Suspicious Minds - Recap

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The episode begins and Wade and Zoe as it turns out have had sex once again. The two discuss how great it is that they have a “no strings” attached relationship going on. Zoe it seems is into role playing, and wants Wade and her to be hobos, when they have sex in the night again. Lemon has decorated her boat, which is now her floating home. Brick and Magnolia pay her a visit at her floating home. She tells Brick she is beginning her career, as Lavon’s campaign manager. Brick says he is happy if Lemon is happy. Zoe enters the kitchen and is glad to see Lavon making pancakes. She wants to “carbo-load” as she is spent after her the sex she had with Wade.

Lavon isn’t too keen to hear about Zoe’s sex life and makes that amply clear. George as it turns out has been on multiple dates with Shelby, but isn’t too crazy about her and wants to break up. He tells Wade, he doesn’t know how he should go about breaking up with her. Wade then gives him a few pointers on how he should go about it. Zoe at the clinic tells Ruby about her arrangement with Wade. At the Jammer, Lemon tells Lavon about the plans she has made for the campaign. Lavon hears Lemon out and tells her she can’t be his campaign manager. Lavon explains to Lemon how their working relationship would become complicated given the personal history that they have. Lemon reminds Lavon; his campaign is about taking down their common enemy, in other words Ruby. Lavon in the end agrees. In the night, Zoe gets ready and arrives outside Wade’s house.

Then from a distance she sees Wade entering his house with another woman and is visibly shocked. The next morning Zoe discusses the Wade issue with Ruby. Ruby suggests that Zoe ask Wade outright as to, who the woman was. She doesn’t think it’s a good idea, as she doesn’t want to give Wade the satisfaction that he got to her. Zoe then decides to date other men and asks Ruby about her cousin Zack. Ruby happily tells Zoe, she will, text him “right now”. Zoe later arrives at the Jammer with Zack. She chose the Jammer for the date only to make Wade jealous. Lemon on the other hand is experiencing symptoms, which forces her to wonder if she is pregnant. Shelby pays George a surprise visit at his home.

George sits her down and begins using the method suggested by Wade, in order to break up with her. But, things somehow don’t go as planned. At the Jammer, Zoe and Zack are having a chat, but Zoe is clearly distracted by the fact that, Wade isn’t affected by Zoe dating Zack. She is also outraged to see Wade talking to other women at the bar. She on the pretense of having her glass refilled, calls Wade to the table. Zack on the other hand is finding Zoe’s behavior really odd. At the town pharmacy, Lemon sneaks in a pregnancy test kit into her shopping bag, when no one is looking. She is at the pharmacy with Lavon. Then just as the two are about to leave the store, the security alarms in the store go off. The store owner then finds the pregnancy test kit in the bag. Lavon covers for Lemon and says the kit is for his alligator.

At the Jammer, Zoe is completely drunk. Zack as a result decides to walk her home. Ruby comes to the Jammer just then and figures out the reason for Zoe’s odd behavior. Wade walks up to Zoe just then and tells her that, Lavon got arrested for shop lifting. Ruby who is there also hears this and drags away Zack with her. Brick and Magnolia on the other hand figure out that, for them to manage the house without Lemon, is impossible. Wade talks to the store manager and figures out that Lemon might be pregnant. He then calls up George, who is still trying to break up with Shelby, and informs him about it. Ruby tells Zoe she has leaked the news of Lavon’s arrest to the town newspaper, as she is desperate to win the elections. Zoe isn’t at all happy with what Ruby has done, and makes that amply clear to her.

In the boat, Lemon thanks Lavon for what he has done. She can’t imagine how she will raise a child completely on her own. Lavon reminds her how she raised her sister “practically on her own”. Lemon though, really wants to have a career. Lavon assures her that, she has it in her to have a career and also raise a child. Later George arrives at the boat. He tells Lemon “if you are pregnant you will not have to do this alone”. Lemon tells George she did the test and she isn’t pregnant. George is visibly relieved to hear this. Brick and Magnolia try formulating a plan to get Lemon back. Brick concludes that they have to make Lemon feel that it was her decision to come back, and it wasn’t influenced by anyone else. The two then eventually come up with a foolproof plan to get Lemon back.

Lemon while talking to George figures out that she is seas sick, which was the reason for her nausea. George then suggests that he could live in the boat and she could live in his apartment. Zoe returns home and Lavon informs her, how the newspaper had called him for a quote, about him being arrested for shoplifting. Lavon is convinced his chances of winning the election have gone out of the window. Zoe tells Lavon how Ruby leaked the story, and how she found out about it when Zoe yelled about it in the Jammer, after hearing of it from Wade.

She basically recounts the whole story to him, beginning from how she took Zack to the Jammer. “So in trying to prove to Wade that you can be casual, you causally destroyed my campaign” Lavon says. Next day, the whole town reads about Lavon’s shoplifting in the town paper. Lemon tells Lavon she isn’t pregnant. Ruby’s campaign as a result of the issue is going great, but Lemon plans to do something to sway things in Lavon’s favor once again. Zoe comes and apologizes to Lavon once again. He in turn tells her, none of it would have happened if he had allowed her to talk about Wade with him. Zoe getting the opportunity begins to share with Lavon the issues she has with Wade. Lemon tells the store owner Frank, she was the one who stole from his store and not Lavon.

George tells Shelby on her face, he doesn’t want to go out with her anymore and gets slapped for his efforts. Zoe is still busy telling Lavon about the issues she has with Wade. Frank tells Brick what Lemon has done. Lemon on the other hand tells Lavon, she has confessed to her crime. She adds that the sheriff is going to drop all the charges against him, so there is still hope for his campaign. Brick comes and asks Lemon about being pregnant, but she tells him the whole story. Lemon also tells the two about the switch she made with George.

The two as a result decide to look for other ways to survive without Lemon. Zoe in the night tells Wade, she wants them to be monogamous. Wade readily agrees. The two then proceed to have sex. The episode ends at this point.