Always On My Mind - Recap

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The episode begins with Zoe and Wade lying on the bed after having sex. She tells Wade, they won’t have sex ever again. Magnolia is unhappy at the fact that, Lemon has taken up a job of a waitress at the Rammer Jammer. Lemon tells her there is no shame in honest hard work. Magnolia is even more outraged when Brick supports Lemon. Lavon still feels Ruby is up to something, but Zoe reminds him that Ruby is in town to visit her family. Lemon is doing a really awful job as a waitress, and Wade’s boss thinks Wade should fire her. Wade is basically afraid of Lemon, and therefore refuses to fire her. George and Zoe meet up and he tells her he is going to wait for her, till she changes her mind.

Later at home, Zoe is still maintaining that she is through having sex with Wade. Wade tells Zoe she won’t be able to stop having sex with him, as she is “hooked”. Zoe denies it outright. Wade and Zoe then wager $100, with him claiming she won’t be able to stay without having sex for 48 hours, and Zoe claiming the opposite. She tells Wade she has gone years without having sex. “That may be a part of the problem” Lavon says. George enters the Rammer Jammer and sees Lemon, but both try to act normally. George then runs into Wade. Wade asks George for some advice on how to fire Lemon. George tells him he does have some advice, and says “don’t”. “I thought so” Wade says.

At home, Zoe tells Lavon how it’s been 24 hours since she has had sex with Wade, and how she is finding it difficult to keep going on. Rose comes in just then and suggests that Bluebell host a rock concert. Rose asks Zoe to talk to her mother who is well connected, so she can help get a famous band for the concert. “I can ask my mom, but that is all I can do” she tells an excited Rose. Brick tells Lemon he isn’t happy with the job Lemon is doing and instead wants her to come and work for him as a receptionist. She wants to make it on her own and asks Brick to be happy for her. Brick on his part feels Lemon is capable of “so much more”.

She asks Brick to get Emily and come to the Rammer Jammer for dinner in the night, so she can prove to him how good she is at her job. Wade and George discuss about how George is spending his new found freedom. Wade asks George to begin seeing other women and having one night stands. Wade tells George about a team of lady beach volleyball players who are passing through town and will be stopping over at the Jammer. He tells George he should do something about it. Zoe’s mother on the other hand hasn’t managed to arrange for a band. Lavon suggests an artist named Lily Ann Lonigan who is a local, and who Wade knows. Rose begs Zoe to talk to Wade about her. She reluctantly pays Wade a visit to talk to him about it.

Wade tells her Lily Ann hates his guts, but suggests that he could give Zoe her address and she could talk to her. Wade then offers to drive Zoe to Lily Ann’s house, as he basically feels Zoe might end up having sex with him, if she is alone with him in a car. Wade over the phone gives George a few pointers on how he should approach the women at the bar. At the Jammer, Wally fires Lemon. She is shocked at the news and tells him her cant fire her tonight, as her father would be coming to the Jammer with his girlfriend. “I have to show him I am good at this” she tells him. She then offers to pay Wally money, so she can work the night. Wally agrees. George approaches a woman at the Jammer and follows the tips given by Wade.

She too seems interested in him. Wade tells Zoe how he is helping George hook women, for a one night stand. Zoe is shocked to hear this and says “George isn’t ready for that; his heart needs time to heal”. Zoe also seems really bothered by this revelation. George is shocked to see Lemon working at the Jammer, as he was told it was her night off. He sees her just when he is about to dance with the woman he has just met. Lemon on the other hand is busy serving food to Brick and Emily. Lemon mistakenly serves Emily the seafood gumbo, and turns out she is allergic to seafood. Brick immediately rushes her to his clinic. George while dancing sees Lemon sitting in one corner with a sullen face excuses himself and goes over to talk to her.

George talks to Lemon and makes her feel better, and also apologizes to her for hurting her. George then sees the woman leave, but can do nothing about it, as Lemon asks him to help her bus the tables. Wade manages to convince Lily Ann to perform at the concert. “Maybe I can stay with you tomorrow night Wade” Lily Ann says. Wade happily agrees. Next morning, Zoe tells Lavon how she did not have sex with Wade. Lavon comments that there are still two hours left for the 48 hours to end. She says Wade has a distraction now in the form of Lily Ann, so she will comfortably win the wager. Lily Ann just before the concert feels, her fingertips are numb, as a result she bails so she can go see a doctor. Turn out, Zoe told her she might have nerve damage if her fingers are feeling numb.

Wade feels Zoe did it on purpose because she did not want him sleeping with Lily Ann. He also brings up the fact, how she was bothered by the thought that, George might have sex with someone. Wade hands her $100 and says “go hire yourself a new band”. Zoe then sees George in the crowd and asks him to sing. She reminds him how he sang in New Orleans and was amazing. George though, isn’t too crazy about the idea. “It’s for Rose” Zoe tells him, and says how she doesn’t want to “screw this up for her”. George then reluctantly agrees. George then performs on the stage and is cheered on by the crowd. Zoe is bothered by the fact that the women in the crowd seem to be like George’s performance and are going wild. Zoe admits to Lavon that, she doesn’t want Wade or George to date anyone else.

She admits how selfish she sounds, but says that she really can’t help it. Ruby comes and tells Lavon that, she has decided to run against him for the post of the mayor. Lavon feels she is kidding, but Ruby assures him that she is serious. Lavon feels Ruby is doing this just to get back at him, for dumping her in high school. After the concert, Zoe is dismayed to see both Wade and George talking to a bunch of women. The episode ends at this point.