Baby, Don’t Get Hooked on Me - Recap

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The episode begins with Zoe waking up from her sleep and seeing Wade in peals of laughter. Wade is watching a cartoon on television. The two, talk about the relationship they share and Zoe says she doesn’t want romance, but wants something little more than just sex. Wade on his part can’t really figure out what Zoe exactly wants. “How did evolution skip Bluebell entirely?” Zoe wonders. Ruby and Lavon are now together and are busy getting all frisky. Lemon meets Annabeth and tells her, she has found her “singular purpose in life”. “We are starting a catering business” Lemon says gladly. Annabeth isn’t too excited to hear Lemon’s idea and tries her best to discourage Lemon.

Lemon in the end is convinced and says “I guess I will have to find something else to do”. Lemon concludes she should do something in politics, as she did a good job with Lavon’s campaign. At the clinic, Brick tells Zoe the great time he had with Emily. Brick receives a call from the town school informing him that the “entire football team has a bad case of ‘athlete’s foot’”. The team has a very important game coming up, so Brick is asked to attend to the issue as soon as possible. Brick it turns out would be Skyping with Emily, so Zoe offers to go instead. Brick doesn’t think it’s a good idea, as she had attended to the team the last time wearing skimpy clothes, which had resulted in complaints from the parents.

Zoe assures Brick that she will be dressed professionally this time round. Lemon runs into Lavon and Ruby on the street and tries to be as cordial as possible. Lemon then runs into George, who informs her that he is throwing a party in honor of “Judge Perkins”. George basically wants to be on the Judge’s good side and is therefore throwing the party. Lemon offers to help him but George informs her that Annabeth is already assisting him. “She started a catering business. She didn’t tell you?” George says. Lemon, who is unaware of this, is visibly shocked. Zoe deals with the “athlete’s foot” problem of the football team. The coach then informs her, the kicker of the team named Max is depressed after his breakup. He requests Zoe to talk to him. Zoe has a talk with him and figures out; Max needs a new girl in his life.

She hints that Rose would be just perfect for him, but she doesn’t take her name, and only hints at her qualities. Max though, feels Zoe is talking about herself and is overjoyed. Zoe on her part is oblivious to Max’s assumption. Lemon confronts Annabeth, who says that she just wanted something of her own. Lemon tries her best to be sporting and says that Annabeth would be more suited to the business of catering. But, it seems she isn’t too happy, as she begins taunting Annabeth under the guise of being supportive. Annabeth realizes this, but says nothing. Lavon is worried that Ruby’s grandpa doesn’t like him. He asks Ruby to invite grandpa for lunch, so he can impress grandpa. Ruby doesn’t think that’s a good idea, but Lavon is persistent. George informs Lemon that, the guests at Judge Perkins’s party has doubled.

He therefore feels Annabeth might need Lemon’s help. Lemon says, Annabeth wants to handle the whole thing on her own and she wants to respect Annabeth’s wishes. “You could help me out” George then says. At the Jammer, Zoe is about to tell Rose about her talk with Max, when Max and the other people at the Jammer do a flash mob thing for Zoe, Max then hands Zoe a bouquet and blows her a kiss before leaving. Rose looks at Zoe, stunned. “I am going to fix this” Zoe assures her. Next Day, Zoe tells Brick she is going to clear things up with Max, but Brick asks her to not do anything till the forthcoming game is done with. Turns out, thanks to Zoe, Max has regained his “mojo” and is kicking really well. “I am not going to string along a 15 year old boy just because he thinks he is in love with me” Zoe says.

Brick in turn says that, the whole town knows about Max and her, so if he doesn’t perform well at the big game, the whole town will blame her. At lunch, things take a turn for the worse between Lavon and Ruby’s grandpa. It ends with grandpa storming out of Lavon’s house in anger. Lemon on the other hand offers her help to Annabeth and she reluctantly takes it. Zoe reluctantly agrees to go on a dinner date with Max. At dinner, Max gives Zoe front row tickets to his game “tomorrow”. Lavon pays grandpa a visit and says he needs to talk to him. He apologizes to him about “earlier”. Grandpa is basically angry with Lavon because he had hurt Ruby during college. “What can I do to get you to forgive me?” Lavon asks. Grandpa contemplates for a bit, and then asks Lavon to do a few household chores in his home.

He in fact makes Lavon a list of things he needs done. Annabeth in the meantime is hating the fact that Lemon is dominating the proceedings in the kitchen. She in the end can take it no more and gives Lemon a piece of her mind. “George asked me for his help because he obviously knew that you needed it” Lemon counters. Annabeth feels, Lemon couldn’t wait to horn in, and feels Lemon couldn’t stand the fact that she started her business without Lemon. George enters the kitchen and is shocked to find the two of them arguing. George tries to calm the both of them down, but isn’t too successful. Zoe comes clean with Max and tells him the real reason she went out on a date with him. Max is really hurt and says “you should have waited to tell me till after the game”.

Next day at the Jammer, the whole town boos Zoe for breaking Max’s heart. “You could have waited one more day” George tells her. Zoe is shocked that George too feels that way. “You need any legal protection just give me a call” George says jokingly. Wade tells Zoe, she did the right thing by coming clean with Max. He then makes fun of Max for behaving, the way he was. Zoe though, defends Max and says his gestures were romantic, despite being over-the-top. She basically taunts Wade for being unromantic. Lavon after a long night has finished grandpa’s list of chores. Lavon tells grandpa he did all of it to win his forgiveness. “I forgave you a long time ago” grandpa says with a smile. Lavon is visibly surprised to hear this. He then says that he doesn’t want Ruby to be tied down to a small town like Bluebell, as she deserves better.

That is the reason he has an issue with Lavon and Ruby’s relationship. George’s party goes swimmingly and he thanks both Lemon and Annabeth and even tries to patch them up, but his plan doesn’t work. Zoe gives Max a pep talk and it works, because Max performs really well at the game. Lemon and Annabeth inform George that they are taking his advice and starting a business together. As a romantic gesture, Wade bakes Zoe some cookies that she likes. Although the cookies taste terrible, Zoe is happy that Wade tried. The two then proceed to have sex. The episode ends at this point.