeing Lemon walk up beside him. It is then shown that Zoe too is walking down the aisle wearing a bride’s dress, much to his amazement. Both the girls then stand on either side of a befuddled George, who seems to be trying to make sense of things. He then sees Lavon walk down the aisle much to his surprise, and shouts to the priest that there has been a mistake. Just then George is woken up from his dream by the phone ringing, much to his relief. It’s Lemon on the line, telling George how lucky she is to be getting married to him. She then instructs George to run certain errands in preparation for the marriage. George immediately proceeds to jot those down on a piece of paper.

George later discovers that he has written down the instructions on the bar napkin from the bar he and Zoe had been at, in New Orleans. Meanwhile, Zoe apologizes to Wade for them losing the Blue Bell battle because of her. Wade in the meanwhile isn’t in a forgiving mood and leaves. Later, Zoe tells a visibly surprised George that she has decided to stay in Blue Bell for good. Later Zoe tells Lavon that going by George’s expressions about her staying; he still has feelings for her. Zoe plans to say “I object” at George’s wedding, as she feels George and she are destined to be together. Lavon thinks it’s a bad idea. Lavon tells Zoe to go to Mobile to get her mind off things. She later asks Wade for Lavon’s car key, lying that’s he has a medical emergency in Mobile. Meanwhile, Lavon tells George that there might be a storm coming.

George feels Lavon still has feelings for Lemon and is hence trying to postpone the wedding. Alter Lavon calls Zoe up in Mobile and tells her about the storm. Lavon tells Zoe to pick Wade who is stranded on the road as his car broke down. Meanwhile, Lemon is shocked to hear how delicious the girls find Lavon. Just then a glass of mimosa mistakenly spills over Lemon’s wedding gown, much to her chagrin. Meanwhile, the town sheriff informs George that Lavon as the mayor has revoked his permit to conduct the wedding in the town square. Meanwhile, Zoe arrives to give Wade a ride, but he isn’t interested and tells her to go away. She then irritates Wade into coming with her, as she has promised Lavon she would give him a ride. Meanwhile an angry George confronts Lavon. Lavon tells him he had no choice. George on the other hand feels Lavon is doing everything to keep Lemon and him from getting married.

Just as they are arguing the storm comes in. Meanwhile in the car, Zoe once again tries to reconcile with Wade. Wade on the other hand informs Zoe that he is looking for a new accommodation. Just then a tree falls in front of the car blocking their path. Wade then gets out of the car and advises Zoe to do the same. He plans to take shelter in a nearby barn. Meanwhile, Lemon is doing all she can to get the spot out of her wedding dress. Lemon is even more dismayed to see the storm come in. Meanwhile, inside the barn Zoe once again ties to make up with Wade. She even tries to make Wade laugh. Meanwhile, Lemon and Annabeth have a fight. Meanwhile, Lavon comes and tells George and Brick that they could move the wedding into the public library. Brick doesn’t want Lemon to compromise. George in the meanwhile is down with the idea and tells Lemon about it.

Meanwhile, Wade realizes that Lemon went to Mobil because she couldn’t stand to see George marry someone else. Zoe then tells Wade that he has feelings for her and that is why he is acting weirdly. Wade on hearing this leaves the barn in anger, right in the middle of the storm. Later, Zoe tells Lavon about her situation. She decides to wait in the barn till the wedding is done with. Wade in the meanwhile comes back and tells Zoe that he did like her. He ten tells Zoe that his feelings for her were probably sexual frustration and nothing more. Meanwhile, Lavon tells George to move on, and not keep any ill feeling toward him in his mind. George tells Lavon to help him save the wedding. George wants the wedding held in the old firehouse, and turns out it’s in a bad shape.

Brick suggests that all the townspeople can help. George is then pleasantly surprised to see the whole town volunteering to help. The whole town then proceeds to make the old firehouse marriage worthy. Meanwhile, Annabeth and Lemon patch up. Lemon tells Annabeth that she probably doesn’t deserve a perfect wedding after the mistakes she has made of late. Meanwhile, Zoe and Wade seem to have made peace with each other, with Zoe admitting to having sexual fantasies about him. Wade and Zoe are just about to make out when a sheriff enters the barn to rescue them. Meanwhile, things seem to be going wrong at the wedding with leaks in the roof of the firehouse and relatives not being able to make it, due to blocked roads.

George still wants the wedding to ahead as per schedule. Zoe and Wade meanwhile part ways with a smile on their faces. Meanwhile, George is running around trying to make the wedding happen. Just then a part of the fire house’s roof collapses. There are more mishaps that are reported by his father and Lavon. George still wants the wedding to happen and is adamant. Lavon asks George to postpone, seeing the circumstances. George just doesn’t want to hear any of it. Meanwhile, Wade goes to meet Zoe just as guests begin to arrive for George’s wedding. The two then begin to make love. Meanwhile, George comes in to meet Lemon. He tells Lemon that “I can’t marry you, not when a part of me is in love with someone else”. Lemon smiles on hearing this and then punches Georges in the face. Meanwhile, Wade and Zoe are in bed getting cozy with each other and having a laugh.

Just then they hear a knock on the door. Zoe proceeds to get it. At the door Zoe is shocked to see a drenched George standing. George tells Zoe that there won’t be a wedding and that it’s all over. Zoe is visibly shocked to hear this. He then tells Zoe that he still has feelings for her and can’t get her out of his mind, and also that he doesn’t want to get her out of his mind. He then kisses Zoe. He then leaves telling Zoe that it’s been a long day, and tells her before leaving that he will call her tomorrow. Zoe is visibly shocked by all that is happening to say anything at all. She comes back to her bedroom all befuddled and looks at a smiling Wade on her bed, with an expression which clearly essays her quandary. The episode ends at this point.