If It Makes You Happy - Recap

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The episode begins and Wade’s singing wakes Zoe up. He is doing some painting in her room, but isn’t wearing a shirt while he is at it. Zoe is bothered by that. Later, Zoe asks Lavon “you couldn’t find anyone else to paint my place?” Lavon says he did not have another option and suggests that Zoe is upset only because she and Wade aren’t sleeping anymore. Zoe denies this outright. Lavon says how he is having nightmares about Ruby winning the elections. Suddenly, Zoe remembers a reporter from her school alumni is coming to follow her around the next day. She basically wants to show the reporter, how she has a thriving medical practice in Bluebell.

Lemon isn’t happy that Ruby is running for mayor against Lavon, and tells Brick they have to do something about it. Brick though, is worried about his long distance relationship with Emily. Brick hears a knock and is surprised to see George standing at the door. George asks to talk to Lemon. Brick isn’t in the mood to allow that, but Lemon arrives at the door and lets George in. George says he is there to give a heads up that he is “going on a date tonight”. Lemon is visibly bothered by this news, but pretends like she is fine. Zoe walks into the Rammer Jammer and tells everyone present about the ‘Zoe Hart 3 Point Initiative for Better Living’.

The first point is signing a petition to encourage the diner to serve heart healthy menus. The second point is a sunrise boot camp at the town square, involving things like aerobics and a 5K fun run. No one seems interested and in fact ridicules the plan. Just then a bald man enters the Jammer and asks for Zoe Hart “beloved small town GP”. He says he is Martin Hines from the Johns Hopkins alumni and is there to do a profile on her. Zoe takes him to her clinic. There he finds that Zoe doesn’t really have comprehensive health care facility like she had claimed in her email and neither does she get a variety of challenging cases to deal with.

He therefore leaves looking visibly uninterested. Lemon tells Annabeth, she too needs to find a date for herself just like George, so she doesn’t end up looking like a loser. She then decides to paint the town red, with Annabeth in tow. The two then enter a clothes store to shop for a dress and see George’s date shopping at the very same store, for her date with George. Zoe discovers that, Tom might have leprosy. She then calls up the reporter Hines and asks him to not leave town just yet, as she might have a story for him. Zoe also discovers that, Tom might have contracted the disease from Wade’s father Crazy Earl. George is on his date with the woman named Shelby, Brick who is at the very same restaurant sees the two and joins them at the table, much to George’s discomfort.

Lemon who is with Annabeth at a bar, spots just the right guy, but before she can do something about it, she sees Ruby who is also at the bar sending the guy a drink. Annabeth is shocked to see Cricket giving Ruby, company. Zoe and Wade find out that, Crazy Earl might have contracted leprosy from an armadillo he was trying to catch. The two then go in search of the armadillo and mange to catch hold of it. At the bar, Ruby is busy talking to the guy Lemon had liked; Lemon too decides to make her move on the guy. Lemon then approaches the guy, and Ruby is forced to introduce Walt to her. On the other hand, Brick tells Shelby how he is the father of George’s ex-fiancé.

Brick then stands up and in anger brings up the mention of how George walked out on Lemon, on the day of the wedding. The two then get into a huge argument. They are asked to leave, as the guests are getting disturbed. Lemon manages to snatch Walt from Ruby and gets him to take her outside. Zoe finds out that, Tom doesn’t have leprosy after all. Hines, who is present there, doesn’t see much of a story, as Tom doesn’t have leprosy and therefore leaves. Zoe is visibly upset. Wade asks her to take life as it comes, rather than be upset about things, because they didn’t turn out the way she wanted them. He basically tells her to stop thinking about what her life should be, so she can begin enjoying everything that she already has. Walt and Lemon sit outside the bar and have a conversation. The two, then end up kissing.

She suddenly pushes him away and says “I’m sorry I can’t do this”. “You are a nice guy Walt, but I think I should go home” she tells him. George and Brick are still busy arguing outside the restaurant. Lavon comes in just then and breaks up the argument. “I am going to resent this man for as long as I live” Brick says. Lavon says nobody shall go home till the whole thing is resolved. He then gets George to express his views and George tells Brick how sorry he is for hurting Lemon and him. “You have been nothing less than a father to me Brick” George says. “Maybe that’s why it hurts so much” Brick tells George. Brick says it wasn’t just Lemon’s loss, it was his loss too. “You were in my family for 15 years, it felt like I was losing a son” Brick says. The two then shake hands and hug each other.

On her way home from the clinic, Zoe runs into George. He tells her how he had his first date. He then reveals how Brick showed up on the date. Lavon meets up with Ruby and tells her why he wants to be mayor, and explains to her the true meaning of being a mayor. “I’m mayor Lavon Hayes and I intend to stay that way” Lavon tells her. Ruby taunts him and says, he will stay the mayor only for one more month, till the elections. Lavon though, seems unaffected by the taunt. Lemon and Annabeth spend time on Annbeth’s houseboat. She tells Annabeth how the girl’s night out was a really bad idea. Annabeth tells Lemon that, she simply shouldn’t care when George starts dating, as it has nothing to do with her.

She reminds Lemon, how she wanted to be a whole new person right after her wedding got cancelled, and thinks that was a good idea. Lemon tells her how she miserably failed in trying to do that. Annabeth asks her to get back up and try again. Annabeth suggests Lemon can move into her houseboat, even if she can’t afford and apartment. “You wanna job, spend 10 minutes and figure out what you are good at” Annabeth suggests. “When you set your mind to something you will it into existence” Annabeth adds. “Take those powers and use them for good” she tells Lemon.

Lemon later pays Lavon a visit, and asks him let her run his campaign, if he truly wants to beat Ruby. Lavon says he needs time to think. Lemon tells him she will be at her houseboat, when he has the answer. Zoe pays Wade a visit, and the two, end up playing “Strip-Halo”. The episode ends at this point.