I Fall To Pieces - Recap

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The episode begins with George and Lemon’s wedding arrangements being taken down. Zoe is lying on her bed beside Wade. She sees a call from George, but avoids it. Lemon on the other hand is asleep. Her friends sit around her and discuss, as to how she shall be able to get over George. Lemon wakes up just then. Zoe wakes up Lavon from his sleep. Lavon then tells her “George cancelled his wedding, presumably for you”. Zoe tells him “last night when George was calling off the wedding, I was having sex with Wade”. She tells Lavon, Wade and she connected, and maybe there is more to him than she had thought. Zoe also feels strongly about George.

So now she is unable to decide who of two, she should go for. Lavon doesn’t have an answer, but tells her that she should be honest with both of them before the whole thing blows up on her face. She though, doesn’t think that’s a good idea. Lemon over breakfast is given suggestions about what she should, now that she is single. Lemon tells them that she is planning on a fresh start, and her first move is to get her own place. George pays Zoe a visit, and tells her he called off his wedding for her, which he feels is “a grand romantic gesture”. Zoe feels the whole thing is a “little crazy”. Just then Wade comes in. Zoe as a result, is clearly put in a really awkward position. It is then revealed to George that, Zoe slept with Wade.

Zoe tells George she isn’t sure as to how she feels about Wade, and also that she needs some time to think. George asks her to let him know what she has decided, as soon as she possibly can. Later, Zoe tells Wade how they connected last night and therefore she has told George she needs time to think. Wade on his part claims that, there was nothing more than great between them “last night”. Lemon decides to get herself a job, so she can afford to pay the rent to live on her own. Zoe at work befriends a woman named Ruby, who is the granddaughter of one of her patients. Zoe later discusses the issue she is having, with Ruby. She asks Ruby, what path she should choose. Ruby tells her she should look deep inside herself, and choose the path that will make her happier. Just then George comes in.

He later tells Zoe, he is sorry about the morning and confesses to her that he was jealous. “If you choose Wade then so be it, it’s my fault for waiting so long to tell you how I felt about you” he tells her. He also assures Zoe that, he and Lemon are over “for good”. He tells Zoe that she is the girl of his dreams. Just then Brick comes in, and seeing the two together, blames Zoe for the marriage not happening. George tries to defend her, but Brick tells him that he doesn’t want to hear a word out of him. Lemon on the other hand is looking for job openings, in the paper. Ruby comes by just then, and the two old friends hug each other. Lemon pretends that she is happy to see her, although she isn’t. Zoe at the Jammer asks Wade, how he feels about the whole issue.

He feels that Zoe and he should “keep on doing what we did last night”. He tells her, it wouldn’t affect him if she makes George her boyfriend. At home, Lemon tells Brick it’s his fault that she is the way she is. She basically tells him, it’s his fault that he didn’t encourage her to be anything more than someone’s wife. She tells Brick, how she is 30 years old, but has never lived on her own or had a job. Brick tires to calm her down, but she is too agitated to be calmed. Brick later calls Emily up and asks to go out for dinner with her. At home, Zoe tells Lavon she has made a girlfriend, who is just about to come over for dinner.

Lavon is befuddled on discovering that the friend Zoe was talking about, is Ruby. “Lavon and I dated in high school” Ruby tells Zoe. George pays Wade a visit. Lemon on the other hand, pays Zoe a visit. Lemon tells Zoe, she is there because she thinks she is having a heart attack. Wade tells George, he saw Lemon enter Zoe’s house. George is visibly worried to hear this. Ruby and Lavon, reminisce about old times. Zoe tells Lemon it’s not a heart attack, but only a panic attack. She then asks Lemon to take a Valium. George has called Sheriff Bill, as he is worried about what’s going on inside. Sheriff Bill assures George, he shall handle the situation. Brick and Emily are having dinner together; just then Tom comes and tells him, Lemon has taken Zoe hostage.

Brick is shocked to hear this, and leaves to take care of the situation. Everyone at the Jammer is informed about the “hostage crisis”, and rushes to the scene. Later, the whole town parks outside Zoe’s house. George and Wade debate about who of the two, would go in to protect Zoe. George and Wade then get into a physical fight over the issue of who would go in. Inside, Zoe has managed to calm Lemon down. She tells Zoe that, at least she has a career. Lemon tells Zoe she knew George for 15 years of her life, and can’t think of a life without him. She rues the fact that she has never been on her own, her whole life. Zoe consoles her and says that, she has been alone her whole life, but her life too is just as much a mess as hers is.

She tells Lemon that she is not only a home wrecker, but also that she had sex with Wade “last night”. Outside, George and Wade are busy fighting each other. Zoe tells Lemon the panic attack was a way of her body telling her that, “today might not be the best day for big changes”. She asks Lemon to take “baby steps” towards change, and then offers to walk her out. The two, then step out and are shocked to see the scene outside the house. Sheriff Bill tells Lemon, she is under arrest for trying to kidnap Zoe. Zoe tells Bill “this has been a big misunderstanding”. She tells him they were hanging out, as they are now pals. The townspeople ask why George and Lemon broke up. Lemon tells everyone, it was no one particular person’s fault. “At the end of the day, it just wasn’t meant to be” she adds.

George and Wade then, shake and make up. Lemon thanks Zoe and leaves. Zoe tells Lavon she finally knows what she wants to do. Zoe next day tells George she isn’t choosing him or Wade. She wants George to give himself some time, as has just come out of a 15 year long relationship. She wants George to be “single and healed”, before they even think of dating. Wade offers Lemon the job of a waitress at the Jammer, and she accepts it. Ruby tells Lavon, she is going to stay in town for some time. Zoe tells Wade she has chosen nobody.

Wade suggests now that Zoe is single, they could probably have sex. Zoe turns down his offer, and expresses outrage at such a proposition. Next it’s shown that the two are having sex. She tells Wade it means nothing, and that she doesn’t like him. But they continue with the sex. The episode ends at this point.