I Walk The Line - Recap

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The episode begins with a chicken picking Ruby to be the mayor. “I am doomed” Lavon says, but Lemon assures him “the mayor’s race is far from over”. “All that matters, is tonight’s big debate” Lemon tells him. She asks Lavon to “crush” Ruby in the debate. Magnolia tells Zoe how Brick hasn’t been eating properly and isn’t taking care of himself. She wants Zoe to “fix “him. Zoe promises she shall look into the issue. Zoe later checks up on Brick and asks him “is there anything wrong?” Brick doesn’t give her a straight answer, but Zoe persists. She wants to examine Brick to see if his health is ok. But, Brick makes it clear to her that, the only time she will get to examine him, is during his autopsy.

Annabeth and Lemon give Lavon a pep talk before the big debate. The debate begins with George moderating it. During the debate, Lavon and Ruby begin making comments which suggest the two are really into each other. Lemon notices this and is visibly unhappy. “I think he likes her” Lemon whispers to Annabeth. The next day, Lavon admits to Lemon that the debate did not go too well. “That is because you are involved with Ruby Jeffries” Lemon tells him. Lavon tries to deny it, but Lemon says Lavon was practically endorsing Ruby for mayor. “I was being civil” Lavon awkwardly says trying to justify himself. Lemon then asks Lavon to stay away from Ruby, if he wants to win the elections. Lemon basically tells Lavon to focus, or says that he shall lose. Lemon then springs into action, in order to garner votes for Lavon.

At the clinic, Zoe offers to teach Magnolia how to drive and in return wants Brick to let her examine him. “Deal and no take backs” Brick says. Wade finds that his ex-wife Tanzi is back in town. George is bothered by the fact that his new girlfriend Presley, doesn’t vote. He discusses this with her and she gives the reasoning that big corporations have “the system rigged” and therefore she doesn’t “want to play”. George in then end manages to convince her to vote. Tanzi who is now living in a trailer in Bluebell tells Wade, she did not get any clients after beauty school and therefore had to move back to town. Wade asks her to vote for Lavon, but she says she is technically a few feet outside Bluebell and therefore it would be dishonest of her to vote. Wade feels she is making a big deal out of a small issue.

The two then get into a heated argument. In the end, Tanzi in anger, asks Wade to “go away”. Lavon and Ruby run into each other at the polling station and discuss about the previous night’s debate. Ruby asks Lavon if he was flirting with her, and he awkwardly denies it. He then asks Ruby about her plans after the elections. “After the election I plan to be mayor, so I plan to be busy” she says. Lavon asks what she would do if she loses. She says she has no reason to “stick around town” if she loses. She adds that she would be on the “first bus out of town”. Lavon isn’t too happy to hear this. Zoe during the check up, finds out that Brick and Emily might be having some issues. Lemon and feels Lavon isn’t doing enough to win the elections and she is having, to do all the hard work.

She reminds him that he has to put in some effort if she wants to get Ruby out of their lives. “Why do you care about getting rid of Ruby Jeffries?” Lavon asks her angrily. Lemon is hurt by his question and says she doesn’t care about getting rid of Ruby if he doesn’t. “I quit” Lemon tells Lavon angrily and storms out. While teaching Magnolia how to drive, Zoe asks her if everything is ok between Brick and Emily. Magnolia basically says she has no idea. George manages to convince Tanzi to vote for Lavon, and in return offers to allow her to cut his hair. She takes George up on the deal. Annabeth asks Lemon why she quit. Lemon confesses to Annabeth, how Lavon and her were in “love once”. “Lord help me, I still think I am” Lemon confesses to Annabeth. Lemon says she doesn’t think Lavon feels the same as she does and neither does he know how she feels about him.

While Tanzi is giving George a haircut, Wade hitches her trailer to his truck and drags it back into town. In the process, Tanzi accidently lops off a huge chuck of hair from George’s head, exposing a part of his skin. George sees this in the mirror and is livid. Brick confesses to Zoe that, Emily hasn’t returned his calls for 3 days. The only thing Emily is doing each time is sending a text message saying she will call, but she hasn’t called yet. Brick concludes Emily is seeing someone else and is therefore avoiding him. Zoe says he doesn’t know that for sure, and suggests he stop torturing himself. Zoe suggests, Brick go to Emily in North Carolina “face her and get the truth”. Brick doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but Zoe eventually talks him into it. Brick casts an absentee vote and then leaves to meet Emily.

Zoe decides to submit the vote after she has given Magnolia a driving lesson. In the meantime, the election results are out, and turns out it’s a tie. The town constitution says, in case of a tie-breaker, the chicken would decide. Lemon is worried on hearing this, as she is sure the chicken will pick Ruby, like it has, so many times during the campaign. Annabeth reminds Lemon, how Ruby winning, would mean her staying in town and close to Lavon and therefore she suggests Lemon tell Lavon how she feels about him. “Go tell him before its too late; don’t put your heart in the hands of a chicken” Annabeth tells Lemon. Lavon on the other hand confesses to Wade, the feelings that he has for Ruby.

Wade asks if Ruby feels the same way about him. “That is unclear” Lavon says. Wade suggests, Lavon tell Ruby how he feels, because if the chicken picks him, he shall never get the opportunity to do so. Just then, Lemon enters his office to talk to him. Lavon tells her he doesn’t have time and rushes out. Just before the chicken is about to pick the winner, Lavon pulls Ruby away to talk to him. Presley tells George she voted for Ruby. George isn’t too happy to hear this and makes his displeasure known. Presley is put off by George’s behavior and as a result breaks up with him. Lavon admits to Ruby that he likes her and was flirting with her at the debate. “I was flirting with you too” Ruby admits.

Just before the chicken is about to pick, Zoe hands over Brick’s absentee ballot. Thanks to Brick’s vote, Lavon is declared the winner. Lavon and Ruby are busy kissing each other. The whole town is surprised to see this and begins applauding. Lemon on her part is shocked and visibly hurt. She quietly walks away with tears in her eyes. Brick is happy to find out that, Emily was working double time so she could pay him a visit, which is the reason why, she wasn’t answering his calls. George and Tanzi apparently seem to bond. George then asks Tanzi to fix his haircut, which she is happy to do. The episode ends at this point.