Walkin' After Midnight - Recap

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The episode begins with Zoe walking into her house and seeing that it’s been decorated for Halloween. She then figures out that someone has been sleeping in her bed and tells Lavon about it. Lavon though, doesn’t take her seriously. She then goes on to explain how she also found a “mysterious toothbrush” in her bathroom. Lavon says Wade is messing with her. Just then, Wade wearing a scary looking mask creeps up from behind and scares Zoe. Wade tells Zoe it isn’t him who messed her bed last night, as he was tied up “literally”. A worried Zoe then asks Lavon to call the sheriff and report the matter.

Later at the Jammer Wade introduces George to Presley, who works for Wade’s beer distributor. She leaves and George asks Wade, as to how many women he is going to be with this Halloween night. Wade awkwardly tells George that, he is trying to lay off seeing multiple women nowadays. Just then Wade receives a message from Zoe asking him to come over to her place immediately. She has called Wade so he can hide a video camera in her room and they can catch the intruder who has been using her house. The two proceed to have sex just to make sure “the camera works”. Lemon and the Belles are with Lavon, counting the possible votes he might get. Annabeth suggests Lavon pretend to date her, as she is the granddaughter of a famous football player, whose team a family of 22 in Bluebell supports.

Basically, it would help Lavon secure 22 votes. Lavon likes the idea, although Lemon isn’t too crazy about it. In the night, George walks into Zoe’s bedroom and is about to climb into her bed, when Zoe maces her. She is then shocked to find out that the person she has maced is George. “What were you thinking I could have seriously hurt you” Zoe later tells him. “How did I get in here?” George asks. “Last thing I remember is going to sleep in my own bed” George says. Zoe asks if strange things have been happening to him, and he admits that last night he woke up at the gas station in his underwear. “George you have been sleepwalking” Zoe says.

George is incredulous and says “I stopped sleepwalking when I was 9 years old”. “In adults sleepwalking is usually caused by stress” says Zoe. Zoe decides to attach an EEG machine to George’s head while he is sleeping, so she can monitor his sleeping patterns. George reluctantly agrees, although he has to be at the town party in the night, for Halloween. Annabeth and Lavon decide to go as Romeo and Juliet for the party. Lemon isn’t at all happy about it and feels it’s a bad idea. Zoe tells Wade about George and his sleepwalking. She also tells him how she has to monitor his sleep and therefore can’t go to the party. Wade isn’t at all happy that Zoe will be spending the night with George.

Annabeth tells Lemon that she really likes Lavon, and hopes things would work out between her and him. Lemon is visibly shocked to hear this, but plays along and wishes Annabeth good luck. In his boat, Zoe gets ready to monitor George once he goes to sleep. She then dozes off and when she wakes up she is shocked to see that, George isn’t in his bed. Zoe arrives at the Jammer in search of George and asks Wade about him. She tells him that she lost George, as she fell asleep. She asks Wade to help her find George. Lavon and Annabeth’s plan on the other hand seems to be working. Lemon, who is watching from a distance, isn’t at all happy with the whole thing though. Wade tells Zoe, George is probably faking the whole thing, but Zoe maintains that George has a “true medical condition”.

She is worried George might hurt himself, and asks Wade to come along and help her look for him. Lavon tells Lemon how his and Annabeth’s plan is working. Lemon in turn tells him, he is lying to the people he is trying to impress and she expects it from someone like Ruby, but not him. “Frankly I am not sure if you are someone I feel like voting for anymore” she says and walks away. Zoe finds George at the party wearing a fireman’s costume. He seems in a semi-daze and Zoe is shocked when he introduces her as his girlfriend. Zoe decides to take George home and asks Wade to help. Lavon is visibly moved by what Lemon has said, and despite securing the 22 votes he isn’t happy and goes searching for Lemon. Lavon’s conscience gets the better of him and he comes clean.

As a result he loses the 22 votes, which would now go to Ruby. Annabeth is in tears as she is reprimanded for lying. Lemon tells Lavon how he did the right thing, and also how she as a result is proud of him. “I should listen to you” Lavon tells Lemon. Lemon assures Lavon that his campaign is far from over, and that he shall eventually win the elections. Lavon hugs Lemon and says “sometimes I feel that you believe in me more than I believe in myself”. In the boat, George in his daze is about to kiss Zoe, when Wade arrives and pushes George into the water. “Wade he was sleep walking” Zoe says. “I know he was; what’s your excuse?” Wade tells Zoe. Later, George asks Zoe “what happened tonight?” Zoe tells him that he had himself quite an adventure.

She also reveals to him how in his dream state he is in a relationship with her. Her conclusion as his physician is that, a small part of him is still hung up on her. “Which would probably explain, you walking into my house in the middle of the night and leaving your toothbrush” she says. George on hearing this admits, a part of him is still hung up on her. He then adds all of him is hung up on her, not just a part of him. “Question is; why aren’t we together again?” George asks. At the party, Ruby and Lavon make up and share a few light moments together. Zoe tells George, if he lets some of the stress go, then his sleepwalking will subside. George tells Zoe to answer his question. Zoe admits that she too is still hung up on him. “But I meant what I said; we have to think in terms of the long game” she adds.

She basically tells George that, she can’t be his rebound and get her heart broken by him. George assures her, he shall make sure that doesn’t happen. She suggests that to actually move on, George needs to be with someone who he feels something for. “Because I kinda am” she adds. “Is it serious?” George asks. Zoe replies in the negative. “But it’s what I need right now” she says. George in the end reluctantly accepts, what Zoe is suggesting.

Next morning at the Jammer, George once again runs into Presley. The two have a chat and George asks her out to dinner. She agrees. Zoe apologizes to Wade and admits to him that she still has feelings for George. She still wants to be monogamous though, and also adds how she has told George, she is with someone. Wade seems fine with the whole thing and the two proceed to have sex once again. The episode ends at this point.